[TOT: 8.697.590.500] Arrow vs. Ramilias (A: 1.025.428.000, D: 7.672.162.500)

  • The Story Report

    It all Starts with Arrow destroying the Moon I fleetsaved on, the fleetsave was an espionage mission to the same system at the lowest speed. Some way or through someone else Arrow likely got intel that my entire fleet was fleetsaved there.

    So this then happened on 9-02-2024

    On 09-02-2024 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Arrow [HDS]


    Deathstar 13


    Defender Ramilias [SL-ing]


    Small Cargo 1.400

    Large Cargo 1.700

    Espionage Probe 150

    Bomber 2

    Destroyer 2

    Reaper 2

    Pathfinder 2


    And now my fleet was inroute to my planet, and Phalanxable.

    So I quickly asked an alliance friend to help me get another Moon, and he did.

    And I starting reading up on this and tried to find a way for my fleet to get back in route to my Moon, found out there isn't.

    My next course of action was to try to see if my alliance would help, we kept talking for hours on end, and they just kept making excuses saying that they don't have any planets in the area, and that "I should have my planets closer to them", and complaining about the deuterium costs they would need to move their fleet to get there.

    And I was upset of course, and tried to come up with a plan on my own.

    Which was follows:

    I decided to built a small expedition fleet as fast as possible, and started sending expeditions left and right.

    And I thought of a plan to force Arrow to abandon his plan of attack, at the time we had like 17+ hours before my fleet would return.

    So my plan was to build as much deathstars as possible and as fast as possible, and to send Moon Destruction missions to a variety of his planets, timed to arrive coincidentally with my fleet return time, that way he'd be forced to either 1. Divide his fleet (Which would have limited my losses in case he still tried to fleetcrash) or 2. Abandon the plan altogether and try to protect his Moons.

    And I still wish I had went with that plan.

    A few hours later, as I later realized was the usual scenario in this situation, something unexpected happened. I started receiving numerous messages from people offering their assistance, not just from friends but also from former enemies and strangers alike.

    And the people who actually took action and worked towards a defense plan against Arrow's expected attack were surprisingly the former enemies, so we began coordinating. I'm not sure if he's okay with mentioning his role, but we'll name him X, X and I basically stayed up all night exchanging communications and updates on the situation.

    The attack was happening at 9 AM my time.

    Everything was going well, and through X we found out more people willing to join in the acs, and someone else sent a MD fleet to my moon with a 100% chance with 162 Deathstars (Thank you too).

    Till this happened:


    Arrow sent his own MC missions?

    But I didn't give up. I discussed with X at the time on how to respond. He suggested that I build destroyers, but I chose battleships instead because I already had a good amount and it was what my resources could do at the time. And I quickly conducted battle simulations. With the bonuses I have for battleships it was good enough.

    7500 BS

    15000 Probes

    8000 LF

    1000 Pathfinders

    Were built to defend against that attack. According to the battlesims, they would have won every fight until they encountered 26 Deathstars. The remaining ships would only be able to end it with a draw.

    Ships sent to the moon...

    Then Arrow does this


    And he initiated these attacks at approximately the 1-hour mark. None of my allies would have made it in time to help, and on top of that, we couldn't risk revealing their identities.

    I later attempted to send my ships away and coordinate their return with the arrival time of the first Deathstar fleet, Praying it would work but unfortunately, it didn't work as planned. The timer ran out, And my moon was gone.

    “there's a bug, same second fleets, 50 per cent does not battle. never send same second”

    And there was nothing else left to do, my allies cancelled their acs. There wasn't enough time for a redo.

    I was chatting with a friend of mine while this was going on, and he told me that he would do his best to collect some of the debris for me. (He did it!)

    And we got this :

    Your Recycler (21000 ships) have a total storage capacity of 756,000,000. At the target [3:132:10], 2,542,234,273 Metal, 1,434,855,187 Crystal and 315,868,794 Deuterium are floating in space. You have harvested 252,000,000 Metal, 252,000,000 Crystal and 252,000,000 Deuterium.

    Probably why Arrow didn't post this himself ^

    He only got 50M deut from the debris.

    I got 252 M Metal, 252M Crystal, 200M Deut from that debris, and my friend took 52M deut for consumption costs.

    And what I tried to do myself as last resort was to attempt sending my fleet away in those 3 seconds difference. I practiced it repeatedly, and it was "possible" using Antigame's Fleetsave preset but quite challenging.

    But when the time came, I unfortunately got nervous and didn't act fast enough. And as a result, this happened:


    On 10-02-2024 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Arrow [HDS]

    Weapons 210% - Shields 210% - Armour 210%


    Light Fighter 1.000.000

    Heavy Fighter 70.000

    Cruiser 150.000

    Battleship 78.000

    Bomber 4.001

    Destroyer 3.500

    Battlecruiser 150.000

    Reaper 2.657

    Pathfinder 21.000


    Defender Ramilias [SL-ing]

    Weapons 180% - Shields 180% - Armour 200%


    Small Cargo 29.086

    Large Cargo 36.921

    Light Fighter 93.571

    Heavy Fighter 14.145

    Cruiser 41.277

    Battleship 31.112

    Recycler 6.763

    Espionage Probe 48.692

    Bomber 6.842

    Solar Satellite 399

    Destroyer 6.835

    Deathstar 10

    Battlecruiser 15.316

    Reaper 2.261

    Pathfinder 3.439

    Rocket Launcher 4.000

    Light Laser 1.700

    Gauss Cannon 50

    Ion Cannon 574

    Plasma Turret 27

    Small Shield Dome 1

    Large Shield Dome 1


    After the battle ...

    Attacker Arrow [HDS]


    Light Fighter 822.882 ( -177.118 )

    Heavy Fighter 61.940 ( -8.060 )

    Cruiser 145.000 ( -5.000 )

    Battleship 77.669 ( -331 )

    Bomber 3.990 ( -11 )

    Destroyer 3.492 ( -8 )

    Battlecruiser 149.471 ( -529 )

    Reaper 2.653 ( -4 )

    Pathfinder 20.229 ( -771 )


    Defender Ramilias [SL-ing]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    290.605.644 metal, 104.665.192 crystal and 24.607.198 deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 1.025.428.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 7.672.162.500 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 2.542.234.273 metal, 1.434.855.187 crystal and 315.868.794 deuterium.

    The attacker captured a total of 419.878.034 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: -427.411.356

    Crystal: -178.277.808

    Deuterium: 139.198

    The attacker(s) lost a total of 605.549.966 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -4.726.303.644

    Crystal: -2.726.313.192

    Deuterium: -639.423.698

    The defender(s) lost a total of units.

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  • Hi,

    You did your best to save your fleet.

    Fast recovery mate. Do not give up !

    Contact me ingame if you need help, advices or deut.

    - B3qst -

  • OGame has many tricks and things to learn. Hope you learn your lesson from this attack. Seems like there was a few ways out of it - especially considering the time between the moon destruction and the attack.

    Also we cant see the screenshots so not sure what exactly went down there, but Im glad theres active people out there that makes mistakes - it makes the game worth playing for the rest of us :p

    Hope to see Arrow make a comment from their point of view
    and 3bn profit seems to be quite decent :p!

    Old school gamer

  • ahahaha, you've been the center of action for the past few days :)) lol, he has an incredibly light fighters number. strange how no one comes there with cr/bc fleets, everyone probably tried to steal rather than risk it.

    when you're so vocal on the board and people keep watching you, be sure you don't make mistakes like that :p

    fast rebuild.

  • This is the first time I've ever seen the defender HOF. :question:

    I'm sorry about The Big Cat because I was rooting for him, I advise you to read some guides on the game: I would help you but I was told that I'm not good with the translator. RIP :flowers:

    GG to Arrow and FR :blackeye:


  • px didn't say what you're saying haha

    The whole universe was probably with Ramilias, but it wasn't worth risking the biggest fleets for an unsafe plan, because Arrow is not a single player :) you would have expected some action and you were ready for it, but it didn't come :tongue1:

  • TOTS tried to play a role in this game not to defend Ramilias (who still is an enemy), but we wanted to stop HDS to achieve what we would have done :lol:

    GG Arrow, we expected other mds, we could have stopped them, but our intention was the ghost, not a simple ninja


  • GG Arrow, we expected other mds, we could have stopped them, but our intention was the ghost, not a simple ninja

    That seems like a big mistake to me (if you tried stop HDS). Because he probably protected his RIPs with the fleet (the moon fell long before the hit and managed to send it back in the final attack). So, you probably had a huge chance to ninja his entire fleet, which is not just a "simple ninja" and probably a chance that will never come again :crazy:

  • GG Arrow, we expected other mds, we could have stopped them, but our intention was the ghost, not a simple ninja

    That seems like a big mistake to me (if you tried stop HDS). Because he probably protected his RIPs with the fleet (the moon fell long before the hit and managed to send it back in the final attack). So, you probably had a huge chance to ninja his entire fleet, which is not just a "simple ninja" and probably a chance that will never come again :crazy:

    Ramilias is not our ally, and we don't go to station like this, we warned to protect the moon, there is no mistake

  • I have to say, Arrow is not any player. In fact, none of us are any... but I think you can notice that on stats

    lot of years playing, failing a lot and learning more.

    the defender gave his best and it wasn´t enough. But this is also earned experience for him. Next time will be different :)

    at the end Arrow got around 3,7 Bn profit. not bad!!