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    Hi :biggrin: yes, I'm fine. in fact, the social distancing and masks etc has caused me to be healthier than normal, cos it prevents all sorts of more common infections as well.

    MCW UK

    i agree, but i have little faith they will consider those things, because i don't believe the guys making the decisions actually play the game.

    i've played a 5 speed, and a couple of 2 speeds. 5x was fun for a while, but the minute your life gets busy, its pretty impossible to keep up with it. i always return to 1 speed in the end, so i hope we stay as we are.

    Good morning everyone

    haven't had much time to read the boards lately. Covid restrictions in my country have made it difficult to keep so many staff, so the family are having to do much more than we normally would.

    just a few simple questions

    1. is it true we are having a change of fleet speed with the next merge

    2. when are the merge vouchers going to be available

    3. can the vouchers be used in conjunction with the next merge - or is it gonna be like in the past, where we get limited choice and have to accept what ever they choose to give us

    i have been hearing this and that, but i'm wondering if a lot of it is just chinese whispers.

    i hope everyone is well, and not taking this game too serious


    Glad I was never in your unit for real, I'd hate to think you might just throw your gun down if the person next to you said something you didn't like.

    this is the bit that got up people's kilts General George

    you are insinuating that a decision in a recreational game is somehow a reflection of his likely behaviour in the field during actual real life combat.

    there is no comparison what so ever between this game and military service.

    if we behaved like we do in-game, we would all be running around robbing the neighbours' houses and smashing their cars.

    anyway, he's gone now, so that's that.


    I think Jean-Michel is simply poking fun at the ridIculously aggressive language used by these particular players, TC and Patrick.

    You don't "dare" to play. You log in to play.

    It's just a game. Nobody will get hurt. Nobody is going to die.

    You either play, or you don't play.

    None of this is real.

    it takes a lot of strength to do that.

    we've all threatened to do it from time to time, but very few actually go through with it.

    enjoy your freedom, snickers


    I don't believe what i am reading.

    Are the traders of Assassin Alliance




    that they actually tolerate the conditions being described ...

    and all for the poxy rate of 2:1:1 ... ?

    WTF is wrong with them ?

    It's only a stupid game. who cares if they bash a bit of virtual defence.

    Ditch them. Trade with us.

    At least you will have some self respect if nothing else.

    Contact Carbon or myself for a decent rate. Or weird al, if you prefer FGR

    General George

    What accusations, you loony ?

    You are the one making wild statements with no facts to back them up.

    I have done nothing but tell you to ignore the accusations

    So many times I have told you to just brush it off ...

    And you come here spouting about my alliance making accusations

    Grow up, you silly little man.

    You make so much fuss about it, I am beginning to think you WANT people to say it.

    Oh man, Thunderchild is such a baby

    Doc Brown was having a laugh about whose multi that BTMI target belonged to

    And he goes all "bibas" on us.

    Blocked the messages and renamed his planet Baal Multi

    Pure Comedy Gold


    Meh, we don't take any notice of their in game talking.

    They bash a bit of defence every so often

    Whoop di whoo [rolls eyes]

    They haven't been ninjad for about 2 weeks, lol.

    Come back when Europa gets too dull DarkComet

    We will find an account for you any time :thumbsup:

    Just for the record, I have made no real life threats to bibas, or levelled any insult in his direction. Neither have I wIshed him any real life harm, and I certainly haven't wished him dead.

    Therefore, i do not accept that I have sunk to his level in any way what so ever.

    I'm not gonna tag the fool who suggested otherwise.

    He comes on this board making "nicey nice" comments, telling everybody how they should be, and who to respect

    but in truth, he is a sneaky sly bugger, who talks behind everybody's back. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could spit.

    Have a nice day, Asto. :fatgreengrin:

    You wouldn't get banned.

    All they would do is restore his fleet.

    Remember all those bug hits just after the merge ?

    Not one single player was banned for that, or had to give resources back. But several fleets were restored.

    I don't think you need to worry either way.

    Asto Vidatu

    I don't recall saying anything cocky or rude to all those people who wished me well.

    Bibas had nothing good to say to me during that period, or indeed ever.

    Don't you DARE tell me I have to show respect to that foul mouthed person just because OTHERS were kind enough to have me in their thoughts !

    Who the hell do you think you are, coming out with crap like that to me ?

    May I remind you also

    That when Akulla was crashed - bibas laughed at him and said he was a waste of space.

    When mindFlayer went down - similar comment.

    If it had been me that went down, or Carbon, or even YOU

    he would have laughed.

    That's how he was.

    So reign your neck in, Asto. You know nothing.