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    here is something you might want to keep in mind if you want to make a new account. wait for the event sorry can not remember the name its the one where you do tasks but get items res or ships. someone started at the time one was on at 14K points he could pick from 500 reapers, 2000 pathfinders or 5000 recyclers with the bonus of 2 deathstars due to commanding staff was active.

    Really be nice if they could tie DM to your lobby and not just individual universe accounts...

    Really sucks for those playing multiple universes to have to pick and choose not just which accounts they are going to play...but also what allies/friends they are going to join within the merge. It's not just the enemy of my enemy is my friend here...sometimes the enemy of my friend is also my friend.

    what would be nice oagan is if we had staff members that listened to us and not the staff we have know that if they had their own way org more then likely others, would have been closed down and forced to merge in other communities. or all closed down and forced to join the german side.

    whats the point in bloody telling us you listen to use when in fact you are forcing a whole uni to ever pick uni 1 what i know must of the guys from the 1x eco and speed have an account their anyways. the other option, if you want to call it one is to move from the English side to say the German side for their uni 1 that is 1x eco and speed what i have a feeling is people well more then likely get banned for a none german message so people will have to use google translation to even try and hold a conversation with them.

    It was nice playing with some of you guys catch you on the flip side.

    one last thing a big middle finger to game forge why should we care for you when our own people who are meant to put forward that we do not like this merger to you has it out and wants to close the org side down.

    Keep darado as it is. Get some people in to sort out the bot problem that has come to some of the higher eco unis. I could go on but I think the person above says it best(cathedral)

    To long if you ask me. Once I get my pc I might not even come out of v mode as the way the game is going I just think what's the point.

    Depends on what you class as p2w. Me I class it as anytime you spend real money to get dark matter. But also comes down to how you spend it.

    The game does have a problem with it as shown above In The 12 day old uni.

    If I spend 360,000 dark matter on the Res pack I can get 187 mill metal 53 mill crystal and 43 mill deuterium. Wait for a time when you get 100% more dark matter. Wait for a rebate on dark matter spent. Spend 3.6 mill dark matter or 36 mill dark matter you will have billions of Res. Use merchant to trade deuterium for metal and crystal upgrade mines And do it all over again or not. But from the numbers I put out you can see how it will throw a spanner in to the works. Btw that's only on a top500 account with 6 planets (13 planets all together) with bad mines.

    Think about how the rank 1 in uni one mine level is at 17 billion points. If he got the 360,000 pack his would be way higher.

    thats true.if you ever do pick v-mode you could just wait for graveyard( i think its 60 day wait with out loggin on if payed dark matter is on it), and go to darado its the only 1x across fleet res and research uni left

    i do not think that would matter. mister rank 1 has 1 mill deathstars well thats what i was told no idea if its true. and i do not want to upset that beehive if it is true

    since he is asking yes their was/is a rare glitch that when you jump your fleet at the same time as an attacking fleet it would increase your fleet by the amount that was jumped. if that is still around i have no idea might have been fix by now. i think that was happening when unis where coming out with how ogame looks now.

    god i feel old now rip old ogame

    captain jack harkness had it happen to him in the uni 42 (i think). i will tell you now the attackers where not happy that he got to keep his fleet and they had to send the res to the GO planet.

    robinhood from uni 1 did it when reapers first came out as well is what was said on the board no idea if it was true or not.

    when you first start it will ask you to pick from collator general and discoverer. top right where the officers are is where it will be located. collator is for miners increase mine production gives crawlers that also increase mines and power. general is for fleeters it gives reapers that harvest a percent of the df increase attack ships speed and combat tech. discoverer is for people who like to send expos increase the chance of getting a good expo such as items merchant, ships and res lastly darkmatter, pathfinders is also with discoverer that helps with getting better results.

    their was a time where you would send attack ships to get battles in expos as you could make 100 mill plus a day just doing that.

    if i was a bit faster i would have downloaded the app as thats what i am coming back for as well.

    some new stuff as well is slot 15 gives more of deuterium, slot 1 to 3 gives more crystal and i think its slot 8 and 9 gives you more metal also the best slots for fields as well. astro tech is used for more planet slots level 1 gives you a extra slot then its ever 2 levels after that. if you are in a uni that has an increase to resource production (such as x7 for uni 1) pick the discoverer class as you can get millions from expo. i had one where i got 20 mill plus in metal.

    sometimes their is quest you can do to get free rewards so as res, ships, officers, darkmatter even class change item, speed ups and extra fleet slots lastly expo slots. i more then likely missed something out if i have sorry about that.

    also i remember the solar sat hof as well and i recall something about a col ship hof. been playing since 05 under the name atlantis mostly changed it now since assx2 did not like me under that name for some reason kept getting bashed by them.