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    I haven’t had even an itching to play since I left... so yes it can be cured.

    ohnonathaniel is a multi/farm/push account. I use to raid him on occasion to push myself. Other peeps (not calling any names) had dibs on whatever system he/they were in.

    As far as the MP is concerned... keep it. It levels the playing field for everyone to push themselves.

    Aw look. Clittle being brave again on the boards. Shame he couldn't ever be that brave in the game.

    Yeah, I popped in to see what was going on after not being here for a long time. I also found the memes quite funny. I could careless who hits who anymore. Maybe one day you’ll realize life doesn’t revolve around a game and some things are just more important.

    Great Hit and GLOTR Taco

    They will only consider reported messages.

    Screenshots, pictures can be made by others. It's easy to create one player's nickname and make conversation tho.

    It was never my intention to get anyone banned, especially since I knew creating this thread wouldn’t hold up in gameforge court nor would any evidence I have to support what I am saying. My only intention was to shed light on the information I knew so that way players weren’t “guessing” about it. That is all. If anyone wants to see screenshots of what I was talking about then please hit me up on Discord. If not, and you are happy with ignorant bliss then that’s fine too. This thread is eating too much of my time, so I’m going back to RL now... later peeps!

    My apologies for not messaging. I thought I had sent everyone a PM in game that was on my BL. And that was only due to me getting the account ready to be given away.

    also, the trust and respect with the leadership? All that went out the door when Carlos was attacked. Also, what loyalty I had just as friendships went out the door as well when 1. Carlos was hit, especially by a couple people that stayed they wouldn’t. 2. I posted my account for giveaway and everybody ASSASSIN friendly started asking for my account, some of which I haven’t seen or heard from in a very long time (wonder who put them up to that). I know they want it to hoard as well as keep the precious PSP safe so they don’t have to spend more time, money, and slot blocker accounts moving the systems my account is in.

    btw, the account can rot in vmode...

    Seraph I'm not the one being a hypocrite and only pointing at one person or small group of people (Assassin), while turning a blind eye to the actions of others. Have Pat or anyone else in Assassin ever done me wrong? Nope. Has Robinhood ever done me wrong? Nope (but I do not agree with him buying accounts and that is my problem with him). Do I know if anyone in Assassin has bought accounts? Nope. Does clittle know if anyone has bought accounts? It's very possible he does. If he does then where is the proof? And if he has the proof then why didn't he give it over to the GO's and let them deal with it? Again that right there is my point about the total hypocrisy of what he posted in the first place.

    And I'll even go further and point out that while I don't really get along well with members of FGR I'll be the first to point out that never have they done me wrong (dang moon poppers thinking I dirty fleet save aside).

    And I'll go further and point out that while I have a real personal issue with Serenity, I can't prove what i suspect so my argument with her only stays here on the boards to jabs at her and that's where it stays. If she were to be accused by clittle or anyone else of these acts without actual proof I'd be the first to defend her here on the boards.

    You do realize that “proof” with anything ogame related has to be done on gameforge owned sites. Screenshots of Skype conversations between people , just me saying I heard something over a voice chat, none of this is considered “gameforge proof”, hence why I suspect nothing will ever be done about cheating anywhere. Long time players have learned to take their conversations to Skype or discord and use little to no communications in game. So do I have any “gameforge proof”, no I do not. Even if I had a screenshot of my TV program with everyone’s names on it, it still wouldn’t count... why? Because I could add anyone and give them those names. So believe me or don’t believe me... makes no difference as your belief or non belief will not have any relevance to the outcome.

    So Fox why don't you enlighten everyone on what FGR has been doing. Since you are so hyped up on clittle coming out of the closet. Why don't you come out and call them out in public. Personally I say no balls.

    You say “coming out of the closet” like I’m into dudes or something 😂. Btw, I have a wife and strictly like chicks.

    I tried to be open and honest about what I knew but didn’t add anything that I wasn’t sure about. In regards to staff, I haven’t ever got that vibe. And in regards to the multis In BTMI, I’m unsure. So I can’t confirm nor deny

    Your right, it was hypocritical of me and a mistake. But the past is the past.