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    that's depressing.

    i used to enjoy logging out of this forum.

    making that conscious decision to consign it to oblivion for a few days or even some weeks, when i don't want to be constantly pissed off.

    imagine being permanently logged into twitter or facebook whether you want to be or not.

    no, i don't like that at all.

    what happens if you just "x" the tab. are you still logged in then?


    according to NMA it's an issue to be fixed.



    I was thinking about that aspect. Yes, an account with paid DM can be banned. But the account doesn't disappear from the game, you just can't log into it.

    The other thing I thought of was merges. In the last merge, the v modes migrated, but in previous merges many perma v modes were simply deleted when the universe shut down. I don't remember any mass sending out of DM vouchers going on.

    Players rights - the protection of.

    Hmm, that's a tough one, since we don't actually have any. According to T&Cs, we don't actually own these accounts. They all belong to GameForge. That's why that silly ass in universe 1, who claims he took them to court to fight a perma ban, didn't get anywhere.

    Not that I actually believe he took them to court. Any decent lawyer would have told him he was wasting his money. But there you go. They own the accounts. So, player rights don't come into this. It's all about that paid DM and whether they can be assed returning it to thousands of players.

    The Joker

    i suppose they could simply return the DM after a given period. Then the account can be deleted - end of problem.

    in the past, they always said this would be too labour intensive. I'm not a techy, but your idea sounds like it could be equally time-consuming for them to manage. So they would probably use the same argument.

    Feel free to correct me if it's a simple and easy thing to do - bearing in mind the thousands of accounts currently in this position, and any future perma v modes.

    i thought perma v moded accounts with no paid DM are routinely deleted after 30 days.

    as for those with DM , its pointless thinking up interesting ways they can be used, since the legal system in Germany prevents anything being done.

    oh, a homophone. yes, funny :biggrin:

    reserving judgment on all this. we've had game-changing updates in the past, and everybody gets either excited or fearful.

    once it all comes in, it tends to pan out differently.

    Still thinking of those people I was nice to and got kicked in the teeth ...

    One of em turned up on this forum last week, actually. Biggest whiner this side of Universe Janice. I felt sorry for him maybe 8 years ago, and sent him a supportive message. All I got back was a load of bluff and bluster about how soon he was gonna crash me. Yeh right. I gave up waiting for that miracle to actually manifest itself.

    Anyway, lock up your daughters everyone, cos he's back [rolls eyes]

    Lol, well said, Flava Sava

    Like I said, that's probably why he got bullied in RL. Maybe the big beefy lads got fed up with being ogled at from his little desk in the back corner.

    Oh well, we have the internet now. The Meek have indeed inherited the earth, as predicted in a certain sacred book.

    Keep clicking that keyboard, Patrick.

    Clickety clickity click - and Send.

    i heard about this happening, but only just got round to looking at it.

    it's not bad, which is a good as you'll ever get from a French guy.


    i don't know what to say. several friends saw this unfolding some days before it happened. you were given advanced warning, but there is no point crying over spilled milk.

    GLIRL and enjoy the freedom :smile2:


    Your comments got me thinking of all the people I have tried to be nice to and got kicked in the teeth.

    Bibas. Although the only way bibas will like you is if you sell him deut, and even then you will still be an ex assassin, a current assassin, a spy for assassin, or a future member of assassin.

    Patrick. But Patrick cannot reciprocate because I love myself too much, and anyway, Patrick is on my Skunk List for being untrustworthy. So enough with that one.

    FZN. That was promising to begin with, but I later came to realise they thought I wanted a NAP because I was worried about them hitting me. Yeh right. Terrified, Mortified, Stupified ... by FZN.

    Actually, this list could get quite long now that I'm thinking about it.

    I might mention a few more later.

    Btw, have you recovered from those horrible health issues you had last year? I hope so.

    those T&Cs re: proxy etc were written a long time ago when VPNs were not widely used. neither were mobiles or tablets. most people played from home or work so it was simpler. i don't see how people can be expected to put in tickets for every place they check their game.

    perhaps it's time for a re-think on that rule.