General Wreckfield on ACS Defense

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    Currently, all players get a wreckfield when they are defender. One of the two primary benefits of General is having wreckfield on attacks/ACS attacks (with the other being signficantly reduced deut consumption). However, for some reason, General does not get a wreckfield on ACS defense missions, even though it makes as much logical sense as on attack/ACS attack missions.

    Argubaly, offense is already too favored with the current OGame system; between lifeforms and skip inactive systems making non-MD timebacks almost impossible (and MD is only possible because of speed being displayed on lanx), there being way more spy'n'fly opportunites than traps or timebacks anyways, the difficulty of coordinating ACS defends and the standard first-mover's advantage, offense is substantially favored over defense in modern OGame.

    Allowing General to receive wreckfield on defense is not only a simple change that makes logical sense, it also helps balance the game a bit more.

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  • Good morning,

    Thank you for this suggestion.

    I've just included a poll in the first post to find out what players think and whether they'd like this suggestion to be passed on to GameForge.

    The poll lasts 30 days and all opinions are welcome.

    Thank you in advance for your involvement !

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