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    baal i was in fact just adding a general opinion to the mix. I wasn’t being touchy or sensitive, just weighing in. Personally, I judge my account on how to well it affords me flexibility in my play, not really something that can be measured.

    Edit: the sniping comment wasn’t about your post Baal

    Surely you can make claims about any of the scores being pointless and providing little info on a players ability. High score is just as easily manipulated by merching so tells you very little.

    People play the game for different reasons and in different ways. It’s perfectly legitimate to measure ones progress by any of the high scores provided or not provided. So it’s also pointless to snipe at each other for one placing emphasis on one high score or another imho

    Piink said the marketplace has a fee associated with it. Therefore, classical trading will remain a key part of the game. The market place is more a convenience feature, for those who don’t wish to organise trades. I’d suggest anyone who is struggling with sorting out trades, find a better trader. I hear pirate andy is great to trade with in virgo :thumbsup:


    The crawlers are linear, so assuming your planets are all equal levels, you get the same effect if you build 10,000 on one or 1000 on 10.

    I don’t think anyone is bothered about reapers because you can just build fleets to counter that effect. They both have rapidfire and take rapidfire from DS (let’s not get started on this being classed as a dead-end idea for so many years).

    The point was that the leak crawlers will truly break the game. The reaper is probably just going to f**k things up mildly, but no one will care if their crawlers produce 200 billion per day for no effort

    AstralCodex has hit the nail on the head.

    I have no worries about building millions of them. It then spirals because the crazy levels of extra production mentioned above will build me a huge turtle before I even go to bed. Combine my fleet with a mega turtle and I’ll be unhittable in days.

    The increase in production is so crazy that you could insta build them first thing, scrap them before bed and still come out in profit. All it needs is a little careful planning of your account and you can double your points on day one

    I get you crispybits, but the game breaking factor isn’t going to be for every player building a few thousand crawlers... yes they are at risk, but when the huge fleeters build millions of them, what is the risk?

    They won’t break the game when miners use them. They will break the game when big fleeters use them and no one can crash them.

    I personally think the cap has to come quite early or you do invalidate plasma tech and geologist all in one. I kind of feel that doubling your planets production should come at much higher risk than originally proposed - but the most important factor has to be stopping crawler spam

    I also like that idea arcane.

    It would certainly add a bit of extra risk to spamming the sods.

    All in all, it will be big fleeters/alliances, dominant in their unis who will have the most to gain from the leaked specs... so not sure why I want to fix it in virgo....

    So, the only way in my mind to balance the crawler is to stop it’s linearity... because any changes to increase cost/reduce efficiency can easily be overcome with more res and investment and then the whole thing spirals.

    I’d like to see the number of crawlers a planet can hold limited in some way. Tieing it to shipyard could make sense, for example (shipyard 1 provides x crawler docks and it scales). You could then keep the original specs but balance it to limit each planets production in real terms. This would limit potential abuse, keep geologist useful, keep building mines meaningful. And most importantly, stop players like myself doing exactly what I’m planning to do if you release as was/some slightly trimmed down version.

    You’ll notice I haven’t put any numbers to this, frankly I’m too lazy but I do believe this idea has legs. Happy to hear any thoughts.

    In spite of the balancing concerns, (and that I personally don’t like the proposed changes) I actually think it’s a really nice idea as a way to change things up. It could hopefully attract new players and give them more structure.

    Still needs nerfing though!

    Literally just seen that one of my posts has been hidden :thumbsup:

    Is there any point in censoring the leaks anymore when half the community has seen it?

    Unless GF have realised how hilariously unbalanced it is and are making urgent changes... then censor all you like!

    Discover is a class. There are 3 new classes which each get a new ship.

    There’s also a market place for buying and selling ships and items for a single resource

    Edit: Assuming what I have seen isn’t a hoax

    I think because you are at such extremes with WSA it’s just confusing the sim.

    One of my favourites is that cruisers can kill rips if the disparity in WSA is large enough. Plus you can do that with realistic techs