CR-Section Rules

  • CR-Section Rules

    Please note that the rules below fall under and in-line with all other rules/guidelines on the forum and should be followed as such, failure to follow any of the following rules or rules implied elsewhere on the forum may result in the closure of your post and sanctions referenced within the board guidelines.

    What does this post cover?

    CR-Classification (which tag to use for your CR post)

    Posting a combat report in the CR-Section (How to format the post)

    Posting an IPM report in the CR-Section (How to format the post)

    CR rules / General notes

    CR Converters (Links provided below)


    • Defence Bash when you mainly crash defence without reaching a DF of 2,000,000 units. Debris from destroyed defence does not count into the 2,000,000 units.
    • Fleetcrash when your CR does not reach a DF of 2,000,000 units. This inculdes raids on inactives, moonshots and sat-smashes.
    • Basic 20% if the DF greater than 2,000,000 units.
    • Advanced 20% if there are over 100 million total losses in the attack.
    • Super Advanced 20% if there are over 1 Billion (read as 1,000,000,000) total losses in the attack.
    • Hyper Advanced 20% if there are over 100 Billion (read as 100,000,000,000) total losses in the attack.

    Posting a combat report in the CR-Section

    • The ingame names of all attackers and defenders
    • The complete fleets of all attackers and defenders before and after the battle
    • The resources captured and the debris field generated even if all are 0
    • A title following the following format: Attacker1[Alliance], Attacker2[Alliance] vs. Defender1[Alliance], Defender2[Alliance]
    • Either battle techs for all participants or none at all
    • Either co-ords for all participants or none at all

    Posting an IPM report in the CR-Section

    • The names of all attackers and defenders
    • An espionage report before any IPMs hit and one after all IPMs have landed or the IPM report(s) if you are defender
    • The total number of IPMs fired, who fired them, and their cost
    • The total damage dealt to the defender

    CR rules / General notes

    • Planned suicide hits are forbidden, such hits can and will be investigated by the game team and if proven may result in sanctions on your game account and board posts removed.
    • Fake combat reports and joke reports will not be tolerated. For instance, reports that have an attacker with an espionage probe only is spam.
    • If a person gets permanently banned in-game for ANYTHING within 6 months of posting the hit, the hit will be removed from the Top Ten. If you do get clarified, please contact a Moderator so we can move them back into the Top Ten.
    • To assist with any disputes, Mods have the right to request APIs from the poster and/or the victor(s) of any hit. Failure to provide the APIs within a reasonable time frame may result in thread closure.
    • In the case that the results of a CR aren't correct and differ strongly from the real world results, the other CR party can ask a Mod to edit their side of the results into the main post of a CR.
    • A CR needs to have at least 100 million total damage done to qualify as Top10. In addition, a minimum of 10% of the total damage caused must come from fleet damage.
    • Multiple reports and linked reports are allowed and may be posted in shorthand (i.e. only the resources captured and DF generated) so long as there is at least one complete report posted in the thread as outlined by these rules.
    • It is HIGHLY recommended that you colour your combat reports for ease of reading by all. No colouring other peoples CRs and reposting, this will be given a warning for spam. Please see OGame Origin for tolerated tools including converters.
    • If the case arises where by the defender posts a CR before the attacker, if 48 hours have not gone past from the hit taking place, the attacker may post the thread themselves and the defenders thread will be closed. After 48 hours have passed the defender's thread will not be closed if posted before the attackers.
      The exception to this rule of course is ninja's where the defender is actually the winner of the battle. In the case of a drawn battle Mod's reserve a right to close the thread and allow the other party to post it.

    CR Converters

    To find the most up to date tolerated tools including CR converters it is recommended to check OGame Origin

    The converters below are subject to changing and no longer being in support or approved