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    So, I finally managed to get one of my accounts out of the graveyard. Instead of being in a few clusters, my planets are now spread across 9 galaxies. I had around 6 (maybe more?) free relocations that I could have used following the last merge (well, the last merge that I can remember), and now when I went to do a relocation it demanded 240k dark matter (which I don't have and certainly cannot afford to buy the ridiculous amount I would need to make the account playable to me). what gives? One of the systems I was in is completely empty, yet the planets I had thereabouts have been scattered across 3 galaxies.

    Also, finding the account was NOT in v-mode was "surprising". If I'd not noticed in the lobby that I was out of the graveyard, does this mean my account was attackable?... :S

    Hi kewlness.. I totally agree with you. It just didn't seem that long ago that I did log in though. Guess I've just been busier than I thought. Occasional emails pointing out relevant stuff like this might help in future though - i've had none at all in 2021 afaik :O

    I'm sure it wasn't banned Asto, unless that was a default automated action required to move it...

    wow, seems like they're trying to get rid of players tho rather than keep them playing. I guess even if this graveyard poop ever resolves and I can move my acc back... I will have lost my sentimental coords and stuff so won't feel any attachment to the acc, and likely never return again.. gl to those i knew who are still playing (and those i didn't know lol ) :)

    Hi... I've not logged in for a couple of months, but see no active servers for my .org accounts with paid4 DM. I see something about a graveyard on here, but no sign of a graveyard in the list of servers for me to start and had no email regarding inactivity/merge or die. (I'm fairly sure one of the accounts was in vega, which now offers me a new sign up? and I'm fairly sure it wasn't "that long ago" when i last jumped thru a ton of hoops to login and see 2 or 3 accounts waiting for me to show them some love)

    What gives?

    In Mensa, Chrome, antigamereborn (not tried without)... sometimes a duplicate fleet is sent... same ships, arrives EXACT same time and returns same time. not a display error... 2 combat reports generated, second fleet getting the expected 1/2 the res of first fleet. takes up a fleet slot as per normal. Anyone else?

    When you start your game you are informed the forums are where official news and information is disseminated.

    Those who don't read the forums only have themselves to blame.


    I started an acc during my xmas holiday after years of not playing, just out of curiosity. Never occurred to me that the ingame descriptions would be wrong and that I should look on the forum. As an active miner/inactive raider who only previously did expes for DM, taking the mines bonus and fast cargos (which it turned out weren't actually fast) seemed like a no brainer cos of the stated crap 2% discoverer expe bonus , tho the 75% inac loot was VERY attractive - but i figured fast ships and lots of slots - i.e. more raids - would compensate for that. I also hadn't realised (or remembered?) how hard it was to get a slot 8 planet with more than 210 fields, so that field bonus should have attracted me.

    But saying I have to blame myself ...for trusting the ingame descriptions of the classes to be true, accurate and not misleading when I started an account. that's just taking the p really. I don't know why the descriptions are still wrong/misleading and why everyone wasn't offered a free class change. I've no problem with discoverer itself... but the false advertising ... :mob:

    cheers - annoying advertising player's message now gone (and GO's should really be banning a bit faster after it's reported :k )

    long time no see, BM ;) not sure how I ended up back here lol