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    clearly you know nothing. His donations pretty obviously don't match the amount of effort needed to update AGR so it works, which will then be broken again when v9 is released. Take a freaking chill pill and stop being rude.

    don’t forget these techs are supposed to stack. I’m not sure what how much a single tech affects other planets but at minimum that very first Rock’tal metal boosting tech in the first tree, if you had 15 planets and did one level on every planet. That’s still a lot of res. At 5 billion metal a week that’s still an extra 400 million metal a week. The cuts were drastic but very necessary.

    even then I think things will happen relatively quickly. People will be spending billions but at the same time those people will be making hundreds of millions more res a week. I don’t know what the numbers actually look like to break into tier 3 but I think for most late game accounts were talking a couple months across the entire account.

    well considering you have level 50 mines you’ve already spent considerable time building your account. Don’t forget pts is x4 eco, x4 research. Those 4 and 5 day researches aren’t going to be a thing once it reaches live servers. I play in a x8/x20. So those 5 day researches are going to be a day or so, which is perfect. Besides there are techs that actively reduce time it takes to research.

    I built up a planet with mines close to what I have on my main account. With just a few billion resources I was able to more than double my resource production. That’s not right because before long you’d have trillion point accounts making 40 billion metal a week. As it was people were doing ungodly amounts of Astro and such in pts. That was never the point of this update.

    I personally haven’t had much of an opportunity to play with it much since the nerf but just purely looking at the new numbers, it looks fine. Lot of techs went from 0.1% or 0.22% to 0.08% or whatever. That’s nothing. Basically a tenth of what it was. I will very much take that bump in res with minimal input. So I guess I’m looking at adding a billion or two more res a week quickly when it releases instead of out right doubling it in a day or two. After nearly 15 years on this account this is fine.

    Hello, we’ve all talked about this at different times but let’s make it official.

    Let’s chat about this speed bar and how much it needs to be improved. With a code base this old there’s quite a few bugs. There have also been quite a few improvements over the years. Version updates, content updates and what not. A fair number of bugs are annoying but you can play through if you’re patient. (Sending probes via galaxy view for instance). However, one such improvement has actually lead to decreased usability. The fleet speed bar is so terrible. Mobile, PC, they’re both bad. Open up any universe section and combat reports are filled with comments about the speed bar screwing them over. As someone who primarily plays via PC I shouldn’t have to actively avoid mousing over the speed bar to avoid a) leaving res behind and b) sending at the wrong speed.

    I don’t know what the fix is. I’ll leave that up to much smarter people than I. All I want here is the community to stand behind this post and hopefully bring this feature to the forefront and hopefully get a better solution to it.

    Server is dead. It takes minutes to click anything. If you want people to test lifeform, at least increase the performance.

    Sometimes 300+ people gets online, thousands even tens of thousands clicks are made in seconds.

    server performance has been okay for me. A little slower than normal but usually 2-3 seconds

    the bonuses in the tech trees stack. So you build a tech that increases your res production by 0.4%, across 10 planets that’s 4% total per planet for just one left of the tech on each of the planets

    Person has say 5 accounts. He has a buddy way higher than him on this server, person a brings his accounts over 1 at a time to get smacked for hugh profits. He then brings over his main account and gets pulled by person b who made all those “hits”

    Disagree and I’d say the number of people who think this is a decent update with some tweaks out weigh the number of people who just don’t like it.

    I do not understand the logic behind spending metal and crystal to search for lifeforms.

    The search uses a fleet slot, so it's a flight, performed by some invisible non-specified ships, and all flights consume deuterium. So what are metal and crystal used for? Do they get burnt into a ceremonial pire as a propitiatory rite for a successful search? :confused:

    I understand your point but every time you discover a life form you get XP which increases the bonuses you get from life forms. So it needs to cost something otherwise you’re theoretically scaling your account simply by clicking and finding life forms.