July 12: New Universe Yildun

  • Dear Community,

    On Friday, July 12th we will get a new universe called Yildun with the following settings:

    • Economy x8,
    • Fleet Peaceful x8,
    • Fleet Holding x6,
    • War Fleet x4,
    • Research x16,
    • Galaxies 5,
    • DF 70%,
    • 0.5 Deuterium consumption,
    • +30 Fields,
    • Probes with cargo OFF,
    • ACS ON, 25.000 DM,
    • Category: Fleeter
    • Deuterium ON
    • Debris Fields ON

    Your OGame Team

  • Hello commanders!

    The new servers starting on Friday, July 12, will have an adjustment on the Wreck Fields creation conditions, the only conditions that will be taken in consideration is the 150.000 minimum resources. The 5% condition will be removed since the start of the universe.

    The OGame Team