ACS Top 01 - [TOT: 21.220.579.000] Razamattaz & Yookie & Darth Bane & LecteR [ELDERS] vs. Swanger [PsYcho] (A: 3.284.466.000, D: 17.936.113.000)

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  • Always a pleasure to fly with my brothers. Especially when it is someone trying to mess with one of us.

    We are not here to create peace. We bring war. We are not here to make friends, and we will bleed the server dry like we did Saros until the next merge.

    Story? Simple, don't mess with us unless you are prepared for whats coming.

    Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.

    Through Passion, I gain Strength.
    Through Strength, I gain Power.
    Through Power, I gain Victory.
    Through Victory my chains are Broken.

  • For Neotinea .

    It all started on a lazy Saturday, June 30th. End of financial year approaching, crunching numbers and finalising the business and personal accounts. I decided to reward myself with a bit of probing around. Found a small piece of Swanger’s fleet sitting behind some defence. Beautiful! 570kk profits, I flew and went BANG!

    [TOT: 1.230.901.500] Razamattaz vs. Swanger (A: 67.014.000, D: 1.163.887.500)

    The next day I noticed I had a new neighbour in system with me, in a far reach galaxy, one which rarely sees my fleet hanging out at. Swanger had decided to set up in system with me, and almost in the same minute I noticed him, 2 attacking fleets, 1 shooting for daily production on planet, 1 shooting for Moon Destruction.

    I sent him a polite message, single word “Odd”.

    He recalled some minutes later and adjustments were made to account for.

    Enter the brilliance of Yookie. He’d been watching Swanger and his patterns for some time. Mess with ELDERS, time to cash a cheque. Both Yookie and Bane set up shop in his known FS system, a dual planet system which we thought he was dirty fleetsaving behind. The plan was hatched, both new planets arrived an hour or so after Swanger went to bed for the night, moons created, Jumpgates itemised and MD’s launched. Both moons popped pretty quickly with the loss of 5 RIPS. And upon a cheeky phalanx, we saw that our thoughts of a dirty fleetsave were wrong. Deploy, moon to moon. The “safest” in ogame, safe right up until you come across an alliance of psychopaths.

    We watched and waited, deploy mission was within time, we launched. He came online, Toti began flying towards him on defend mission, all the while phalanx scans were being watched.


    We knew his recall time. We knew his engines. We knew his fleet. Frantic calculations were made to figure out our personal sleep times for the next couple of hours. We knew the two possible fleetsave times. We knew we had our opponent.

    ELDERS ASSEMBLE (well, I didn’t, I slept through alarms on the back of a horrible night with the baby). I did however arise for the BANG…. Or there lack of.

    “MISS” - the first wave of attacks had been rendered useless, beaten a handful of defence and nothing more. Dejected but not beaten, we recalculated and waited some more.

    The second attack was launched some hours later, had we missed our window, are we becoming senile old men. Had we lost our knack for the game. 2 seconds out from impact we saw the ! Appear and breathed a collective sigh of relief.

    The second attack wasn’t useless. The second attack was the destruction you see before you. The second attack was satisfying. Our superprobes had both survived the attack.

    Clean up was swift.

    When a player is good, they can make it so far. When a group of good gets together, they become great.

    We sincerely hope Swanger will be back in Undae in the near future. If not, we wish you the very best for your future endeavours.

    We are ELDERS.