Missile silo upgrade ideas

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    2. No (13) 48%

    Hi all!

    I have ideas to discuss..

    We have IPMs to target defenses, but how about adding more varieties of missiles? Like Anti-ship missiles to target specific capital ships. population or RIPs - either sitting on the targets orbit or during an incoming attack??
    What if instead buying ABMs, Silo would produce ABMs at some capacity per hour?
    What about adding a level of Espionage research into consideration to boost ABMs precision to target IPMs / IPMs ability to sneak in undetected?
    What about allowing allied players to fire coordinated salvos of IPMs (ACS style) to overwhelm defenses?

    What do you think?

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  • Good morning,

    Thank you for this suggestion.

    I've just included a poll in the first post to find out what players think and whether they'd like this suggestion to be passed on to GameForge.

    The poll lasts 30 days and all opinions are welcome.

    Thank you in advance for your involvement !

  • I voted no because these suggestions are a bit too much. Id much prefer one simple, clean, small change to missile silo. I agree the missile silo is more or less useless atm. so a change could be welcomed, but it needs to in the form of one great idea, explained and suggested in one way.
    Easy to grasp and easy to vote on.

    Hope your ideas keep flowing!

    Old school gamer

  • Hi Kaifash,

    In the end, most of the players were in favor of the idea, but I'd like to know what you'd like to do ? Send nothing ? Send a very specific proposal ? Because you seem to have proposed a lot of things in order to discuss them with the other players.

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