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    Yeah indeed, the next update will contain timers on the planetlist ingame.

    Getting info outside of the browser window like you're suggesting can be tricky. Don't think it's possible the way you want it. But there might be other solutions, like using a pop-up when you click the extension icon etc...

    Dear users, (if there are any ;))

    I updated the library a little bit.


    • Code refactoring for PSR-4
    • OGetIt now uses the PSR-4 coding standard
    • Added support for composer (available via Packagist)
    • Added support for OGame API harvest reports

    The OGame API Spy reports are in development.

    To add this package to you project with composer, require "ogetit/ogetit".

    Packagist url:

    Have fun,


    Hi everyone,

    I updated OGetIt to version 1.0.0:

    Github link

    The update includes

    1. JSON serializability
    2. Armor, shield, weapon & rapidfire values for combat entities
    3. Speed, capacity & fuel usage values for flyable entities
    4. Costs for economy entities

    The last 3 features all have a corresponding method to calculate their value based on a certain amount or level.



    Update to version 1.0.2.


    • Added ServerData xml api



    OGetit version 1.0.7

    ServerXML data update

    It has been a while since this has been update... :P

    OGetit version 1.0.8

    Added new data to the ServerData XML:

    • bashlimit
    • probeCargo
    • researchDurationDivisor
    • darkMatterNewAcount
    • cargoHyperspaceTechMultiplier

    Small hotfix.

    Hotfix v1.0.9



    Please read the README file in the repository on GitHub:


    If you want to contribute code please fork this repository and create a pull request to merge your changes. Your changes will be reviewed and merged afterwards if approved by the repository maintainers.

    [notice - 2-8-2019]

    This was moved here from the OGame Origin board. Only version update posts are moved.

    Dear Users,

    Version update 2.1.2.


    • Fixed: The servers data of a Universe now expires after 1 day as it should have been in the beginning
    • Polishing: The share link now expires after 72 hours instead of 24 hours
    • Polishing: Update the support link to the EN board



    The laser in the background is pretty bright and sometimes makes it a tad difficult to read messages at a glance.

    It's a minor thing, agreed, but it's honest feedback :crazy:

    Yep, atm that's also the thing that annoys me the most.

    It's now 60% opacity, the minimum needs to be 90% at least!

    I also find the font a bit tiring to read, maybe change it just to Arial or something like Open Sans or Roboto.:thumbsup:

    Dear Users,

    Version update 2.1.0.

    This update is mainly to speed up simulations.
    I added an option (enabled by default) that'll run multiple calculators (workers) at the same time, instead of just one like it is now.
    Your also able to change the amount of workers or disable this feature at the bottom of the TrashSim page. (View the attachement)

    This should give you a speed advantage of 3x to 4x faster simulations. (When you have a 4x core CPU)
    So more cores means faster simulations


    • New: Multiple Workers options to speed up simulations
    • New: A summary of all the waves when using the wave system
    • New: Button to clear all the waves
    • Fixed: When resimulating a wave clicking the prev button will now save that new result, which it previously didn't
    • Fixed: ABM's are not removed anymore when clicking the next wave button
    • Polishing: When focussing or hovering ships, techs & defence they are highlighted in bold now
    • Polishing: The current wave is now displayed between the wave navigation buttons


    Dear Users,

    Version update 2.0.3.


    • Fixed: Anti-Balistic Missiles were included in the simulation
    • Polishing: Set default simulation count to 50 instead of 100

    If you have any feedback on a good amount of simulations please let me know!
    I did some tests and 100 seemed to be good to get most edge cases in RIP battles, but it also slows down a lot of other simulations not including RIPs.
    So I'm gonna put it on 50 now until I have more info.


    Dear Users,

    Version update 2.0.2.

    After the feedback of a few users it was decided to make technolgies empty again by default.


    • Technology levels are now empty by default instead of 0

    Have fun !


    Dear Users,

    Version update 2.0.0!

    I've been working on this update for a quite some time now, the plan was to redesign the whole code behind the website, which has happened now.
    I had to speed up the development progress once I heard that the cargo hyperspace technology multiplier was going to be released.
    As I was already working on a larger update this change was going to be integrated into the update.
    That's also why I've not released an update in between to add the hyperspace multiplier.

    I also wanna thank my testers, who have helped me testing this release, you guys are awesome!

    This update contains a few new additions:

    • Different result cases for simulations:

      • Average (the default one)
      • Attackers best (most profit)
      • Attackers worst (least profit)
      • Defenders best
      • Defenders worst
      • Biggest debris
    • Hyperspace technology multiplier for cargo's
    • A share button to share you simulation data with others (the share link expires after 24 hours)
    • Clear ships button for every player
    • Cargo calculations are now live when you change hyperspace tech or the defenders resources
    • Waves now remember the results of previous simulations
    • Live cargo capacity & fuel consumption calculation
    • Technology levels are now copied when adding a new player

    I've also fixed some older bugs/problems:

    • Fixed - deut costs didn't use the deuterium save factor when calculating profits
    • Fixed - Tactical retreat now refreshes when changing to another wave
    • Polished - TrashSim now requires less requests & data to load

    The IPM simulator is still in development, but I wanted to release this update asap because of various reasons.
    A good alternative in the meanwhile that I've always used is:

    Enjoy and if there are any problems, please contact me!
    There's also a back-up version online of version 1 of TrashSim in case you need a quick solution for a bug:

    Happy hunting!


    So as you might have noticed, I didn't manage to finish the update in March.
    It's taking quite a bit more time than I expected!
    My current goal is to release it before the end of April and I'll try to clear my evening schedule to make this happen.
    I'm planning on releasing the update when I'm finished with the wave feature, which is what I'm currently working on!
    The IPM feature is not yet done and will probably be disabled at the time of the release.

    To ease the pain I uploaded a screenshot of my progress, spot the differences

    Looks like we're up & running again. I've change my nameservers to cloudflare. (Thanks to the hint of a nice user of TrashSim)
    Could take a while for the cloud to resolve the new domain changes, but we're getting there.

    There seemed to be a problem with the DNS of And there are still a few problems with my CDN.
    They should be fixed but there can be some annoying caching that needs to resolve itself.
    I'm hoping all problems will be resolved in the morning.