ACS Top 01 - [TOT: 5.659.948.549.000] diplodocus [NOUS] & Emperor Simply [S T] & PRAYFORBOT [NOUS] & CAP [NOUS] & Rocky [DRT] [1.59T] vs. DEADLY SINS aka IHATEBOTMULTIACC [FAC] (D: 4.066T) [PROFIT: 3.68T]

  • Hello Kerberos, Hello entire ogame community. I believe we are all eager to see a hit this big.

    And as it goes with every big hit, this one also needs his story to be heard.

    I quit ogame last January, and just few months later I was convinced that it is better for me to continue playing :crazy:

    Friends needed help, needed firepower, needed more people in team. I was convinced quickly.

    I remember quitting ogame when my friends were ruling, but few things apparently changed.

    To avoid all warnings, (special dedi to Absinthium :P ), I will just say we encountered new-old enemy team.

    Over the course of the year, we pretty much took all their big fleets down. At least those who were playing regularly. On one way or another. You can assume.

    And biggest one remained. He continued building more and more, staying out of our reach. Or at least we let him think that way.

    Another positive thing for us was happening over the course of the year. We weren't spending, but we were gathering. We were collecting and kept it hidden.

    And we collected a lot


    Now, we were disappointed several times. This hit was planned to happen much much earlier, and it was delayed one too many times.

    Only when it actually happened, we all realized how good it is that it was delayed so many times.

    This way we ended up having so much bigger profit not only because defender grew, not only because we grew, but also because magnificent feature was added into our Universe - deut in debris field

    Feels like that thing multiplied our profit.

    This hit, for our entire team, represents ultimate reason for playing this game, particularly this universe.

    For some of us, keeping playing even though point difference was so great, it looked like we will never succeed to manage this hit.

    For me, this hit was the reason I returned, and stick along.

    Someone would say that it was our choice to play it from vmode, but I believe everyone with great fleet knows what it means when you are actually forced to play from vmode.

    Hero among us, we call him Rocky the Burrito, was rejecting to play it that way. And because of that he lost 70 moons. Yes, one guy destroyed his moons 70 times, and I think this is important to mention here.

    Because of that Rocky was never really having fleet on the ground. Except the time when he ninjad defender's 200k BCs


    Some of us made a hit or two during our 8-9 months journey but in the end all ships that we own were built to oppose IHATEBOTMULTIACC

    So let me represent entire team who were directly included in fight:

    Rocky the Burrito
    aka OMEGA aka Big Broski


    Emperor Simply
    diplodocus aka shcoker

    CAV the Ripper aka Daddy the Recycler

    And let me add just few things from the day this hit actually happened. In one word it was intense.

    As we agreed few days in advance, ever since I woke up that day I was thinking "are we really doing this tonight??"

    Evening has came, we were all chatting like nothing will happen, and I know we were all sitting like we have spikes underneath our asses.

    All the constructions took way too much time due to very bad internet connection and because someone was busy at work:evil2:

    Hit occurred 3 hours later than it was planned. We started losing our patience when Rocky finally hit us with a message -

    "We are ready to go"

    Almost like he was trolling. Yes we were ready, but his son, to whom I send greatest dedication, apparently didn't want us to fly just YET.

    He woke up and Rocky was suddenly out of our reach, completely AFK


    What it felt like eternity, it was not longer than 10 minutes.

    Rocky was back, but now with brand new requirement - as serious as previous one - HE HAD NO DEUT ON MOON

    Another 5 lost minutes.

    We needed luck, we deserved it, and we got it.

    Everything went well for us, including debris.

    more-than-90m-recyclers-big-derbis poured down on our moons.

    Debris was bigger several more millions, but reapers harvested bunch of it instantly after hit, and also, in this SS debris from his DS is not visible here

    Anyway, we knew his rips will survive, and we flew again to finish the job.

    This is where the things got all spiced up.

    When I spied defender just to be sure his fleet on the moon, I didn't notice (right away) what was on the moon other than fleet.

    Only while we were flying on his rips, I noticed we will significantly increase our profits - 1.3T resources were on the moon - packs were on sale these days


    That pretty much is everything. I believe and I hope the chat will continue in comment section.

    Special thank-you note will go to Syn who helped a lot with bureaucracy - the guy know the rules (:

    Other dedis are going to all our deut suppliers and other friends.

    Enjoy the numbers everyone. We will enjoy the glory ;)

    Cheers everyone.

    And sure, FR defender


    This is our ultimatum, this is the whole purpose of our last-10-months-ogame-playing-session.

    On 01-02-2024 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker diplodocus [NOUS]


    Light Fighter 14.346.159

    Cruiser 996.699

    Battleship 199.199

    Bomber 260

    Destroyer 1.026.260

    Battlecruiser 746.260

    Reaper 1.260

    Pathfinder 8.790


    Attacker Emperor Simply [S T]


    Small Cargo 1.633.801

    Light Fighter 11.826.056

    Heavy Fighter 591.314

    Cruiser 256.702

    Battleship 147.371

    Bomber 88.684

    Destroyer 55.117

    Battlecruiser 149.355

    Reaper 45.709

    Pathfinder 291.833


    Attacker PRAYFORBOT [NOUS]


    Small Cargo 234.506

    Light Fighter 7.922.719

    Heavy Fighter 29.796

    Cruiser 2.145.032

    Battleship 2.265.792

    Bomber 2.675

    Destroyer 1.279

    Battlecruiser 3.093.481

    Reaper 2.961.122

    Pathfinder 172.302


    Attacker CAP [NOUS]


    Light Fighter 1.080.257

    Cruiser 1.492.113

    Battleship 10

    Bomber 100

    Destroyer 100

    Battlecruiser 1.602.435

    Reaper 5.669.600


    Attacker Rocky [DRT]


    Small Cargo 1.419.272

    Light Fighter 31.712.231

    Heavy Fighter 524.744

    Cruiser 226.983

    Battleship 88.687

    Bomber 128.342

    Destroyer 1.063.925

    Battlecruiser 1.067.935

    Reaper 11.145.205

    Pathfinder 190.286


    Defender DEADLY SINS [FAC]


    Small Cargo 1.594.289

    Large Cargo 3.132.805

    Light Fighter 27.794.838

    Heavy Fighter 1.090.108

    Cruiser 3.501.695

    Battleship 1.010.007

    Colony Ship 3

    Recycler 8.400.419

    Espionage Probe 891.560

    Bomber 34.662

    Solar Satellite 2

    Destroyer 3.500.771

    Deathstar 70.354

    Battlecruiser 10.683.939

    Reaper 9.538.141

    Pathfinder 110.175

    Rocket Launcher 265.791

    Light Laser 69.264

    Heavy Laser 3.906

    Gauss Cannon 1.029

    Plasma Turret 3.279


    After the battle ...

    Attacker diplodocus [NOUS]


    Light Fighter 2.440.727 ( -11.905.432 )

    Cruiser 286.330 ( -710.369 )

    Battleship 98.217 ( -100.982 )

    Bomber 163 ( -97 )

    Destroyer 748.188 ( -278.072 )

    Battlecruiser 405.910 ( -340.350 )

    Reaper 958 ( -302 )

    Pathfinder 2.408 ( -6.382 )


    Attacker Emperor Simply [S T]


    Small Cargo 277.936 ( -1.355.865 )

    Light Fighter 2.011.985 ( -9.814.071 )

    Heavy Fighter 111.441 ( -479.873 )

    Cruiser 72.598 ( -184.104 )

    Battleship 71.365 ( -76.006 )

    Bomber 51.085 ( -37.599 )

    Destroyer 39.631 ( -15.486 )

    Battlecruiser 79.958 ( -69.397 )

    Reaper 35.438 ( -10.271 )

    Pathfinder 80.337 ( -211.496 )


    Attacker PRAYFORBOT [NOUS]


    Small Cargo 39.986 ( -194.520 )

    Light Fighter 1.351.242 ( -6.571.477 )

    Heavy Fighter 5.977 ( -23.819 )

    Cruiser 728.151 ( -1.416.881 )

    Battleship 1.194.326 ( -1.071.466 )

    Bomber 1.854 ( -821 )

    Destroyer 982 ( -297 )

    Battlecruiser 1.882.251 ( -1.211.230 )

    Reaper 2.406.569 ( -554.553 )

    Pathfinder 50.230 ( -122.072 )


    Attacker CAP [NOUS]


    Light Fighter 184.901 ( -895.356 )

    Cruiser 442.272 ( -1.049.841 )

    Battleship 4 ( -6 )

    Bomber 68 ( -32 )

    Destroyer 78 ( -22 )

    Battlecruiser 939.692 ( -662.743 )

    Reaper 4.507.578 ( -1.162.022 )


    Attacker Rocky [DRT]


    Small Cargo 240.941 ( -1.178.331 )

    Light Fighter 5.408.996 ( -26.303.235 )

    Heavy Fighter 103.448 ( -421.296 )

    Cruiser 66.395 ( -160.588 )

    Battleship 44.984 ( -43.703 )

    Bomber 76.400 ( -51.942 )

    Destroyer 787.765 ( -276.160 )

    Battlecruiser 616.209 ( -451.726 )

    Reaper 8.828.903 ( -2.316.302 )

    Pathfinder 53.584 ( -136.702 )


    Defender DEADLY SINS [FAC]


    Small Cargo 0 ( -1.594.289 )

    Large Cargo 0 ( -3.132.805 )

    Light Fighter 0 ( -27.794.838 )

    Heavy Fighter 0 ( -1.090.108 )

    Cruiser 0 ( -3.501.695 )

    Battleship 0 ( -1.010.007 )

    Colony Ship 0 ( -3 )

    Recycler 0 ( -8.400.419 )

    Espionage Probe 0 ( -891.560 )

    Bomber 0 ( -34.662 )

    Solar Satellite 0 ( -2 )

    Destroyer 0 ( -3.500.771 )

    Deathstar 70.354 ( -0 )

    Battlecruiser 0 ( -10.683.939 )

    Reaper 1 ( -9.538.140 )

    Pathfinder 0 ( -110.175 )

    Rocket Launcher 0 ( -265.791 )

    Light Laser 0 ( -69.264 )

    Heavy Laser 0 ( -3.906 )

    Gauss Cannon 0 ( -1.029 )

    Plasma Turret 0 ( -3.279 )


    The battle ends in a draw.

    The attacker captured:

    0 metal, 0 crystal and 0 deuterium

    79.885.079.847 metal, 2.217.781.182 crystal and 27.179.967.348 deuterium

    107.788.408.380 metal, 554.445.296 crystal and 6.794.991.837 deuterium

    526.264.570.759 metal, 138.611.324 crystal and 1.698.747.959 deuterium

    419.183.154.660 metal, 1.416 crystal and 201.948.495 deuterium

    63.863.919.110 metal, 236 crystal and 33.658.082 deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 1.395.424.452.000 units.

    Total damage attacker including follow-ups: 1.593.045.220.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 3.359.834.346.000 units.

    Total damage defender including follow-ups: 4.066.903.329.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 1.787.243.985.156 metal, 1.289.498.197.753 crystal and 420.319.143.201 deuterium.


    The attacker captured a total of 1.235.805.285.931 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    The attacker(s) captured the debris.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 2.379.249.108.121

    Crystal: 955.358.411.014

    Deuterium: 345.927.069.929

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 3.680.534.589.064 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -3.207.530.500.756

    Crystal: -1.559.790.907.454

    Deuterium: -535.387.206.721

    The defender(s) lost a total of 5.302.708.614.931 units.

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    with a rat - i dont chat

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  • What a hit!!! If i had to use a word to describe those numbers I would need to censor myself :crazy:

    And thank you for that special dedi I just got somewhere in the middle of that unbelievable destruction :beware: you behaved well this time

    Congratz to you all for this amazing result! Playing the underdog role in ogame is much more exciting and appealing than being the untouchable alpha player :sixstars:


  • What a great hit this was to be a part of!

    Many late nights and early mornings trying to make sure that I had enough deut sitting around to help the team launch, the countless hours discussing sim results and fleet compositions over multiple beers.

    And it all came to this - with the Deut to DF just to make it even more tasty!

    Well done team, it looks like you won't be needing my deut for a few weeks at least! Keep the profits rolling on in!!

    FYI... Rocky still forgot to swap to the correct alliance class.. that being said, never have I been more proud of the only fleeter in DRT

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  • Whooooa!!! I wondered what was buzzing more than a hive in honey season !

    You just Brad Pitt 'Se7en-d' the guy and shocked me like that!! Ain't no way I would be cool like Morgan Freeman.

    I'd be screaming the whole flight.

    Respect Rocky for taking 70 punches and still standing, you are a cool one under pressure.

    What a coordination of 8 months ,no words to describe it guys. You did it!

    I don't know if Shcoker is the leader or not but what a organization. ( Good to see you back)

    I like the name: 'Daddy the Recycler'

    You halved his points. You flew 107kk ships for his 71kk , smashed to dust.

    Deadly Sins have a fast recovery... hmm, now they don't have to be in vmode anymore.


    We endured as a team and we won. Team effort and thank you everyone for being part of this.

    It was a very long night and most of that was because of my and my trash internet connection at work, once i got home it was fine until my son woke up, i forgot to change alliance class to warrior i was doing alot of mistakes like the noob i am, but with the leadership from our team captain Shcoker we got there. We are a great team and we all had free burritos afterwards!!!

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  • Congratulations on your big hit. In this universe, on average, there are only 4 to 5 people active without a vmode per day, so I thought they were doing guerilla activities...

    Anyway, Rocky pays tribute to his hard work despite losing so many moons.

    So, is Kerberos dead now?

    Anyway, at the next voting event, I will suggest an 8x peace rate. I want desperately need the approval of those who work in this universe!

    P.s. :hi: Diplo, I can't send you a message:crazy:. Instead of talking crudely about the names of planets and moons, let's talk chat

  • Someone would say that it was our choice to play it from vmode

    The best part.People 'play' the game with vmode not vmode because you can't play the game...

    I believe everyone with great fleet knows what it means when you are actually forced to play from vmode

    No they don't...

    2/10 attack ... 8 points lost because of vmode bushes style.

    Fast rebuild to defender.

  • Beautiful story, gotta be on extra juice to understand it :D

    Can We Just Skip To The Good Part Ted Mullens Ted Dustin Milligan Schitts  Creek | GIF | PrimoGIF

    Numbers are insane! Debris field eyes watering!

    Can't wait for part 2 - Revenge? If any..

    GG to both sides and all involved.


  • always glad to see reactions from people. even though there will always be negatives ones :beer:

    thank you for your 2/10 rating, now average wont be 10 but 9.8 :tongue3:

    Just curious…was it just sitting there and the defender wasn’t fleet saving thinking they were untouchable?

    Yes, fleet was sitting there for 8-9 months, maybe more, I cant remember anymore

    Diplo, I can't send you a message

    You are right Lambda, we shouldn't use not even planet names to chat. Yes sure thing I blocked you long time ago, and you are aware of that. Everything you ever said was misinformation, every move you take is slimy. And it has nothing to do with game strategy. After only few chats with you I realized that and why would I bother continue doing that

    Can't wait for part 2 - Revenge? If any..

    End, End - this is part two. This is revenge. You can check present #1

    And yea, maybe story is a bit skimble-skamble for a random person who is not included in Kerberos. I am not even sorry for that :thumbsup:

    with a rat - i dont chat

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  • Coming back after my vacation, I see this.

    This is an amazing hit! A new ACS #1 .org, Congrats

    Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.

  • Impressive hit, and I love the story as well.

    Just curious…was it just sitting there and the defender wasn’t fleet saving thinking they were untouchable?

    Yes, fleet was sitting there for 8-9 months, maybe more, I cant remember anymore

    As usual, arrogance and pride lead to the downfall of yet another massive fleet.