[TOT: 12.132.520.500] AGFS vs. allien99 (A: 97.280.000, D:

  • Actually, i quite 2018

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    Sure, quit 2018 and for some reason made a board account to comment on these hits

    My account was in graveyard , i take it to this uni cuz most online fleeter uni is here according uni stats but ogame dead inside no matter how many players online. U can believe what u want ofc. I was brutally destroyed by solidarity and noob1 (i dont remember exact nickname) then never comeback again cuz my obsession was very high level, i'm readin most of unis topics and if i see drama as this one (miners vs fleeter) i will always choose fleeter no matter right or wrong, against me or besides me, If u r old enough u will know 1 fleet = 0 fleet, when acs come every uni leader cried for months if u remembers, if a miner dont grown up his fleet equaly mining level he is eventualy be a farm inevitable. So dont cry im small acc, fight big one, dont chase me bash me push me bla bla . Who ever have a power is always right untill lost his power.

    I understand why u get irritated me btw, i have a lot of fun when miner got down, sorry i was there :D

  • I knew that you are a clown, but now i see that you are a bully clown !!! Damn,that's a mad combo !!!

    If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine......

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