Pay to "Win" Ogame - Yin - New Universe

  • I slept for 6 hours I came online he was ranked 2 now has ranked 1 by the time I get home from work buying his way to the top its unreal GF needs to limit this every uni is the same it's not competitive in the slightest and is one of the biggest reasons why people leave and don't come back and how is that a sustainable business model??

    I get it GF makes a ton of money from these whales but GF needs to limit how much can be bought for the uni to stay competitive

    I started this uni I probably won't stick around the uni is days old it shouldn't have a number 1 with 30+ million points who nobody with sense will pay to catch and what joy is this guy getting doing this makes no sense to me

    balance is key and i don't mean the uni but within the player base itself


    Edited 2 times, last by BombHead1987: edit i insulted a player who might not even be the same player from a different uni i got confused between the two unis i have active but there is a player with the same name in both god chance its the same person but meh ().

  • Is this what we came down to? Such a beautifull game being ruinned buy "whales" and metal packs?

    When is GameForge nerfing this?

    Always the same debate with each new universe... Why limit something that makes money every time a new universe opens? If people want to invest hundreds / thousands of euros in the game, GameForge would be foolish to limit that.

    The gaps between the TOP 1 (or TOP 5 in general) and the other players are an integral part of the game now, you just have to understand that someone who doesn't put any money into the game will never be able to compete with someone who puts a lot of money into an account.

  • guys, don't forget that the whale just opened your expos limit... you can now profit of huge expos at 4-5 days of the uni, which is huge for all the starting accounts... even non-whales get to profit from them ;)

  • On the 42nd day, you open a new universe. No intelligent person would invest a large amount in such a system. The lifespan of the yin server will be maximum 80 days. He will be dead after 80 days, this is the situation in short. gf company trade is upsetting the balance for the game due to concerns. Many of our experienced and knowledgeable friends stopped playing ogames to avoid being in this never-ending cycle. It's time to take off your hat and put it in front of you

  • Is this what we came down to? Such a beautifull game being ruinned buy "whales" and metal packs?

    When is GameForge nerfing this?

    Simply put 1000€ into account and you will be NO.1 or continue play like normal player,or quit from ogame if you don't like this way of playing

  • What I don't understand is, if the game is based entirely on pay to win, why are you waiting for suggestions in the suggestions tab? Do you think players will make suggestions in favor of the company? From here we understand that players are making suggestions in vain. I request that all suggestions I make be locked and closed to voting. I am ending my 10-year-old Ogame adventure. good luck to all of you

  • sorry kaze but that is a horrible way to say this is OK.

    pay to win should be scrutinised, nerfed and Ballenced, and cost to purchase DM locked to a single currency, with an emphasis of DM used to accelerate research, commanders, items such as 20% boosts, and resource packs NEED To Be Valued At the Same Cost. no cheap metal packs. make the metal packs Just as Expensive as Deut.

    but this isn't going to happen, unless the community keeps Pressing for a change in how metal packs work

  • I'm not necessarily saying I agree with this policy, I'm a gamer who's never invested a single euro in the game and, if I could choose, I'd like OGame to go back to the way it was 15 years ago.

    The problem is that this will never be the case, and you have to understand that GameForge, like any other company, is looking to maximize its profits, that's how a company and the society in general works. Paid options are present in all games to varying degrees. The problem isn't necessarily that they exist, it's that there are people willing to spend crazy amounts of money to be first in a virtual game. It's these people I don't understand, rather than the choices made by GameForge.

  • Two points:-

    1)- Kaze are you replying to this thread as a spokesperson of the company or as a player?
    I humbly request you to please clarify this instead of taking both sides and confusing everyone involved. :beware:

    2)- No one here is saying that Gameforge stops earning money because of complaints. I know Metaphysic and lots of others (myself included) who buy dark matter in the game and use it to buy items like Kraken, Detroids, etc as well as Commanding staff.

    We all are not saying/requesting that Gameforge should remove everything related to money and make ogame completely free.

    GF is not running a charity.

    We pay GF money and free-tier players too can enjoy this game because of that money (indirectly). If the income of GF from ogame stops then this game possibly gets ditched.

    All we are trying to convey is that Resource packs MUST NOT be so readily/cheaply accessible. This is spoiling the fun of premium users too (forget free-tier for a moment).:complaingrumble:

    Awesome to Be Alive :hi:

  • My wish is that GameForge invests it back to this game to develop new features and improve existing ones.

    Sure they need to search for a balance that the game still feels fun and interesting for everyone to stay and play.

    Mikael - Perseus

  • Simple solution, get a limit at first month of new uni for buying dm, example 1 milion dm max limit.

    But we know we dont see that never...

    Or other way, open one uni in year where you cant buy a dm, only get in login rewards and expos.

    Bcs this become really stupid, GameForge made profits and open every 2 m new uni but dont have a normal battle simulator ingame after 20 years of game. Its a shame really. Focus on more imporant things , like battle simulator ingame or make a better Ogame apk for mobile.


  • don't keep dreaming guys. The only solution is to put vmode in a universe like this and let the top 2-3 players put all their salaries there. GF will never block their source of money.

    The problem is that new universes appear month after month and will empty existing universes. it's frustrating when you've put a lot of time (and maybe decent money) into playing.

  • I am not an employee of GameForge and even less a spokesperson for it. In my opinion, my position isn't unclear and I don't feel I'm siding with 2 sides, I'm simply lucid. As I said, a company in any business seeks to maximize its profits. GameForge understands that there are players ready to drop €1,000 as soon as a universe is released, in order to be number 1 on the universe. Who can blame the GF for exploiting this? Everyone earns their money honestly (usually) and is free to spend it as they wish. Some go out to eat, others buy gifts for their families and some allocate a substantial budget to gaming. Why should GameForge miss out on this?
    I understand what you're saying, you think it's "unfair" for people who put a little money into the game ("premium users" as you said) and feel unable to reach the level of those who put in a huge amount. But I'm coming back to what I said in my first message: OGame is no longer a race to see who has the greatest skill and knowledge of the game. It has become a game of who can spend the most and best. The race for first place is no longer balanced, today you're fighting with those who put in the same amount of money as you. So yes, it's sad because the game has lost some of its splendor and charm of the past, and it's infuriating to see people soaring up the rankings thanks to metal packs. But GameForge is simply offering a paying solution available to those willing to use it. One can find a thousand reasons to curse GF: metal packs are too easy to obtain, many promotions encourage consumption etc... But, once again, the problem is those who spend crazy amounts of money on an online game for a virtual ranking.

    The only recommendation I can make to you, which has become mine for several years, is: learn to enjoy the game without worrying about the ranking. OGame is strategy, thoughts on managing an empire, combat etc... The best part is inside the game, not in the wallet.

  • I remember back in the day before DM, there were players complaining about how some players had an RL situation that allowed them more time to play. Proposals were made ti limit online access time to level the field.

    Chasing that number 1 spot is a fools proposition without significant money/time to do it.

    Better, as .Kaze. Recommends to play to enjoy at the level you can, and enjoy the game on your own terms.
    You don’t need a new universe to do this.
    Nor do you need money.

    Just play. Improve yourself, learn from losses. Join an alliance and enjoy some camaraderie.

  • While i restrain from posting in this type of threads, I believe that our voices need to be heard, as the game is taking a very ugly toll lately. Current state of the game feels like the old expo abuse, or actually worse.

    Even in older universes, you see people building in a day what others take months to hunt for, or years to mine for. Maybe rank is not a number to care about, however the gameplay is also affected. Md and bashing abuse are facilitated, and in most unis top 5 fleets can't even touch top 1 (Look at Vela top 10, it's hilarious). Thus, the most important problem is killing the incentive of other people to play, by killing the competitiveness.

    This goes on, and everyone with a brain will quit, as many decent players have done so this past year. Only whales will keep playing, until none remains but them, and eventually they will also get bored and move on.

    I refuse to believe there is no way to counter this, before it is too late, which it probably is.

    Top 10s- 13

  • every new uni is the same , always whale to the top and everyone complain, yet everyone still joins in and makes accounts - to what purpose

    "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" - definition of insanity.

    solution is rather simple, stop joining new unis en masse, the figures for 2nd quarter will roll in and someone at the top will notice a sharp decline in player base joining as after all companies study statistics, and as for the revenue the whale aint gonna whale if there's nobody to compete,

    i bet my left testicle that if next 4 opened universes had 10players join the GF would respond to the issue

    it went from GF being insane for dropping new unis every month to players being insane for keep joining them....

    but all that moot point, im sure next uni will see same amount of players joing lol

    happy whaleing/wailing all

  • The only thing you can do about this is stop playing this game. It doesn't matter player numbers go down, they are not the one with whom GF makes money. The only thing that matters to them is the whales. Maybe GF will replace you with bots to keep the whales entertained.

    Uni 3 and 1. Retired.

  • One thing you said

    OGame is no longer a race to see who has the greatest skill and knowledge of the game. It has become a game of who can spend the most and best. The race for first place is no longer balanced

    I'll keep it simple as I'm pretty stoned rn.

    You have said yourself what everyone is saying the game isn't balanced and it is unfairly balanced towards those who spend the most I don't mind people paying for whatever they want I just think there needs to be limits to keep things going off the scale such as they have and it's clear to see.

    I understand GF is a company and will do what it can to raise profits but things they are doing and allowing are killing the game.

    For years we were told GF is working on balancing the game I've played for 20 years it is the most unbalanced it's ever been!! Period!!!