Increase Commander Building Queue to 10

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    After the success of the +10 button for Lifeform (LF) buidlings, suggestion is to extend the commander building queue to 10.

    Currently you can start +10 of a LF building, but you can't manage that queue until you hit the commander limit of 5.


    I've queued 10 levels.

    1 level finished - can't do anything

    2 levels finish - can't do anything

    3 levels finish - can't do anything etc.

    Queue hits 5 items, I can now add 1 as 1 finishes.

    This suggestion will allow queue management of 10 levels.

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  • The management tools should evolve with the game and not be just static. I would say we can also tie Computer Tech to new management tools and features for late game. .

    Like the proposed 10 item queues option should open up when a certain level of Computer tech is reached ..

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