2024 Merger

  • It seems that Xuange has not been included in this years merge plan! I think I speak for most of the active players (which there are very few) in Xuange when I say that a merger is much needed even if the uni is less than 6months old!

    When you compare the number of active players between Vela (the newest Exodus uni to be included) and Xuange they aren't massively different:


    • 'Active' - 224
    • Inactive - 787
    • V-mode - 76


    • 'Active' - 340
    • Inactive - 1144
    • V-mode - 77

    Stats from MMORGP.

    EDIT - those number are also inflated/outdated as in Xuagne that are only 925 accounts in total 😂

    Also it would seem that Thuban is quiet a close match in terms of server settings which is available as a target uni if people want to keep playing with similar specs!

    Is there any chance Xuange could be included in the 2024 merge?


  • I think BAW has a good point, that Xuange should be merged - it seems like activity has slowed down over the last couple of months - and many players have become inactive - so a merge is a good idea.

  • Is there any chance Xuange could be included in the 2024 merge?

    I don't think there will be any change concerning Xuange

    If I'm informed of an exodus/target change I'll make a new post.

    Thanks for the response Neotinea. Is there a way that it can be requested/suggested to GF? I can't imagine there is much spend on DM happening in Xuange but if there was a merge it would probably prompt more players to make purchases which is of course good for GF too.

  • I am a returning veteran to ogame started playing in uni7 and was a game op in uni 24, i havent played for over a decade however, Xuange is my first foray back into the game.

    i am deeply disappointed that we wont get merged i know many are in v mode but a merger will bring life into old accounts and keep active players like me playing (also more dm purchases for game forge)

    i thinks its a really good idea to be merging quieter unis together to keep the player base active and like i have said more income for gameforge through purchases as after a few weeks most have quit anyways so new unis keep dying, merging is a great way to keep people playing and generating income for gameforge

    please can our uni be reconsidered for merger

    many thanks

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  • Come on GF, make this happen, you know you want to!!!

    It will benefit the players and you!

    Its only a press of the button, go on,just push it :)

    Let us merge, this uni is dead

  • Yes, I agree. I dont want to start new Uni with another account. I would like to play here, attack, and be attacked. I'm old school player, I returned tp the game after a long time and its more possible that I will stop playing then create new account.

    have a good day!

  • I agree that there needs to be a Merge. I have invested money and time in creating my account. I will not start again otherwise I will quit playing altogether.