Universe Settings Change Polls 2024

  • Hello Commanders!

    We are once again offering in-game polls for changing universe settings in OGame SI universes. As usual, the link players get in-game is unique for each player. If you want to vote at a later time than receiving the message, please save the link! The polls will be open for one week. The week after, we will evaluate the votes and publish the results. After the results are published, we will schedule implementing the changes (if any).

    In the polls, common poll options are offered with the current settings included. Players who don't vote are not counted for the result. If a player wants to keep current settings, they must vote for those settings. To change a setting, a two-third majority vote is required for the change. We'll also be adding votes for desired options.

    I guess it will be a different kind of battle between fleeters and miners. :)

  • Hello Commanders!

    The results are in. You can see the details below. Based on these polls, we are planning to make the following changes to universe settings.

    We'll be announcing when the changes are scheduled to be implemented.

    Andromeda: Fleet Peaceful 3x

    Fornax: Fleet Holding 3x, Fleet Peaceful 4x, Debris Field 80%, Deuterium Consumption 50%

    Leo: Fleet Holding 4x, Fleet Peaceful 4x, Debris Field 50%, Deuterium Consumption 50%

    Mizar: Fleet War 1x, Debris Field 60%, Defense to Debris 30%