Expeditions: Find Crawlers

  • Do you agree with this request and would you like it to be relayed to GameForge ? 35

    1. Yes (20) 57%
    2. No (15) 43%

    Simply all classes can find Path Finders, Reapers and our Favourite, Espy Probes.

    so lets allow Crawlers/ Solar Sat's to be Findable. now before you say you cant do it. Treat it just like Dark Matter, Just have it appear on the planet.

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  • Im assuming it would only be a few crawlers at most and not like 100 on a big find, but regardless I dont think this is something Id approve of.
    Id much rather have the daily's to be more personalised so you can pre-choose what direction your daily rewards should go toward before it even shows up - this way people could get the class change rewards if they so choosed.

    I personally have a set amount of crawlers on my planets and have no need for more. If I were to get more without me being able to do anything about it (apart from scrapping them), then I would have to build more defence and as such I wouldnt enjoy this implementation - and for that reason I have voted no.

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