Ion cannons affect rapidfire

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    Ion cannons are pretty bad as they are right now and ion tech is useless. Lets change that a bit. Lore-wise it can be explained by ions interfering with targeting systems.

    Refresher of how combat works

    - Each round, every unit randomly shoots another unit

    - Rapidfire against a unit type gives a chance to fire another random shot after hitting a unit of that type

    - Repeat until either 6 rounds have occurred or one side is completely destroyed


    - Being “tagged” by ion cannon fire in a given round decreases a unit’s rapidfire numbers by a percentage in the next round

    - Scales with number of IC hits taken in a given combat round

    - Numbers can additionally scale with ion tech, increasing by some % each level

    Number of IC hits in current round

    % decrease in rapidfire numbers for next round

    1 to 3


    4 to 10


    11 to 30


    31 to 100


    100 to 300


    300 to 1000


    > 1000


    Gameplay Implications

    - Gives an additional use for ion tech

    - Makes ion cannons more viable

    - Affects RIPs the most as they come in lower numbers, could halve their effectiveness for defence bashing

    - Smaller effect on other ships, eg. a cruiser might kill one or two fewer LFs/RLs each round

    - No effect in the first round of combat as nothing has been hit yet

    - Could be problematic for combat sims but surely it can be worked around

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  • How do you want to implement it without completely changing the current mechanics of battle simming?

    You're right it may be challenging to Sim, which I mentioned in the original post.

    I simply put forward the idea because I think it makes cohesive sense from both a gameplay and a balance perspective. Whether you agree is up to you. I think it's a valid reason to be concerned and unfortunately comes from the fact that the community keeps GF's game playable for them. Who here actually uses the in-game combat simulator?

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