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    So.. you are just avoiding the points because they doesn't fit your narrative.

    In how many of those things can you actually lose your progress and in many cases years of work if you don't log in at the right time? How many actually requires the vacation mode function?

    Vacation mode is there to prevent your account from being destroyed when you can't (or won't) log in for a long enough period. The fact it now pauses building / research and shipyard queue (something it never used to do, you used to have to have nothing building or researching) is to stop people abusing it by going into VM to protect a long build queue.

    The Officer subscription, just like the Resource Boosters runs for a set time only. In the same way that your Internet / tv / phone package runs from the start date until the end date regardless whether your machine / device is on or if you are using it or not.

    Another reason why Gameforge will not go for it, is that it gives another thing that would stop account deletions, on top of the legal requirement (German law) to keep accounts with paid for Dark Matter from deletion.

    You didn't touch the rest of my point.

    How many other subscriptions can you genuinely expect not to get charged because you are not there to make use of it or don't have your tv / phone / computer turned on etc?

    Internet package - you are still expected to pay for the full month whether you spend 95% of your time at home using it, whether you spend 60% of your time at work, or go on holiday during the month.

    Phone contract - you are still charged the same monthly fee whether you use it hourly, or only use it a couple of times a week.

    Sky TV package etc - it's still the same fee whether you watch it all day every day, or only the evenings and weekends.

    MMO Subscription - still get charged the same amount whether you play the game daily, or only play it once a week.

    Either way, when ever you activate each officer you pay X amount of DM for Y duration, that is clear.

    But I'll ask again.. how is it fair that an active player who pays for 1 weeks of officers gets exactly that, one week of officers, where as under your proposal, someone that only spends 5-6 hours out of VM every few days could easily stretch that 1 week payment out to 2 or 3 weeks. During that same time, the active player would have had to pay 2 or 3 times as much. Hell, the VM player could possibly stretch 2 or 3 months worth to last an entire year, where as the active player has to fork out for the full amount.

    You may not like it, but Gameforge will never go for it, nor would the vast majority of companies in their position, as it would reduce their revenue.. and it's pretty obvious with the direction of recent changes, and updates, that that is Gameforge's main care these days.

    I disagree with this entirely.

    How many other subscriptions pause when you don't use them for a week? How many TV, Internet or Phone packages etc can you "pause" if you go on holiday for a week?

    It also unfairly benefits the VM warriors. Why should someone who spends most of their time in VM be able to get more out of their subscription then those that remain out and play actively?

    Why should a VM warrior get 2-3 weeks if not more from the same cost of 1 week for the players that stay out and play the game?

    This is indeed a highly frustrating issue. Some days can be fine.. just one or two over the course of the day, which I can handle.

    Other days I can barely do anything with out getting logged out, I think some of the worst days I've counted 20+ logouts across 2 accounts.

    Quite frankly it's a joke how poorly the Dev team continue to treat the player base, long term issues like this get ignored, but minor issues that impact GF get patched asap.

    I'm glad I no longer pay for this game, because any money I have spent on this game has NOT been spent well by GF in recent years.

    Part of the "rebalancing" update included a bonus to metal income for certain slots.

    17.09: 7.5.0-beta3 Rebalance of classes

    Metal bonus

    *Positions 6-10 now get a metal production bonus (similar to the crystal bonus on the first positions).

    *The bonus means an increased base production for metal as long as a planet is on one of these positions.*Positions 6+10 have the same bonus= 17%. Positions 7+9 have the same bonus= 23%. 8 has another bonus= 35%. The bonus on position 8 is the hightest, on 6+10 the lowest.

    It's a bug in the board software, or one of it's plug-ins.

    I believe one of the BA's has reported it to GF.. when they'll fix it.. who knows.

    Like with many fleet sending options.. it's still on the list of things to rework after the plethora of changes to the fleet pages that came with version 7.

    It will (hopefully) come back, but there is no date when the reworks will be done.

    I think you seem to have misunderstood what they talk about.

    If you go to the resource page (the icon to the left of the resources link), you'll see the maximum amount of crawlers your planet can run.

    For example, with 44/38/40 before the update it was 976 crawlers, after the update, it's up to 1073 crawlers.

    Anything beyond that limit are just sitting ducks with no real use (unless you build them to sell to others) and use no energy. (I checked this by building over that limit and they are not used / drawing any power).

    The 150% refers to over charging the existing crawlers, which again you do in the resource page and adjust the energy usage above 100% usage.

    I'd attach a screenshot, but GF hasn't fixed the issue displaying attached files yet..


    Sadly, we only have a rough date for the launch of In the past myself, Cassandra Vandales and bibob worked out that the Start date for .Org was around the 13th or 14th of September 2004 (Probably the 13th.. so I'm most likely a day late). This was based on our experiences, old postings, registration dates etc, most of which we are no longer able to check again since the unnecessary nukefest in recent times. The "official" start date has always been listed wrong, but no amount of pointing this out has lead to it being corrected.

    Ogame has been through a lot of highs, mostly back in it's hay-day, I still remember new unis every few weeks.. because they were needed, as the previous ones filled up (to the 12k player limit) within a matter of days. There are a lot of memories, so I won't go any further.

    When I look back from where Ogame has come from, from the simple text based game developed by one person, it's been quite a journey. Sadly recent years have had far, far more negative points then positive ones.

    So a Thank You to all the players past and present, those who have stuck around, or have left and returned, etc. You've all played your part whether as a hero, or villain in the story so far.


    As .Org passes it's 16th year.. I want to ask something to the Ogame management, particularly WeTeHa to take a hypothetical step back and actually have a real good long look at what your doing. Imagine that it's World of Warcraft, or League of Legends, or World of Warships or what ever game you happen to be playing these days (and do what ever kind of conversion you need to do).. and ask yourself, If you had nothing to do with the process or decisions would you as a player/payer be happy with what we have had to take from GF in recent years?

    Would you be happy with the communication (Dev focused, or otherwise..) we get (i.e... virtually nothing)? Something we used to have with the emails (which was tied to receiving those god awfully annoying marketing emails), but was stopped without a word.. (and a reminder.. better communication costs virtually nothing but can have a big impact on the levels of trust, something which currently, is very low).

    Would you be happy with the screwed up balancing changes, and the fact you've ignored us for the better part of a year since the balls up of the MCO update?

    Would you be happy that most updates seem to be more and more payment features or things designed to benefit the company instead of improving gameplay etc, while the balancing etc remains as trashed as it was by the MCO release?

    Would you be happy with the amount of bots abusing the systems you've put in place (e.g Marketplace)?

    Would you be happy with the utter silence regarding the Disco class balancing issues?

    Would you be happy that the constant logout issues has gone unaddressed in what.. 8 months?


    If the answer to any of them is No (and there should be a lot of them), then start asking the questions of what can you, and the company can change to improve these things.

    I don't particularly expect a reply to the above but I do hope it might encourage a rethink about the overall strategy going forward.

    It's not just Disco they nerf, as any player sending expos with a pathfinder used to get the bonus, so their screwing all the players.

    TBH, I'm surprised it lasted this long, it was as obvious that it was going to have a negative impact on their DM sales, just like the last minute removal of the expo DF cap was going to have a massive negative impact on the overall game.

    But as usual, they are showing their profits are more important then fixing their balancing screw ups.