In-gmae vote for Merkur server settings change

  • Hello fellow players and game admins,

    I hope this message finds you well! I am writing to propose an initiative that I believe would significantly enhance our gameplay experience given recent merges. Many of us have voiced concerns over the current Merkur server settings, particularly regarding economic and research speed.

    Therefore, I am suggesting we hold a community-wide vote to reevaluate and potentially adjust these settings. This approach ensures that any changes reflect the collective preference of our player base, fostering a more engaging environment for everyone.

    For the setting adjustment, I propose the following:

    Holding fleet speed:x 1 unchanged

    Peaceful fleet speed:x 4 unchanged

    War fleet speed:x 1 unchanged

    Economic speed:from x 5 changed to x 8

    Research speed:from x 10 changed to x 16

    I urge all community members and admins to consider this proposal and support a move towards a more tailored gaming experience.

    Thank you for considering this initiative.

    Warm regards,







    防禦型艦隊速度:x 1 不變

    和平型艦隊速度:x 4

    攻擊型艦隊速度:x 1 不變

    開發速度:從 x 5 變更為 x 8

    研究速度:從 x 10 變更為 x 16




  • 昨天已詢問管理員,需等待其他國家的合併都完成後才會開始處理

  • 还以为昨天就已經完成了,其他合併都完成是什麼時候知道嗎,等到好焦急 ~~~