Def to DF possibility?

  • You know what.. we added deut into DF, why not keep everything spicy and also add DiDF.

    And no this is not sarcasm, now that we've oriented to a fleet/combat heavy universe I genuinely think that DiDF could keep things interesting.

  • Hello,

    6 months must pass before a new survey can be requested. In the case of Kerberos, we'll have to wait until April 21, 2024 for a new poll.

    So for the time being, nothing can be done, but if you want to discuss it, there's no problem, and we'll see what happens in April.

    As a reminder, here is the list of changes that can be requested:

    Possible Universe Settings


  • Because it's borring to change every week.

    And it will be better to get :

    • Flight time/consumption ignore empty systems: ON
    • Flight time/consumption ignore inactive systems: ON

    but that's not on the list unfortunately...

    I am not agree with Vecna and you, many players choose univers without DiDF to play miner, raideur already got 80% DF with deut in and 50%deut conso.

    Take DiDF will kill the lasts players of this univers cause our top1 will destroy everything... not smart to do that.

  • These days, I'm so busy focusing on improving myself that I don't pay much attention to others. Don't frame it as if I'm causing harm. I have a specific person I care about, but thinking that I'm always causing harm is unfounded. If you feel attacked, it's because you're weak-willed; you need to reflect on yourself and stop being lazy.

  • You spend your money on a game to say other players they are weak :sleep:that's pretty sad.

    i didn't say you are making troubles this day, the fact is you can destroy all defense in this univers with your fleet if you can't understand that... I will not spend money on a game to build defense and feed someone. I don't feel attacked this day but i know i will not growth if we add DiDF cause players like you are to strong.

    Again in 2 days you build arround 6 times my account, in 3 weeks you build more point than the 2nd in this univers and you think it's fair :rolleyes2:.

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  • That poll will not pass on my watch, there are 5/6 fleeters who will benefit from this and the rest is a majority of peaceful miners+randoms which will get crushed since their 500m/1b def that keeps the res produced overnight will get farmed. No benefit for the miners like myself. Also regarding the previous remarks- this uni has not oriented to a fleet/combat uni. There are 5 big fish who try to kill eachother and the other 100+ players who do not use their fleet unless its for farming inactives or expos and they simply click mines.

    There cannot be peace without first, a great suffering. The greater the suffering, the greater the peace.