Honour point system expansion

  • Hi all!

    I’m bit fed up with current balance of the game.. Especially after merges. Personally, I don’t see a difference btw 1mil acc raiding noobs and 1Bn acc destroying 100 mil acc.

    I propose expansion of honour point system that would punish (not prevent) this kind of attacks especially from whale acc V-moders and Ress-package players with more than just negative honour points and 100% loot against them at worst.

    Let’s divide players on current server into point brackets that would widen exponentially. Now if stronger player decides attack any player that’s sits in lower brackets, he should gain negative points.

    Now if this player points amount should eventually go into negative count, he should be assigned into a one of 3 levels based on number of negative points - As a Bandit, later Space pirate and last Galactic Plague (Just examples folks); and punished with various degradations, i.e.:

    - ship speed degradation %

    - mine efficiency degradation %

    - degradations in number of successful expeditions

    - population decrease %

    Let’s say this degradation is because of “emigration of population from pirate colonies/empire and lack of labour". :biggrin:

    What do you think?

  • What you're saying is that no one should build or attack, but simply send out expeditions.

    There is already enough penalty (100% route).

  • Somewhat like the idea but I think it's a bit harsh. Profit is profit and if it's left lying around it shouldn't be punished to freely take it regardless of who it gets taken from.

    Where I see some potential is if the system could be reworked to discourage bashing or non-profitable attacks. Spam MDs at someone, lose a few hundred rips and find nothing in the process? boom slower ships for you. Bash down a turtle's defence for no gain? get whacked with less production.

  • I'm not proposing everything at once. I too agree that would be too much. But it would be nice to deter pointless attacks somehow - without curbing paying players who keep this game running, and at the same time trying to find a solution to a problem non-paying players face. This game needs both parties to be enjoyable.

  • Hi all!

    I’m bit fed up with current balance of the game.. Especially after merges. Personally, I don’t see a difference btw 1mil acc raiding noobs and 1Bn acc destroying 100 mil acc.

    I think you are playing the wrong game because what you said makes no sense. This game is exactly as you said it. There is no difference at all between 1bn and 100mil. They do the same things just on different scale. This is just a game of numbers and who was here first and stayed actively the longest will also stay there because you can't "win" vs them anymore (unless you use 10mil euros to DM everything to that point LOL). There is no "balance" you speak of since this is not such a game. Also what does " 1bn acc destroying 100mil acc" even mean? It is just as DonutZ said; "Profit is profit".

    If we go by your theory/suggestion this should also work the other way around then. A person who is rank 1000, in case of attacking a person on rank 500, should also get penalty for attacking higher ranked player because otherwise it is completly one sided. Imagine being top 100 and then what? Almost whoever you attack you would be risking penalty. It's not like you have alot of people to attack with to begin with, just blame the low population for it nothing else :D. Basically being high ranked would by itself be a kind penalty by your suggestion :fatgreengrin:

    If someone is constantly sending MD or attacking you for no profits or out of spite you can literally write a ticket under "Bashing/obstruction of account development". MODS are not stupid, if they check logs they can clearly see if someone is hate attacking for no reason and im sure if difference between the two players is as you described that he would be warned not to do it again or there will be penalties. Now im just blabbing this out since i never had such a situation but im sure there is a reason for having that option on support.

    I understand how unbalanced the game might feel but the game is literally made to be like that :D. Old and active players have all the advantages of previous years of playing while some new players just don't have such a long time invested and i don't think anyone should be penalized for it.

    From my perspective only thing that could be done is something that already exists within the game so they would just be adding another "letter" to the game. "n" - weaker or newbie player, they could make few letters and keep them % based so as rankings go up you would still keep your protection and lose it when you climb higher. This already exists within the game but im guessing you would like for it to include player within some range from high rankers.

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  • .KaZe. no, no need.. I don't think this idea will fly. Yet, my opinion is that smaller accounts should get some breathing space somehow or we will face even more dead servers.

  • I am not a mathematician but if there is one looking at this don't laugh and reply with proper answer :D.

    So basically to simplify the problem lets say we get a new protection and it protects players that are below 20% of the players current points;

    10,000 > cant attack anyone below 2000

    100,000 > cant attack anyone below 20,000

    1,000,000 > 200,000

    10,000,000 > 2,000,000

    100,000,000 > 20,000,000

    1,000,000,000 > 200,000,000

    So what point am i trying to make? The higher it goes the difference becomes larger so you can't really implament simple solution to this problem. Maybe there would be some formula for it but as i said im not good with math.

  • yep. I know. I thought of that too, but yeah. the brackets system should be more advanced than that. that's why I'm open to the discussion.

    regarding the protection itself.. again I'm not proposing a hard stop, just more impact on bashers. we have honor points system, so let's expand it!

    my idea is simple. if you play against players in your brackets for most of the time and have 10M of positive honor points and one day you see a fat profit on a smaller account - go for it. that resources should not be there in the first place. yeah, you'll loose 3M of your honor points let's say, but you are still in plus. on the other hand, if you are a player who constantly goes against smaller accounts because you don't want to lose your ships, you eventually end up in a negative spectrum and face consequences for it. like - xx% off the speed of your ships.