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    I remember the days where unis were full and no new registrations were possible. (Circa 2006 for me) Thousands of people played because the game was actually good. Now the game has turned into a get rich quick scheme for gameforge. Remember uni 35 and how long it took there? Also colonization's were a b. Hell remeber how much people threw a fit over officers? There were whole ass alliances and people taking the name THEAMEANTIOFFICER to take a stand, and look where it got them now. Cass, Bibob, Wraith, Thr3drow, Paci, Weth are really the only few names I can remember off the top of my head, back when ogame mattered. A simpler time. I have thought about those days and I am glad ogame turned into what it is today, an unrecognizable clusterfudge of what it used to be. Its freed the majority of the OGs and has pit the same type of people against eachother.

    For now though, I enjoy my life and my children and the idea that I dont have to wake up every few hours to check my fleet.

    Silverwind? No. That can't be. Cut him some slack though, he rode the short bus for so long they let him drive it so that's something!

    Also imagine if Jer was here lol. If I cant name myself Hugh Jashole then idk what this world is anymore.

    nope not possible. Since roughly late 2005 or maybe early 2006 admins have been deleting inactive accounts not used within 12-18 months. This was done every year regularly.

    Nice hit guys, congrats.


    Wow. Sorry to see you down Abionic Viper.... errr i mean Antis.

    Is ABV still playing?

    Yes, he changed his name to antis.

    Says the guy with poor grammer.

    But you are right I am not that smart, because testing single digits on an IQ test is a pre requisite to own that account and im afraid Bibas (and you) are the only ones "smart enough" for that. Well and pat and Pidge.... and carbon... And baal. Well this list is long but you get the point.

    Dont troll unless you plan to do it well. Come back when you have better insults. Kthanksbye.

    Wow. Sorry to see you down Abionic Viper.... errr i mean Antis.

    Its funny how this uni is now shaping up after the merge. This played out exactly as me and nate predicted.

    Welcome back Kevlar. Tell us more about wat u and Nate predicted ....

    Eat me. I ain't telling you crap. Anyone else who wants to know, message me ingame @ bibas

    If there were more admins like me and Blankie, OGame would have been a far better place for everyone. If more admins or teamlers in general find the courage to speak up, the GF would have a hard-time ignoring a whole community, but the disrespect is so big that even after a week since this thread, there is no official reply from the GF. Makes you wonder.

    They all left long ago for the same reasons you guys are now gone. You guys just happened to be the latest martyr. Whats interesting is who is saying these things and what that says about their com and how its run. But dont look at me, im just your friendly retired trollar.

    GOs cant just be pulled out of a hat. You know this. Im not sure why your here acting like this is new to you. People need to apply for the job, which is on gameforge for incentivizing the job. Again ill use the slavery analogy. I was an SGO and GO for a while and it @^$(=]"; sucks. the small amount of coupons a game team member receives is not worth the work that is put on them.... period. Especially compared to the board team who get/ got the same incentives.

    Anyway this thread is about the GA removal. Sucks to see this happened, but dont color me surprised (the reason you guys put your feet down)

    Im a big fan of a good old fashion riot so @me anytime. I have a pitchfork.

    Mao, its easy to say that when you admin dead coms thst require no work. Womp womp. Not an attack, a fact. Simply saying "do as your told" does not suffice when what you are being told is akin to slavery. Sure they chose the job, but theres only so much that can be done within the job no matter who does it or how its done. Such things as time, resources, ect. These things just dont exist and any admin would be happy to line up to tell you that. Getting creative or finding solutions does not apply when they are to simply "do as their told. Especially the limited abilities of the admin these days. Maybe its just me but i do find it quite ironic that the guy whos name is Mao is making these types of comments lol.

    Good for Blankie for attempting to make a stand. You are not the first, probably wont be the last. But sadly every attempt to take a stand has just been met with a removal, public shaming of some sort and then forgotten about the next week.

    Also MikeGrinder6 im no betting man, but i bet this thread is staying open because the team agrees with Blankie and is just simply letting the com rip gameforge a new one. Especially team members of the angel variety. Otherwise this would have been shut quickly.

    What would would you like for them to do? Do a reverse address search from their IP address then mail them a pipe bomb? Jesus christ its a war game. Your overview is flashing for a while. So what. Get over it.

    Support does not guarantee anything to the consumer, besides you are always able to escalate the ticket yourself after 24 hours.

    welcome to the disgruntled gameforge teamler club @ Blankie. We meet every 3rd tuesday of the month and we do a pot luck. Our president Thundersheep ask that you register what you are bringing on our google docs to ensure no one else brings the same thing. Please no craft beer.

    Anyway Master Yoda no comment .

    Blankie you were warned about this years ago. Those open arguments we have all had with gameforge for a decade in public admin chat... yeah thats not a new thing. This has been going on for years and years and it will never stop. Its become clear to anyone who has ever been an admin that gameforge simply does not care about the users, especially the teamlers. Im sure you now see the same.

    Im actually happy for you. Being an admin ruined the game for me. To be part of the soul sucking black hole that is gameforge has made me sick to my stomach and i have no regrets. The best way i can desribe it is a stockholm syndrome of sorts. We dealt with the crap because we love the game and we were the one left to justify their bull. We were the ones getting hate mail and ddos attacks and personal threats to work and family. All because we defend a game we truly hate how its run. Im glad you see it now blankie. Invest in stocks, play cod, and nap.