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    You want just a mining game with no fleet action meaning no need for fleet saving, no need for defense, just enough cargos to move res around...

    sounds alot like an idle miner game to me.... and comparing your view of a uni and that game was what I did, so Idle miner with no fleeting, no need for defense, just leave it to do its thing and come back every now and then to build something, is what you want. Fits.

    Ogame without fleet... IS an idle minder game.

    Or perhaps... you are just another new account on the Oboard, created with the only intent... of bitching about something like so many others have done the last few months. Seems to be a trend within the "community" and i simply pointed out that its a pattern and has increased alot recently.

    But like other computer companies.... you blame GF... and dont look at the real reason they are implimented, its a profit because the players pay for them. I know, blaming those who pay GF which makes them repeat certain actions that has got a supposed adult to make a brand new oboard account just to bitch.

    Dont like, dont play, dont want to pay, dont, i got to rank 20 in Uriel without P2Wing, rank 42 now without P2Wing.

    I would point out... i did read your post, its just a moaning post "wah... i have been hit and cant hack it so i shall moan."

    i only downvote 1 event. i pick my fights.... but dm to vmode? LETS MAKE OGAME GREAT AGAIN

    I think you have some issues dude ;) How about....

    Have to pay DM to send your fleet to attack someone ;)

    Parsec... downvotes all GF events involving DM.... gives GF a new idea for DM abuse.... Dude... you are confusing as hell sometimes.

    Ah Cutecat, a huge cheat, banned multiple times for it, who loved to accuse everyone else of cheating than acted like a massive child when he was called a cheat himself :P

    But if you are 100% sure someone is cheating, and have evidence, provide it in a ticket, 0 real point spreading it on here.

    you sound like a child aur, throwing his dummy out of the pram because someone jumped on a oppotunity you missed out on (others did not though...), yes it was silly, GF messed up, but you taking them to court is pathetic, and will be laughed at. Why i want you to keep us up to date, will be funny as hell :D

    You are taking a company to court, because you could not spend money in the game like someone else? because you could not P2W... like someone else P2W even though everyone in the uni could do that at that point even though it was for limited time.....

    LMFAO! oh you are funny, let us know how this goes, could be legendary in a pathetic way ;)

    there would have been the same chance for everyone else to buy that amount as well, he got it, you did not, not 100% sure going to court is going to achieve anything... but you spending yet more money lol.

    GF made a mistake, which they by law can not just undo, and the guy first did nothing wrong, but when did this ever stop people from banding together to hit the same target?? If you only hit people who did something wrong.... the number of hits would be very low and the game would be rather.... boring. "oh no cant hit you, can you go slap your mum or something so I can?"

    how will Gameforge compensate a few weeks of my precious time?

    How about.... by you not giving up, like Parsec said, band together with like minded people and bring him down. IPM his planets, make it your mission to make him rage so much he quits, or PMs you crying like a little girl. They dont owe you compensation, especially an account freshly made to moan and try and get free stuff on the Oboard.
    You dont walk into a shop see someone buys something wrongly priced, which by law they have to sell the product at, and bitch and moan about how that person got it before you since none of the other products are at the incorrect price now.

    Get over it, and band with others to bring him down, he has a moon? MD him, he has defense? IPM him, he left some cargo ships? smash them, big points at the start of uni does not mean he is good, it means mummy and daddy are going to be pissed when their bank statment comes in at the end of the month.

    i seem to have annoyed a few people.... LOL! makes the comment worth it :P Lord of ice... who the f**k are you even?

    Oh well, people need to bitch and moan i guess. Cut losses, wait for new uni and pester GF for vouchers as one 1 person said, that would be better than playing the uni.