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    Purpose of the Tavern section

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    Tavern topics and polls


    The tavern section is to allow for discussions regarding the specific universe the topic is posted in, these topics can cover whatever the poster wishes in this regard but must ensure the board guidelines are followed and applied.

    Board Guidelines


    Spam - Threads with this tag allow for as much spam as you wish, all other board guidelines still apply.

    Misc - Threads with this tag are for general discussions regarding the universe that does not match any other category, spam is not allowed, all other board guidelines still apply.

    Topics and polls

    Topics must relate to the universe the post is created in, this can be very loosely applied even if just looking for opinions on a topic specifically from people in that universe.

    Topics that apply to a more general audience such as game related questions should use the OGame - The Game section.

    Polls can be requested to the forum sections mods/smod, however there must be a disclaimer specifying that it's a poll for entertainment purposes, not something official.


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