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    Many years ago in uni26 when I first started some of the fleeters ran a contest kind of like Neutron is asking about. The contest was just for low rank players for a month to see who could grow their account the most. You had to sign up and post a few times on the boards too.

    What I don't understand with this announcement and ones like it is that we have to come here often to learn of these things.

    Gameforge though has no problem sending us ingame text to tells us about Dark Matter sales though but not important information like this.

    A side note is why was the attack ban listed for CEST but yet that is not server time.

    If puck has lost a moon already I assume he’s out VM? I think that will massively weaken his case for being moved back

    I too am effected by this problem. I have an acct in uni1, quantum and Rigel so I couldn't pick a destination and the deletion process didn't work for my uni1 acct and got sent to quantum.

    I don't see why playing my Rigel acct. in Quantum should preclude me from getting moved back to my preferred destination uni1. I payed for officers so if I have to stay in VM to not void my chances of moving to uni1 that is a sham and waste of my money.

    A support ticket was generated before the merge so I can only hope for the best but not holding my breath.