Vote for the merger of our universe or changes of characteristics

  • Hello,

    I am submitting a topic on behalf of all Undae players to ask GF for a change in the characteristics of our universe or better to plan it for the next fusion wave. Indeed, as the few remaining players know, there are still around twenty players who are really active on our ubiverd. And even worse, maybe 5-6 fleets trying as best they can to find interest in the game. Personally I submit the idea of putting the option to ignore empty systems because there is now one package and it's really tiring for those who still play with a fleet. We could then encourage the stiffness side a little more, perhaps reducing travel costs and times. Of course it's up to the entire Undae community to decide, if there is still one!

    Thanks to everyone !

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  • Hello,

    2 things:

    A vote for the merger will not be possible, either Undae will be part of the plan or not, but a vote cannot be taken into consideration.

    Regarding the change of characteristics, I'll let you talk about it, but you should know that a poll will not be requested before the merger and that only the characteristics of this list can be modified => Possible Universe Settings


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  • For me, i suggest this modifications:

    War fleet speed X2 (distances are very long now in most cases)

    Economy X3

    Peaceful Fleet X8 (for little faster expéditions)

    Defense into DF 30% (a lot of bunkers now...)

    Deuterium Cost 0,5 (for longer distances now)

    I'll also let other players put their opinions. Wasn't there an option to ignore empty systems before?

    In order to encourage more stiffness and not just economy and expeditions

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  • I understand the reason behind the merger, and I am in support of it. However, I am against the proposed modifications. As you mentioned, there are 20 active players in the Uni, and even collectively, they struggle to compete with the top two players. The modifications would only simplify the landscape for these dominant players, effectively turning it into a less challenging hunting ground for them.

    These requests sound one-sided. They feel like a cry for a boost to totaly harvest/pillage what is left of this Uni to get stronger for the merge while the rest of us are just supposed to be farmed by the top players.

  • I proposed ideas on what we can change to make the universe more attractive based on its characteristics. Afterwards, when we only play mines or when we don't want to worry, I understand the opposition regarding War x2. But the fact is that the so-called balanced universe is no longer balanced at all if you play an offensive game. I don't necessarily speak for myself, because yes I know I did a lot of damage in this universe and caused a lot of departures from the game. But I'm not the only one who likes to play like that and our universe today offers no appeal on that side. Personally, I just do mines and expeditions and I don't see the point. Ogame has always been a basic war game where the most prominent and most rewarded players are those who do the big fights. Or it is also true those who have the biggest wallets, players that I tried to eradicate from the server.

    All solutions suit me as long as we manage to stop the initial wave. But we have to make our universe more pleasant to play otherwise there will be 10 of us in the middle of 700 vacation modes within a few days. In recent days we have again lost Balhino, Toti and Hozen who were a little stiff. I keep an eye on each player here and above all I want everyone to have fun. If Filthy and the Hunters and AKINCI come here too, come back guys we need you too!

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  • Agreed the universe is feeling dead, and a merge would do wonders. However again I must reiterate, the balance is heavily in the top players favour as it stands, and making it more lopsided in their favour will completely kill this universe and worsen the already evident issues that surround the dwindling population. Having players return is a great hope however quite unrealistic to come to pass, or at least enough to make a meaningful and long lasting difference. Therefore I stand firmly against.

  • Ultimately, i think this uni needs a slight change, one which benefits the lower ranks more than Kwis and I and allows other players to grow.

    I actually like the current war system, increasing war speed to 2x makes it considerably easier for us to fleet crash and ultimately drive more players out of the game i think. Similarly, it will make drive research obsolete.

    The only changes i would stand behind is potentially increasing economy from 2x to 3x (yes although this will give us a boost as well, by keeping military specs the same and increasing res/expo rewards, it will enable other players to grow faster and challenge us more effectively).

    Other than that i actually like the current uni dynamic, its why i chose Undae. I dont like an easy fight and it makes it that much more rewarding when we catch someone. Each successful hit i land, has 10 unsuccessful behind it.

    I would absolutely be behind a merger and bringing in new players, in fact, i think this is rather critical and GF needs to do something sharpish, but i would rather they join us and our uni rules than we join them..

  • if you want to balance the universe, set these new rules for all players lower than 12 million points, to allow them a window to catch up and create healthy competition.Furthermore I would say a higher economy (maybe x5 or x8) would be viable for such players

  • There is general agreement that we can already envisage an increase in economic speed. Everything suits me as long as it suits as many people as possible.

    In order to help our universe and the youngest players on Universe, we have made the decision with MasterChief to suspend our attacks until April 1st. We are in a crucial phase to save our universe and our priority is to dedicate ourselves to finding all the solutions for this.

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  • I agree with merge, but no changes please. The difference between top two and rest is so large that they actively supress other players. Fleeters below them have nobody to hit because they ravaged everything, and they actively dislike and bash other playstyles like miners and turtles (regardless of profit). We probably just need more active players and everything will return to balance

  • Afterwards the problem is that the level of play was not very high on Undae, you had a lot of big players on paper who were there just because of the Dark Matter. Obviously these players were recycled in turn arm because they have no talent. Today there are only real players who have the level to hold on and not get caught. 15 years ago you wouldn't have seen so much damage so easily, at least I didn't even I needed to play at the level I was playing 15 years ago to cause such carnage. So maybe Ogame has become like that and bad luck for me I played the old way in a very rough way and aggressive than what is done now, but at the same time it proves that the pay towin model is really not adapted to this game, because in the end I only recovered everyone's invested money without myself in spend a lot. So what do these people do after being recycled and having spent money, well they leave the game so frustrated, which would not have happened as much before because the frustration of losing was not as important.

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  • Damn guys your uni is hardly 6 months old, no way it's getting merged.
    You can ask for uni changes and request a poll after enough of you support a change, Neotinea stays on top of things but you'll have to wait until the current mergers are done before you can request an official poll.

    I'm sure you don't want a merger, you'll all be cannon fodder coming into uni's that are multiple years old, your uni is econ2. You will face multiple billion point people.

    I don't have a horse in this race, but I'd suggest you guys poll to at least up the econ to x8 to get ready for next years merger.

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  • I’m for boosting econ to x8 for lower levelled players, maybe 15m and less, that would even out the playing field.

    However I’m still for a merge, undae is by far the least active out of the newer servers and therefore a different approach to the standard I would think is applicable, even if the new universe has much stronger players.

  • If econ was boosted to x8, players under 15m would catchup in the blink of an eye. It wouldnt make sense to put in place arbitrary barriers like this. Furthermore, this would just push everyone else up into better rankings to be more profitable fodder for us and we can grow even faster. See the issue?

    I would however be up for a sizeable increase in the economy speed. We were discussing x2 to x3 before, i would equally be in favour of a high amount. The only thing i am against is any changes to the current fleet speeds (whether war or civil).

  • Why is it arbitrary if the gap between no1 and newer players is so high? If you want to balance the server than this is a sure way of doing so, unless the top players enjoy the difference and this is a front to find easier ways of bashing what remains of the playerbase.The main reason the server is dead is that players must constantly play defensively with no hope of every being able to fight back, so this solution would resolve this in a matter of weeks.

    However I would accept x6 times as a counter to still have a substantial gap to make the high levels feel that their work was not all for nothing

  • We are discussing a non-issue. Look at universe 1 and the top player there. If i was to start off there today am i to expect a 100x economy boost to try to catch-up? No, its not even worth discussing and GF have never done this and wont ever do it, so id rather discuss a uni change which can actually happen. Even if they could, by the time they do, Kwis and I will be at 50M points. Whats 15m compared to that?

    Your request is a complete reversal of the point of the game. One for all or all for none.

    Go back and look at the uni options offered to us at the top and provide your feedback for a full uni change. Its not possible to add-in arbitrary thresholds to include and exclude certain other players.

  • Right so your answer is to increase the economy overall to widen the already massive gap between the lower and higher levels. Awesome.

    I also find it quite rich for you to show concern when you have primarily targeted my alliance members for 5m profit at a time.

    it is obvious that this is a front to carry on the bashing of what’s left in this universe by the top players.

    I am against, and so is my entire alliance that make up a massive chunk of the population left, your intentions have now shown.

  • Lol your statement above is an exact reversal of logic and how Ogame works. Increasing economy speed will SHORTEN the gap between higher and lower levels with increased activity. The whole point of a high economy speed is so the more active players gain more resources by doing more expos and farming inactives provided there is more resource available to capture. If i was aiming to widen the gap i would be pushing for higher war speeds as thats to my benefit. Kwis and I also just agreed a truce on attacking all players until 1st April deliberately to slow our growth and let the uni grow and thrive. Get your facts straight before making ridiculous assertions.

    I was contemplating quitting the game the last couple weeks when Filthy went vmode because our last competition went. This game isnt fun without competition. Are you forgetting who even opened this thread? MPG, Kwis did with our support and agreement BECAUSE we wanted the uni to thrive and weaker players to grow. If we have been so successful in bashing the uni, why would we be looking to make changes? To make an already easy situation even easier? Or could it possibly be to help drive more activity and growth across the uni? I will let you ponder over that very difficult question

    On a separate note, i dont even know who you and your alliance are. If im profiting off attacks, that is because you are making yourself profitable. The point of Ogame is to raid other people, harvest res and grow, if you have problems with that i can refer you to farmville.

    Edit: Heretic's goal appears to be, "i am not as good as other players so GF please give me handouts to catch-up". One rule for the whole uni, hilarious to even have that as a debatable prospect. This thread has been opened to work out a new solution to drive activity, engagement and entertainment for the whole uni. Not handouts