Graveyard Rules.

  • Dear All,

    I would like to know where to find the link to the graveyard rules where inactive accounts go and what the process of returning them to the universe of origin is like.

    Thank you.


  • Graveyard FAQ

    If you are looking for the v-mode ain't in there, but it has been something that has been known about since the GY came around. If you move an account from the GY to a live server and you log into the account, it will take it out of v-mode...a lot of players have had their accounts trashed not realizing this was the case. Why on earth Game Forge did that is beyond me...and why it's not mentioned in the GY "FAQ" is another eyebrow-raiser. And given how most players don't read the forums and how quickly things get buried in Discord, they wouldn't know about it. Game Forge really should have a pop-up warning or something like that if they're going to force your account out of v-mode. It's been brought up to the COMA a few times...but it's PRONGS and he doesn't care about the game or the community.

    The other interesting thing about a GY move, is how it affects the gift code; it resets the cooldown. So, if you gift an account to someone and they move it from the GY to a live server they can turn around and get a new gift code to give it away again without having to wait 14 or 15 days for the cool down to expire.

  • Thank you very much for your response and contribution Cathedral, I really appreciate it.

    And if it's true, there is nothing on the forum that indicates how this graveyard thing works.

    I have searched everywhere, there is no link, a new post or an update to the information, the work of the forum administrators is terrible.

    How can it be possible that they cannot take the task or work to update this, from what I have seen there are many players who invested a lot of money in their accounts buying dark matter and due to real life situations their accounts end up in the graveyard and without Realize within hours your accounts are immediately destroyed without knowing what happened.

    The case of Prince of Persia in RoLUE is a particular and unique case, since the alliance that attacks and destroys his account has moderators and game administrators in their ranks, and the most particular thing is that they are the only ones who spy on him.

    Strange, right?

  • I honestly don't think there was anything nefarious about how Prince got hit. One of his planets appeared in a system with someone from FGR when he merged in from the GY. Sparky most likely saw it and probed, saw something of interest, shared it, and they realized Prince just came from the GY and that Prince logged in and did not v-mode it. And then they went all in, like any other alliance would have had they noticed it. And I think there is some history there between Al and Prince, so I assume as soon as Al heard an old rival appeared, and was out of v-mode he took a gander.

    I guarantee if anyone from any other alliance would have seen it they would have realized the same thing about the GY and the's a bitter pill, and a gut punch for Prince; but this has happened a lot and Game Forge has done nothing about it. It should have been part of the FAQ from the very beginning or at least have some pop-up alarm alerting you when you log into the account the first time IMO...but even if it was in the FAQ, is Prince the kind of player that follows the forums for updates?

  • I agree with everything you say, it could have been that alliance or those players. And yes obviously, there is an old aggression sequel between Prince + Skull with all those Fgrs.

    But things are done. Unfortunate with the situation of the GY and all the information that goes hand in hand with that, something that does not exist and that a player must guess since there is nowhere to read said information.

    To your question, PrinceofPersia is a dedicated, astute and loyal player, he reads the forum a lot, he informs himself and looks for information about players and fleets, but if there is no information about the GY, how could he know that there was no v.mode after logging in to your account.

    I hope Prince returns and rebuilds everything he lost, he knows that RoLUE will support him by complying with the rules of the game for his reconstruction.

  • I mean...if you were on the forums as often as you are then you'd know we only have one member who is a super mod. You realize the limit of their power is within the forums and isn't even allowed to moderate Uni 1 stuff. We have no GA's in our alliance, never have. If you're referring to Cillidan..than again..he stepped down as BA awhile ago and resigned completely there like 6 weeks ago. If you notice he's barely been out of vmode at all...Wishful thinking that there was foul play involved on our part, does not make it so...