Quesion About the in-game Sim

  • I recently have checked the in-game sim, and found quite a few interesting results(which I believe is bug or some hidden mechanism?):

    First I tried using 11 LF vs 1 IC, which in round 1 showing "The Attacker fires a total of 11 shots at the Defender with a total strength of 550. The defender`s shields absorb 505 points of damage.", I have no idea why there are '5 points over-absorption.

    Second, i tried using 100 HF vs 1 large shield Dome showing "The Attacker fires a total of 100 shots at the Defender with a total strength of 15000. The defender`s shields absorb 14950 points of damage.". Note that the shield of large shield dome is 10000. which means 1% of the shield is 100, why only absorb 14950 rather than 15000?

    Thirdly, it also happens when 51/52 BB vs 1 DS(RIP), where "The Attacker fires a total of 52 shots at the Defender with a total strength of 52000. The defender`s shields absorb 51000 points of damage.", which means DS can actually absorbs 51 shots of BB rather than 50, which is also weird.

    These three situation make me curious about the combat rule or else, the bad implimentation of the simulator.

    Lastly, I tried using 10000000 BC vs 100 PT,(using (W,D,A) as the tech):

    if BC's = (10, 10, 11) and PT's = (10, 10, 10), PT can't even get one BC! This is continuing to be the case till BC's = (41, 41, 42) and PT's = (41, 41, 41)

    if BC's = (42, 42, 43) and PT's = (42, 42, 42), Then PT have chances to 1-hit BC.

    By calculation, the if armor losing between 36.42%-36.43%, BC would be explode, which should not be the case as wildly mentioned 30% explode rule.

    However, if increase the BC's hull to 8500 ----- when BC's = (41, 41, 42) and PT's = (41, 41, 41) the PT's shot is exactly reducing 30% of armor. So personly, I believe the in-game combat sim incorrectly adding Det cost into hull by mistake.

    And lossing exactly 30% of the hull would not lead to explode(which might be the case when BB vs Destroyer ( one hit of Destroyer can't remove BB in any case, which is new to me, but it's not related to SIM and combat rule)

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