SNN Special: OGame History of RoLUE


    Yes, from 2004 to modern day! (though there will be a lot more earlier stuff than modern stuff, for the exact reasons you're probably, not THOSE reasons, the OTHER reasons)

    The first thing I want to say is that I'm happy for this to be a collaborative effort. As in, don't feel like you can't share relevant info about your own alliance just because this is titled a RoLUE history. The second thing I want to say is that the first three of the posts I'll be making for this series (after this one) are going to involve a lot of information dumping to acknowledge all of the people I could manage to find, and from that point forward things will become more story oriented (on the whole). The first official post will be next week (I wanted to do it this week but ran into a snag) and all posts will be contained to this topic so you'll just have to check back here for updates.

    This concept started years ago as a way to capture the history of RoLUE on the long dead alliance board but I never finished it. A RoLUE history is still what this is but I've tried to expand it out a bit, when possible, based on information I've found and general memories. This is bound to feel very incomplete in many ways due to this, particularly regarding events from outside of RoLUE. That's why I'm perfectly fine with you adding your own memories. All I ask is to try to wait for the relevant period of history in the story to pop up to try to maintain some degree of cohesiveness for those trying to read along (but general comments or information that doesn't belong in any particular place is welcome any time, or if you have info about an earlier period already talked about, etc).

    I found myself having to re-imagine sections of this story numerous times based on new information that threw my initial understanding of events all out of whack. Don't worry if you have information that is contrary to what I've shared, that's actually all the more reason to share it. Set me straight about events! If I miss out on an event you found significant from a time period, even if it is completely unrelated to RoLUE, toss it in here too. If any arguments start to break out, we may need to make a separate discussion thread, but we'll play that by ear.

    So much OGame history has been lost, so many players have left, and what made me finally push myself to finish this was the idea of creating a time capsule. Something that anyone, from any point in Universe 1, can come back to and feel like "oh yeah, I remember that"; something to remember this ridiculous united effort of pretend we've all been engaged in from the perspective of how it felt rather than how it really was. Big fleets, legendary heroes, wars and interpersonal conflicts, game changing traps and betrayals, all of that stuff that has kept us coming back for more (beyond the clicking). Community included.

    I've done my best to represent events as they were rather than just having post after post of "RoLUE was so great OMG!" RoLUE wasn't always so great, as it turns out, but that is part of what gave the whole group character. There will be a lot of unsung heroes but I hope my attempts to acknowledge those I've managed to include will at least do some justice to the efforts they put into the game.

    I won't make this introduction any longer because, trust me, this is already going to be insanely long enough, but I just wanted to:

    1) Let everyone know this is coming.

    2) Make it clear that if you have a desire to add something as the story goes on, please do! Feel free to remember those accomplishments made in your own part of the OGame community, that player that time has forgotten, that event that changed things in ways no one else realized, those moments you enjoyed and the people you miss. It doesn't matter how big or small your alliance was, how important or unimportant you felt like you've been, everyone and everything is welcome in this effort of assembling what is left of Universe 1's history.

    3) tree

    D) stab

    Special thanks to Cillidan, Death32, Lord42, Skull, and Wraith02 (plus all the people whose posts I pillaged information from on the OGame board who are too numerous to mention) for what may have seemed like small contributions on their parts but ended up being significant in how my understanding of history was shaped from the opposite end of things, especially specific details I'd have never found otherwise.

    ROUGH SCHEDULE: When there are SNN interviews being posted, I'll only post once a week here to make sure there is enough space for the interviews to get the attention they deserve. When there aren't interviews, I'm going to try to make three posts a week. I know that may be a bit much but part of this is getting this stuff out of my head as much as anything else and I don't want to drag it out forever. Appreciate your understanding on that end. Let the anticipation begin!


    I was reminded that walls of text have been a staple of my OGame career since I was young.

    Urquan Vs. RoLUE

    Now, I didn't post one in that thread, but it's safe to assume the other topic that gets referred to most certainly did have one :P

    So in honor of walls of text, RoLUE, and the ancient spirits of Universe 1 past...LET'S DO IT!

  • don't see how.

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    you don't need to be in an alliance to be allied, or to fly with them

    and it saves getting involved with all the internal stuff


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    A lot of people were in RoLUE, at least 500 unique individuals passed through our ranks over the years and that is likely a very low estimate; it could be as many as a thousand. This second entry is light on story and heavy on data. I can fully understand if most want to take a pass on this one, but if you played way back in the day then you might remember some of these names and if you have any stories of your own regarding them, please feel free to share. We're still in the 2004 period here, with some overlap into the beginning of 2005, and this will probably be the longest entry of them all due to the amount of acknowledgements to be made. Here goes nothing!


    Part Two involved listing a lot of people with minimal details, Part Three focuses on a few of the players who really stood out in the RoLUE group when I was first there and going into a bit more of what they added to the team. Good, bad, or otherwise, these are the people who helped define RoLUE as it was during one of the hottest periods not just in Universe 1 history but OGame history overall.


    I wasn't sure how to handle sharing my own experiences within RoLUE. Randomly interlacing my experiences in with other players who were more successful at the game didn't seem appropriate, I didn't want to make my participation seem more significant than it really was, so I threw this together on a whim. This is a greatly abridged version, from beginning to end, of my OGame existence, plus plenty of allusions to later events that will eventually be gone into with more detail. Everything from this point forward will be strictly chronological so, for any wondering what my mostly very minimal role was in OGame history, here it is!


    The year 2005 wasn't necessarily peak RoLUE but it was one of the most noteworthy periods in the history of the alliance. There were many viable alliances with differing loyalties all still fighting it out and RoLUE was deep in the mix. A famous mistake and a famous betrayal defined this year, heating things up even more for the year to come.


    With OGame .org Universe 1 crossing the one year threshold, a lot of the early game dynamics were growing more complex. Players hopping from one alliance to another, old friends beginning to question their value to one another, and surprising merges. As 2005 changed to 2006, a lot of new faces emerged to carry the flags of their alliances into the future, some having already proven themselves in one of the many newer universes that had opened after Universe 1 and wanting the chance to establish themselves in the original where the most activity and top level competition continued to be.


    Much of the information for this part came directly from the board archives, the last period with a considerable amount of information related to Universe 1. From here on out, the information is more sparse, with combat reports being the only solid markers of what was going on. This is also the final period before pay to win mechanics became introduced into OGame, meaning Mara.DIM essentially 'won' the original game in the end by being the top alliance prior to the transition. The game wouldn't change too considerably after the change, but player morale certainly would.


    In an effort to get ahead and to speed this all up a bit, there will be more posts this week and possibly next week as well. Why? Well, if things work out, you'll see soon enough. For better or worse, the years of 2007 and 2008 are largely lost to history, but thankfully I still had some old, old notes to help cobble together what happened. In some ways, this period was the groundwork that set things in place for the history most players do still remember, when a certain player with a RoLUE tag would terrorize the universe a half decade later.


    The continuation and conclusion of the 2007/2008 summary, a period of many rivalries that have been lost to time. Everything here is based on what must have happened during this time based on contextual clues from other events with solid time periods that definitely happened after. This is the extent of what I remember but does cover most of the standout moments (from the context of top Universe 1 events).


    Now focused in on 2009, RoLUE's place in Universe 1 would go from one of an eternal second best to being one of the strongest threats in OGame. Some names may have changed thanks to successful recruiting and the fall off of player numbers after the not-so-great Officerageddon, but for once these changes did not end up hurting RoLUE. Things are really starting to pick up as we enter the age where RoLUE was no longer courting the throne but aggressively preparing to take their place upon it.


    From the end of 2009 and well into 2010, there were a few events and decisions that shaped the course that Universe 1 would go down for years to come. As much of a high as RoLUE was riding, status in OGame is never as lasting as it seems in a given moment, and a large number of points doesn't mean a high level of morale. Numerous other alliances had disbanded, the names and alliances at the top of the universe were shifting, and there was a growing concern about whether RoLUE was only a nostalgia act waiting for its moment to be led out to pasture as well.

  • DragonSpawn and Pitbull do a lot of damage in that time, kill a lot of fleets. Also, both quit RoLUE in that time and join Sagitta to help us in the war against Al.Inc members.