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    Well GeGE thanks for taking your time to read and think about the subject of course all feedback / suggestions are welcomed here this is something we all have to duke it out with to come up with a solution to make ogame better again. We all have a say in what we like to see and how we want ogame to be played (well Some say lol). For me this was just a brainstorming session of how i thought ogame would become a more fairer way to play might not be the solution as is, but this is where u all come in to get your thinking caps on and vision what can we do.

    Making universes specialized (expo, commanders, miners) is going against diversification of accounts and players, not sure this is a nice move. Diversification is important, we need it ingame. No glory to play in a miners universe with no fleeters (at all?), why bother fleet saving? etc...

    To me i dont think it is against diversification becasue even tho you might be a miner doesnt mean you cannot go down the path of a commander or expo route just means your account would only be benfitting from those server settings and rewards and bonuses. The Idea was to make server settings and rewards more beneficial to the playing style. As you become a big fleeter you will be looking for less det consumption bonuses as you go along to be able to fly your fleet and fs etc. Miners etc getting more resource speed settings etc and rewards bases on there mining style etc etc.

    Regarding universes being splitted by points: if you played for 15 years, i guess you played fleeter at some point. You know that fleeters dont only target accounts with same points. Why would a small account be protected if he forgets to ghost, for instance? I am fine with noob protection, this can be improved to fix this point.

    Of course i have fleeted for all those times and i have crashed lots of small accounts but some of those accounts iv sent so much fleet its overkill becasue i was so much bigger than they were. They couldnt do a thing about it if they tried. But do i think thats fair? No Not really. Some of these were popped moons and found dirty fsing etc (Yes people deserve to be crashed dirty fsing but it isnt the point). Now if someone else who was within there points range found that fleet or tried attacking there would be a possibility of getting a defender to deter attack and that person lives to fight another day (keeps the fight real and not silly). So in real they are not protected becasue if they dont fs or ghost they will get crashed anyways by someone else. Noob protection well how do we agree on where the threshold is? why havent gameforge already revised this or implemented something they have known this has been a problem for a long time but ur right it will help but i just dont think its enough.

    Plus, it looks really solo-play oriented. I know it sounds crazy, but OGame is (was ?) a team game (even if alliances are useless as mentionned above by someone + we are still waiting for the alliance system improvment we heard about long time ago). How do you manage friends playing together with this ladder-like universes system? I have 1G points, but i play with friends that have less than 500M points: so we cant migrate to same universe? That's sad! This promotion to next-level universe has to be NOT mandatory. And if so, most players wont move till all their teammates can (and want), so back to old system...

    This is where the players would have to change there mindset and not just be out there for themselves you know. Big part of looking solo is becasue theres just nothing to interact with as an alliance or team u can ACS and have an alliance tag next you and thats it which is pretty damn boring and shocking (You dont even need to be in an alliance with friends to work together lol) so whats the point in it lol except a highscore score). I can see your issue with the next level without your friends being an issue tbh was thinking of the bigger picture and missed that one. Maybe once uv earned your token to next level you can keep it untill your ready to move with others. Or adopt a more team level playing and help your smaller players to grow as long as its within the rules.

    GF would also need to uniformise rules, as they are not equal accross communities (i think you mentionned it, but its a big deal to manage that point, i think).

    Yes gameforge have a lot of work to do. Redesigning the game and adding cool features etc is only half of what they need to do. They also need to be better at communicating with its game and players and not seem so absent. They need to work with us or there efforts may make or break this game. Ultimately yes its there game but we are the ones who spend time and money playing it keeping it alive so without us they have no game.

    GF needs to fix the migration menu that is never giving the right and full migration possibilities (and in the meantime, you may use my tool to list possibilities). This bad migration menu is making players a lot confused and staff is losing a lot of time sending back players who migrated to wrong universe by error, or on purpose (yes it happens too ^^).

    Yes migration system needs to be flawless this needs going through thoroughly. Get there Rules and validation systems working properly so they not wasting there resources trying to sort out the mess. And thanks for sharing that tool with us its a masterpiece which everyone needs to be using when deciding to graveyard there account.

    Ogame needs some structure asnd meaning right now, to me its just like hiring out a big hall and saying everyones welcome. When u get there theres nothing to do and everyones left to there own demise lol.

    Firstly id like to say thank you to Prongs for replying on said subject its nice to know we do have a face looking at the things we try to put forward to the game team.

    As much as it would sound nice to have all accounts with general points between 1M and 2M (example only) on the same universe, not all of them are x2 fleet speed players and it would need as well some speed core setting available for them to chose. Wouldn't that create almost as many or even more targets than the exodus?

    In my Logic the Structure i put forward had a total of 20 universes for full EndGame. 5 at the beginning for the beginning of the journey the actual development of the starter account, then the other 3 branches of 5 for the style of play and journey you want to take. So we currently run at x6 speed maximum for fleet speeds but do we really need to go to x6 (Maybe Not).

    So using this model u could do one full model for each fleet speed which be a total of 100 universes (20 X5). Now im not sure if OGAME as a WHOLE currently runs more than 100 universes with all Communities combined thats for someone else to tell me or gameforge team.

    Exactly Some sort of Extra Page within the Game that Gives out mission briefings and tasks you have to try complete in the universe. Makes things more interesting and competative and also can make missions that involve Alliances and more than 1 player or member etc.

    A pr.OGame v2 would be interesting but the Game Designer input here would be more valuable than mine, I have too much player mentality.
    I would prefer tho to tackle before some annoying issues that we still have ingame before thinking on such approach.

    As much as maybe the scope of the change is out of your hands but you ARE the only link between us and the game designer and ogame development teams. We would like to see some interaction from the ogame development team and some communication regarding our ideas and thoughts. Are we likely to get a response from the game designer? Are we likely to get a post here from the game designer? Do Gameforge even give a damn to Develope Ogame Into a better game? I would like to Hope but by previous experiences i will not hold my breath.

    I would really love to have more features that needs more cooperation between alliance members, that gives a new purpose and objective to be part of an alliance. After all, I still have friends that started to play with me in 2005 and I met just because of OGame. The game bounds people for years and the alliance should have a more important part ingame as well. Which features would you like to see for alliances or coop?

    This is interesting because Alliances pretty much dont have much of a purpose because u can still play with people attack them without being in same alliance. But maybe there can be a system for WAR and for TREATYS etc. TREATY system where u can make like non aggression pacts etc with allied allies (Creates More Bonuses ie. When Defending an ally or something. WAR System where u can impose sanctions on an alliance etc and that alliance has to meet certain objectives/tasks to keep the sanction going or otherwise its lifted. Bonuses or Titles within the Alliance that dictates alliance seniority etc. Age of an Alliance, Size of Alliance, Damage Alliance has done, Alliance Military size and much much more. Nothing right now is rewarding gives nobody no incentive to work for anything bar points on a leaderboard score.

    Well thats enough from me i Would love to hear some more from you Prongs and i think i speak for everybody in the ogame Community to say we would love to Hear from the Game Designers and Ogame Development Members i am sure they have a board account :P

    The idea is to keep players playing the Game, Dark Matter sales will always be a thing whether you spend it at the beginning or in the middle or the end. The Idea is to keep the players base as well as increasing it. Making it more fairer so less people quit. People build for months and then get smashed by a fleet thats 10x there size think whats the point and quit. If that account wasnt in the universe that person stands a better chance of not losing ALL there hard work and less chance for quitting.

    You could be in universe 1 spend loads on Dark matter and jump your points to go into universe 6 but your jumping straight away into the fire and as we know money doesnt buy skill in this game as many find out the hard way.

    Im hoping that by making the game a subscription based game Gameforge can have a constant income on top of dark matter sales to compensate for the bringing out new universes and the starting revenue and flooding there servers with new universes which in themselves cost more to run.

    How about having people stay in the same universe, but be unable to attack accounts that aren't within the point parameters you've suggested for each univers. Basically making a more advanced noob protection. You'd achieve the same thing, as larger accounts can't attack smaller accounts and you'd no longer have to migrate players around. It would also give players a chance to rebuild.

    I'm not sure I completely understand your model. Is universe 6-10 supposed to be fleeter only universes? 11-15 Miner only? And 16-20 Discoverer only universes?

    Yes you could choose to walk the path desired for your play styles - As each path will have its own bonuses benefits taylored to more the class rather than the other.

    You dont have to be that certain class to gain entry to that journey, but however i do think the server settings and bonuses should be taylord to the journeys class.

    In Reply to your original comment id have to say wheres the fun in that, wheres the progression feel to the game that you have just gone up a level if gameforge thought it was as easy as reviewing the noob protection and attack margins in points i think it would of been done by now. After all there have been numerous posts and threads about that subject yet nothings been done. And the only thing that is lacking on the migration side of things is the Scripts and tools they are using to do the migrating its full of bugs and doesnt work properly its something that they would need to FIX and make automated within the new system. If it did work fine then theres no issues surely with the migration process?

    Hello My Ogamers im the Predator and I have been playing this game for now 15+ plus years now. Why? God knows because as we know it ogames been on a rapid decline for many years now and just doesnt have that competative spark left in it anymore. Many things are the reasons for this which i will not delve into just now. But we have to as a community and a Game try to make some changes to save and keep the game that we keep on playing, its not called OCrack for no reason haha.

    I for one think its about time Gameforge took its time to totally revamp how this game works and how its structured and how we can make it more fair and competative. We have all different styles of play in this game whether it be the peacefull miner who wants to become the next best rs2 Fletcher lol (Old Qauntum Powerhouse Miner) to the next Ultimate badass fleeter and those who just want to build casually and run expos to build fleets and gain some extra resources and DM.

    So i was sat here one day just pondering on why we have so many communitys, so many universes, and so many different servers running all these universes and thought to myself with this day and age and what can be made on the web these days (Especially for just a browser with graphics game) why cant this be made to be more simple more streamlined and progression based on a game wide scale. Make it Something the user has something to work towards in the game make it a journey maybe even bit of a back story as a commnder of a Race.

    We all know that all these little pools of universes are bound by so many rules/regulations when it comes to mergers that it just doesnt make it fair for those who have a small account or whether it be a big account. I dont want him here im rank 2 and hes 3x the size of my points but he has to come here because hes so big HE CAN. Well lets change it lets make the Universes Rules based on the Overall Points of an account and make the game a ladder and progression based. All accounts will be situated in a universe with the proportional sized accounts around them and not a sitting duck with someone 10x more points. Keep the fish with the fish and the Whales with other Whales.

    Next your probably wondering well what do we do about the classes well nothing apart from maybe reveiwing the bonus's and adjusting them to FIT the BIGGER picture and the Progression based on where you sit in the ladder.

    Also we then come to the point of well what server settings to do we have per universe and how we decide whats best for that stage of progression well thats for everyone do discuss and what Gameforge is happy to allow. Whether we keep the status quo on par with the progression side of things and rewards etc.

    I would like the game to be more interesting when you hit your maximum points of that universe you then come to a SUMMARY and REWARDS page where u can see how you did in that universe and the Game gives you some REWARDS for making it to the end. Once u have Collected your rewards you then get migrated up to the next Universe (Hooray you done well smashed it now onto the next Mission).

    I for one also am happy with the idea of Ogame Becoming a Paid Subscription Game if GAMEFORGE ever decided to invest in it and take it to the next level. Keep it making revenue so it can then re0invest into the game. Of course DM sales will also continue and this would not effect it at all except create more revenue. I also think this could help reduce not kill altogether the Multi Account factor as we know there are people who will spend money on this game more than others but multi accounting is free paying more money might make people think twice.

    I also thought at the time well what can we do to give people options mid game to decide what future they want to go down and created a crossroads, 3 choices (Miner, Fleeter, Expo) Here you can branch off to your desired gameplay to continue your journey when you come to the migrations page. Each journey continuing with its own set on bonuses and server specs designed to that particulalr play style. So below i will attach a screenshot of the structure and ideas i just put down. Note the ideas specs/rewards etc are all interchangable to the communitys and Gameforges allowances basically i just put them there for the ideas.

    Any Feedback or Ideas to help Evolve Ogame into a better future are all Welcome - Please base your ideas as a game as a whole on not for your own personal gains and ideas for the game


    Personally i think Gameforge should maybe restructure how it handles its accounts and score systems within the entire game. Just brainstorming here and thinking out the box from our normal everyday stuff.

    But what if the universes become a progression game based on your accounts points. Make each universe based on a milestone of points. 0 points start off in a certain uni untill they reach the maximum points of that uni to Recieve a promotion and then go on the the next level or (Universe based on next milstone of points) make it a climbing ladder so to speak

    Each universe can recieve particular bonuses based on the sizes of accounts within it etcw hether that be bonuses start high and deminish as u go higher (To give new Starters a faster start in the game) or even have it so that bonuses go from small to high with the progression (Pushing more people to reach there next milestone/Universe). Everytime you go up a level ogame can give some sort of rewards etc and u migrate.

    I mean this is an idea probably a lot of stuff to take into consideration and stuff needed to be tweaked but at least then all the whales will be in the same sea as other whales and would remove this reasonable doubt of unfairness against small accounts.

    At least this way even if they implemented this on a large scale it could be a way to merge all communitys together and make one big system that fits all. Languages can be selected from there options etc

    Anyways thats just my thoughts about merges and stuff and this black cloud about the top 20 rules and big accounts being limited to move.

    Pretty Decent Post to be honest id say i have to agree on this to. Too many limitations on moving around some people do not want to stay in there stagnant community, but if u put better handicaps in place for smaller accounts to prepare themselves or be aware then this should help much more. Although i do wonder tho if gameforge will aknowledge this post in any way.

    callmedaddy, predator, stalker and mike

    what an odd group of people to team up together, but that also says a lot about them, imho

    Arnold my account isnt even in Qauntum its Still in Oberon i havent even hit graveyard. I aint teamed up with nobody especially callmedaddy who hit my fleet with his buddy, but i do know those guys from past universes (Cygnus, Qauntum, Xanthus many more). Like i said before was posting on this hit. Also havent even made my mind up where to go.

    Just reading this thread now for the lulz but i also wouldnt mind being explained as to the cheating accusations thrown at him? Cheating how exactly?

    Buying dark matter and using it to build is not something classed as cheating otherwise the buying resources feature wouldnt be in the game many players use this at start of universe and also on well established mining accounts, and also probing 30 seconds before impact or after launch is also not a infraction according to the new rules. So the only thing i can gather here is he was banned by an incompetant member of game staff who doesnt know the rules maybe? and 14 days after lol. And some other reasoning to do with payments could also get you banned.

    Zeus banned lol must of been pirate girl playing that time haha.

    It isn't even clear that the merge item will be a thing. And Gameforge doesn't particularly enjoy that people are using the Graveyard to move between universes because that's not its purpose. So highly unlikely your suggestion will be implemented.

    well if that is the case and gameforge doesnt understand that some people need to move to keep interested in the game then the game will die faster. Some people wont want to be locked into a dead universe and maybe not want to start a new account. Such a shame really wish gameforge would comment on the subject and give the community an update on merging etc

    Ok Everyone knows that with the graveyard move u have to wait 60 days!.

    Me personally think thats brutal and we have been waiting for an eternity for this merge tokan to be become active and usable. But can we not have a setting in settings where we can graveyard first then have a 60days cooldown on the move so people can move and still play whilst cooldown is ticking down..I want to move but i also dont want to not play my account for 60 days to do so. Just as a temporary thing untill merge token is live. 60 days loss of play and progression just to move out of a dead and inactive universe is harsh as hell lol.

    Some people have been banned for this in Volans, but i dont know why many more havent? why are some being banned and some arent?

    They use bugs in green accts, and then go farm, pushing its allowed there.

    if you see, in the last days, the accounts that have lost points its right after 500k

    So pushing from an account which used the bug to obtain resources is legal because its classed as legal pushing, but using the bug itself on said account isnt legal and has reprocussions is that what your saying lol?

    hmm some ai fail pred ?as last time u was crashed, i hear was pretty funny chatting on skype and confident ai takes control except u forget the detail of deut LOL


    Ricardo please dont come here spouting out all cockey n stuff i know exactly what you have done or haven't done in the past back in the days of Uni35 and quantum, this hit was well warranted and attacker won it fair and square and i cannot respect it any more. I had taken a chance and left my fleet on the moon and res on the planet overnight whilst i had plenty of ships building in a queue. Also took a chance at not thinking attacker would come out of vmode this particular night. Only myself to blame for taking a chance. But not that i really care as i have 0 interest anymore and left the game, but the goal was to get a new number 1 org wide.. and guess what goal achieved. Your not salty are you because you sound like it. Not heard from you in 12-13 years and here you are.


    Bucky sexy lady pic haha - one of my favourite people in this game and met playing (STALKER) Bucky lol


    Well fellow o crackers there's been a massive sonic boom tearing through the fabrics of space tonight did u hear it? did u feel it?

    This hit was a long time coming to explain a few things about the hit and the account in question.. We had already made an attempt at this account once before not to long ago in fact but we had missed by 1 second a lot of effort put in by all the guys here at Business ally.

    I myself recently haven't been enjoying playing this game anymore for reason that gameforge are just totally messing it up doing what they want to do without the perspective of the player base and not turning the game into what the people would like and also not following up with there promises. So after attempt number 1 on this guy I decided to vmode indefinitely my account and gave away all my accounts to players i knew who still played.

    SO the other night i get a call saying this account has a new owner and he's out of vmode and sloppy as hell with it, doing some real stupid stuff like keeping fleet in same system we were already colonised in from before i guess me being in vmode made him think he was safe lol how so wrong was he, so the guys begged me to come out to play one last time. We had a goal and that goal was to get a new Number 1 .ORG wide hit. So we knew he was on American time zone, we knew when he was offline so we got up really early and popped both moons in the system and behold we saw his fleet on deployment 5% speed in general to the rest was easy..

    This player thought he could stop 46million ships by scrapping 700k pathfinders and building 4k plasmas and 2mill rockets..Well time was on our side we had hours to volley IPMS at him from in system and 1 system over 5 players all together all working together like a well oiled machine it just all clicked. We rid him of his plasmas and left his 2mill rockets.

    He did manage to try get help with rec support but with us being so close and in system didnt mean anything they stole practically nothing from us.

    I can honestly say I'm so proud to have known these guys for such a long time within this game they are all great people as well as players Business ally you are the best!, There are many players I want to shout out to as i head out the door.

    thevilone, karma, sarsaparilla, KAG, Singularity, Dark Comet, Carbon, Mael, MikeyG, Phoenyx, Warning, and many many more to name.

    Its been a blast the last 15 years of ogame with all of you ranging back to uni35 progame where i played during the RIO and LoS war then onto the Unity and RIO war to many ventures from there on. I wish you all here in the game the best in the game whatever drivvle is left of it as long as you enjoy it right? and many safe returns!!

    without any further delays the hit.


    On 13-03-2021 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker hadary [Business]


    Deathstar 3.918

    Battleship 100.000

    Battlecruiser 400.300

    Bomber 29

    Destroyer 99.982

    Reaper 84

    Light Fighter 3.875.459

    Heavy Fighter 100.184

    Cruiser 500.000

    Small Cargo 1.076.390


    Attacker PR3D4T0R [Business]


    Deathstar 9.747

    Battleship 1.009.638

    Battlecruiser 3.271.087

    Bomber 34.024

    Destroyer 1.491.055

    Reaper 39.314

    Light Fighter 1.114.578

    Heavy Fighter 124.048

    Cruiser 1.259.178

    Small Cargo 521.258


    Attacker V1rus [Business]


    Deathstar 1.434

    Battleship 165.222

    Battlecruiser 593.588

    Bomber 1.937

    Destroyer 876

    Reaper 24.520

    Light Fighter 17.184.149

    Heavy Fighter 4.773.548

    Cruiser 598.605

    Small Cargo 446.180


    Attacker Death Angel [Business]


    Deathstar 1.101

    Battleship 80.726

    Battlecruiser 202.176

    Bomber 9.514

    Destroyer 98.308

    Reaper 4.087

    Light Fighter 5.130.678

    Heavy Fighter 149.792

    Cruiser 276.795

    Pathfinder 46.906

    Small Cargo 303.961


    Attacker Stalker [Business]


    Deathstar 45.500

    Battleship 12.346

    Light Fighter 512.636

    Heavy Fighter 69.891

    Cruiser 33.380

    Pathfinder 826.046

    Small Cargo 368.217


    Defender little one [Oldskool]


    Small Cargo 139.219

    Large Cargo 928.710

    Light Fighter 1.700.626

    Heavy Fighter 229.953

    Cruiser 89.053

    Battleship 3.872.169

    Colony Ship 97

    Recycler 995.047

    Espionage Probe 425.738

    Bomber 25.685

    Solar Satellite 11.926

    Destroyer 128.073

    Deathstar 52.445

    Battlecruiser 926.300

    Crawler 17.216

    Reaper 305.316

    Pathfinder 789.890

    Rocket Launcher 2.020.282

    Light Laser 192.089


    After the battle ...

    Attacker hadary [Business]


    Deathstar 3.872 ( -46 )

    Battleship 75.958 ( -24.042 )

    Battlecruiser 305.410 ( -94.890 )

    Bomber 22 ( -7 )

    Destroyer 76.896 ( -23.086 )

    Reaper 68 ( -16 )

    Light Fighter 2.183.331 ( -1.692.128 )

    Heavy Fighter 59.154 ( -41.030 )

    Cruiser 344.627 ( -155.373 )

    Small Cargo 606.990 ( -469.400 )


    Attacker PR3D4T0R [Business]


    Deathstar 9.625 ( -122 )

    Battleship 766.771 ( -242.867 )

    Battlecruiser 2.497.898 ( -773.189 )

    Bomber 25.780 ( -8.244 )

    Destroyer 1.148.913 ( -342.142 )

    Reaper 30.417 ( -8.897 )

    Light Fighter 629.762 ( -484.816 )

    Heavy Fighter 73.999 ( -50.049 )

    Cruiser 873.346 ( -385.832 )

    Small Cargo 294.523 ( -226.735 )


    Attacker V1rus [Business]


    Deathstar 1.427 ( -7 )

    Battleship 125.059 ( -40.163 )

    Battlecruiser 453.256 ( -140.332 )

    Bomber 1.503 ( -434 )

    Destroyer 652 ( -224 )

    Reaper 18.939 ( -5.581 )

    Light Fighter 9.683.331 ( -7.500.818 )

    Heavy Fighter 2.829.343 ( -1.944.205 )

    Cruiser 412.361 ( -186.244 )

    Small Cargo 251.629 ( -194.551 )


    Attacker Death Angel [Business]


    Deathstar 1.095 ( -6 )

    Battleship 61.236 ( -19.490 )

    Battlecruiser 154.730 ( -47.446 )

    Bomber 7.286 ( -2.228 )

    Destroyer 75.947 ( -22.361 )

    Reaper 3.113 ( -974 )

    Light Fighter 2.901.882 ( -2.228.796 )

    Heavy Fighter 89.931 ( -59.861 )

    Cruiser 192.595 ( -84.200 )

    Pathfinder 32.187 ( -14.719 )

    Small Cargo 172.135 ( -131.826 )


    Attacker Stalker [Business]


    Deathstar 44.930 ( -570 )

    Battleship 9.313 ( -3.033 )

    Light Fighter 287.313 ( -225.323 )

    Heavy Fighter 41.154 ( -28.737 )

    Cruiser 22.861 ( -10.519 )

    Pathfinder 550.675 ( -275.371 )

    Small Cargo 206.875 ( -161.342 )


    Defender little one [Oldskool]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    672.145.943 Metal, 613.936.031 Crystal and 526.980.828 Deuterium

    168.036.486 Metal, 153.484.008 Crystal and 131.745.207 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 276.304.642.000 units.

    Total damage attacker including follow-ups: 276.956.936.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 973.440.633.000 units.

    Total damage defender including follow-ups: 977.163.247.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 472.137.051.947 metal and 321.592.347.658 crystal.

    Extra debris caused by the follow-up(s): 238.452.901 metal and 104.001.451 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 2.266.328.503 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.


    Debris harvested by the attacker(s):

    316.628.529 Metal and 215.668.970 Crystal

    21.599.409.000 Metal and 21.599.409.000 Crystal

    21.599.409.000 Metal and 21.599.409.000 Crystal

    21.599.409.000 Metal and 21.599.409.000 Crystal

    43.198.818.000 Metal and 0 Crystal

    10.938.600.000 Metal and 10.938.600.000 Crystal

    10.938.600.000 Metal and 10.938.600.000 Crystal

    41.537.301.000 Metal and 0 Crystal

    20.768.650.500 Metal and 20.768.650.500 Crystal

    20.768.650.500 Metal and 20.768.650.500 Crystal

    32.405.056 Metal and 22.072.443 Crystal

    29.790.665.591 Metal and 7.580.024.409 Crystal

    0 Metal and 3.500 Crystal

    197.147.243 Metal and 134.285.255 Crystal

    18.685.345.000 Metal and 18.685.345.000 Crystal

    18.685.345.000 Metal and 18.685.345.000 Crystal

    29.790.665.591 Metal and 7.580.024.409 Crystal Metal and 0 Crystal

    28.999.986.000 Metal and 14.000 Crystal

    14.500.000.000 Metal and 14.500.000.000 Crystal

    14.500.000.000 Metal and 14.500.000.000 Crystal

    14.500.000.000 Metal and 14.500.000.000 Crystal

    9.166.657.500 Metal and 9.166.657.500 Crystal

    458.584.500 Metal and 458.584.500 Crystal Metal and Crystal Metal and Crystal

    Total debris harvested by the attacker(s):

    480.831.455.767 Metal and 310.240.752.986 Crystal

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 335.555.024.196


    Deuterium: -26.185.434.965

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 516.381.601.256 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -538.419.901.429

    Crystal: -357.087.289.039

    Deuterium: -83.922.385.035

    The defender(s) lost a total of 979.429.575.503 units.

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