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    But you are essentially asking to have your cake and eat it. Get the advantages of 4x friendly fleet speed (faster expos as voted for) then negate the negatives (more challenging FS times) with the custom application of a mechanic that is arguably the best feature of general class.

    It’s easy enough to get around as a miner, because you can just move some planets so that your deploy over x systems is the perfect time.

    I hate to say it, but I think the only way to get change is for all 3rd party devs to stop supporting the game and leave it in the mess GF has made the vanilla game. The only time GF did changes with urgency was after the carnage of the new message system and the community was in uproar. 3rd party Devs have been far too tolerant of how awful GF have been (and I absolutely take my hat off to them for their hard work and dedication) but GF won’t listen whilst YOUR hard work props up THEIR game and makes it semi playable. The only way to show them your value is to show them the cost of the status quo.

    I imagine with the kind of people you are - giving up your time for free to improve this game - you won’t fathom the idea of “letting the community down” but you owe GF and the community nothing. If the only way to get change is to act, that might have to be it. I don’t want it. The game without addons is shockingly taxing to play. I hope GF make the correct moves to fix this

    I don’t see why we shouldn’t get a chance at 10x eco when others have… I suggest something for everyone (and all or nothing vote):

    10x eco (miners)

    2x friendly fleet speed (Expos)

    50% DF inc deut (fleeter)

    I’m delighted with the new features breaking all addons and making the game slower once again. I love sitting watching a spinning wheel when I want to look at my espionage reports. I also love that the list brings back the spinning wheel every time there is a new espionage report. Add on the bonus of the shortened report only showing the res on planet/moon not the fleet or defence - it really makes fleeting easier having to expand every single report to see fleet/defence.

    Added bonuses:

    - mobile view now longer has message icons and everything is offset.

    - I now get an extra message on every combat ~30 seconds later telling me that I have lost my title - I love extra messages in a laggy new message view!

    all in all, my feedback can only be a huge well done on the implementation of this update that everyone was crying out for. It’s fantastic.

    Finally worked out how to login via the GF account system.

    As I said in PM Rya, congratulations on the epic smash and huge profits. I thought I had Fsd it and was sat in a meeting at the time. When I finally checked I thought the fact I had CRs was that you’d farmed my planet :crazy:. One hell of a mess up on my part.

    :censored:by Neotinea

    Congrats on the NN1!

    Hello Universe 1,

    I’ve dragged myself out of endless blue ocean but need some fuel.

    Looking for trades of 500kk and up. Time and location flexible.

    Rates 2.5/1.5/1

    contact me in game

    It the majority vote for a No, the majory will should prevail, not the will of a few over the will of the most, is not like this that votes should work?

    then why is the threshold always set at 70% which guarantees that fleeters lose votes?

    If majority was accepted (I.E. 50.1%) more server settings would have been changed

    This is what I fully expect to become of most of the uni. The flight times will catch out most who’ve become too lazy and reliant on long idles.

    it’s an amazing solo. I’m sure more will come. Credit to Muppets for playing the current mechanic close to perfection.

    real shame to see this happen to Amo’s account, but how many times have we seen a new owner get crashed fast *Shrug*

    GLOTR and enjoy the profit mr wabbit

    Hello Uni 1,

    Today I posed myself the philosophical question - in a world where each res pack = >3 bn metal, do fleeting profits matter? If the answer is no, does it make sense to whimsically smash my fleet into a brick wall purely to break stuff? It seems my conclusion was yes.

    I’m ambivalent to present the worst top 10 on the uni 1 board.


    Before attacker WF

    On 03-06-2023 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Pirate Andy [ASSASSIN]


    Bomber 267.125

    Destroyer 1.008.991

    Reaper 1.029.899

    Light Fighter 37.078.620


    Defender Zack [TPR]


    Small Cargo 252

    Large Cargo 82.999

    Light Fighter 1.062

    Heavy Fighter 779

    Cruiser 154

    Battleship 1.177

    Colony Ship 10

    Recycler 27.720

    Espionage Probe 1.080

    Bomber 41

    Solar Satellite 2.590

    Destroyer 38

    Deathstar 1.230

    Battlecruiser 32

    Crawler 1.135

    Reaper 3.370

    Pathfinder 2.454

    Rocket Launcher 10.000.000

    Light Laser 1.000.000

    Heavy Laser 100.000

    Gauss Cannon 10.000

    Ion Cannon 509.997

    Plasma Turret 548.312

    Small Shield Dome 1

    Large Shield Dome 1


    After the battle ...

    Attacker Pirate Andy [ASSASSIN]


    Bomber 264.256 ( -2.869 )

    Destroyer 998.739 ( -10.252 )

    Reaper 1.019.506 ( -10.393 )

    Light Fighter 34.430.169 ( -2.648.451 )


    Defender Zack [TPR]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    2.302.994.167 Metal, 1.030.365.650 Crystal and 746.238.852 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 13.796.394.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 113.053.800.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 3.800.401.425 metal and 2.170.623.375 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 4.079.598.669 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.


    Debris harvested by the attacker(s):

    1.266.800.475 Metal and 723.541.125 Crystal

    3.800.401.425 Metal and 2.170.634.625 Crystal

    Total debris harvested by the attacker(s): Metal and 2.894.175.750 Crystal

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 619.359.000

    Crystal: 1.065.547.000

    Deuterium: -440.436.148

    The attacker(s) gained a total of 1.244.470.681 units.

    Including attacker WF

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -61.871.984.167

    Crystal: -36.668.840.650

    Deuterium: -18.592.573.852

    The defender(s) lost a total of 117.133.398.669 units.

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    GLOTR Zack

    Kinda like how you cherry pick which bits to respond to right?

    So I guess to summarise.

    You traded with these accounts. These accounts have been found to be using a well-known “addon”. These accounts are on the naughty step now.

    So why are you crying about me “bringing your name into it”? Your name is all over it already :thumbsup:

    Manipulating trade rates to continuously turn crystal into deut is illegal. Especially on automated accounts.

    incorrect. I came into this universe on the account I built from scratch to rank 1 in my previous uni. That’s who I am. And you calling me out for playing from vmode? Just lol. At least I don’t manage to magically continuously grow from vmode without doing any hits.

    didn’t you also tell everyone at one time that Fruitypops was your “daughter” playing the account?

    it’s an anti Baal thread, your title not mine. So I’m more on topic than any post in the last 3 years

    To the top? God help me. Lmao! I love how you’ve got the nerve to keep pretending. Anyone who’s been in uni 1 long enough knows how you used those accounts to grow for years and now everyone can see how they were played. You even admit in your post to trading with them. Special trades where the crystal you gave them magically become deut once again ofc. Do you also not remember all those messages threatening people for attacking your “friends” (I.E. those accounts). No one needed to listen to bibas, he just happened to actually talk sense about something we already knew.

    One account in your ally is just a technicality. 2x in Baal-w, 2x in DMI your former andro. 2x in FGR. Sounds like a mass ban to me.

    and nobody kept trolling assassin? Of course they did.

    This isn’t trolling, it’s community information.

    I love to see an automatron get milked as much as the next guy, so this is great to see even if it is the other side. The leftovers I got today are depressing. Enjoy the spoils all involved.

    A point I personally find interesting is that in this thread posted by an SMod there are multiple comments talking about potential bot use- nothing censored, no warnings handed out. But any hint I’ve put about the mass banning of Baal and FGR accounts has been censored and I’ve been warned… I guess it’s my small experience of what it’s like to live in a state with carefully controlled media…