[TOT: 8.697.590.500] Arrow vs. Ramilias (A: 1.025.428.000, D: 7.672.162.500)

  • L93 I just started playing a few months ago 😀

    yap, we feel that. hahahahahhaha

    So many people complaining about low numbers of each universe active players, one of the reasons is this one. You can hit players and have fair play instead of hitting them and making fun of it for no reason. How can you keep people in any community if you make fun of them instead of having an healthy interaction??

    Every game is much funnier when you can beat opponents that knows how to play the game, if there are newbies around just give them a chance of learning instead of mocking them

    Ramilias just keep improving your game performance and look around for some tutorials, no one is perfect and for my experience i know everyone even the ones that think that are unbeatable have their day, and those ones are the first to give up after being crashed


  • :censored: but they have money in their pocket and that solves all problems :)))

    Anyway, I can see that Mr. Dudi has tempered his gaming appetite a bit after DOOM's rise overnight. :huntsman:

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  • i you dont know hoy to play you dont also need to boder the players, smth called respect.

    that's the reason of my comment. Probably you know little bit of the story or only his side.

    And yes, noone is unbeatable :censored:

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  • You shoulda called me Ramilias... I could've moved a mobile & helped you... instead you accused me over DM that me and arrow are the same person lol ok. Oh... and that I bot. LOL

    :deathstar:Power Hour:deathstar:

  • How much I wish Sagacious was like Absinthium, in the forum for a comment, censored and warning, in the game, the tops have created fleets by magic, self-destructed moons have been pushed with mrd of fleets and our friend can't even smell them .:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: