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    The guy from Electra admitted what he had done here on the pre merged Quantum board. also on the Electra board ,payment ban ,saved fleet ,tickets in ,2 weeks later back to playing ,then "DONATED" the account to another player .

    We had the same trouble in Electra ,popped ,locked and he got payment ban and laughed at all the fuss on the boards too .......went all the way to COMA with the complaint and the account was still un banned ,in fact the account is in Quantum at this moment :) . ( not the same owner now ) Its Gonzos :thumbsup:


    * Causing an intentional lag to a player or on the servers in any fashion will be treated as Bugusing. For example, probing a player within 5 seconds of an attack or using any other methods to prevent a player to send, recall or slow his fleet.

    In the war with you, you were the attacker and rules the attacking party says!

    send recall or slow his fleet ..........does not state for attacker or defender

    changing browser is a little bit of a give away .

    also ,we can all see your fleet is on the moon now and safe in vm .what i said is that to get to the moon with your times on your screen shot ,you sent 2-3 seconds after the attack hit and the attackers also collected the res that was on your recalled fleet ,this does point to a duplicated fleet which im sure the GOs will investigate.

    weel hit omni ,dont normally see you on the boards

    why would you change browsers to take a screenie mate ? the ago is updating in yours ,normally only happens when you just start a browser session .

    only reason to do that is to hide something like what version software is running with ogame .

    also ,if you work out the time that you fleetsaved your fleet to arrive at your moon at the time it states ,you would have had to fleetsave 3 seconds after the hit .just saying .

    fr defender,hope this gets sorted to every ones satisfaction .


    * Causing an intentional lag to a player or on the servers in any fashion will be treated as Bugusing. For example, probing a player within 5 seconds of an attack or using any other methods to prevent a player to send, recall or slow his fleet.


    4 seconds to spare then ?,the rules change im afraid ,it used to be 30 seconds some years ago .

    great hit . keep it up .

    Of course you aren't... You were having fun ruining someone's game. If you have fun, that's good enough for you mate. Those likes I refered were not about being a bother to you guys (that was my turtle), it's just to show how stupid that hit was. Pretty much everyone in there showed a glimpse of reason of why that hit was moronic. At least admit that the hit was pure crap, and that in the 3 hours you guys had of flight times, you could've just send your ridiculously large fleets on expeditions and get far greater and easier profit without wasting relocations to crash a turtle which was never a threat to any of you.

    No morals, no honor, no dignity. That's you and RIO.

    didnt you once say ,play the game how you want ?..............and it was that wasnt it want everyone to play your game ,lol you are so funny .

    Warned for spam.

    - Marshmello

    but after that shameful hit which as you could see, nobody liked it, in fact never have I seen a hyperadvanced with so many dislikes.

    and im bothered ? . no i am not .if you look at the Q threads you see a lot of that ,it doesnt bother me at all, most of the time we just laugh at how some people react ,like you .

    LOLURBAN pretty much nailed it.

    is that the same guy who posted that lame ipm party post.


    now thats lame .

    attacker ,well done on this fantastic hit again .

    And probably some DM used on relocations on top of that.

    no relocation ,im like gonzo ,i still have 1 relocation left from the merge .i used building boosters to build moon ,please get your facts straight .

    You on the other hand have only survived by vmoding when you and RIO were the ones being hunted and by trapping someone you had on your friends list, afraid that you could be the next, and just used him as a scapegoat to join RIO. Please... No morals dude. I never did anyone wrong here in this game. As far as honor and morals go, I'm tens of folds ahead of you, sometimes these are more important aspects for an individual.

    i did vm ,i admit that and in 11 years of playing kaldor is the only 1 to pop 1 of my moons , the vm stopped more from being popped and i wasnt in rio then but i notice that people have selective memory ,what you dont know is that i had information that some of unity wanted to trap me ,now i will tell you something ,kaldor was not 1 of them ...hannibal /mindwar and soli were planning to use a third party to trap me ,bet you cant geuss who ? whether he would have or not ,i wasnt going to take a chance.

    Also, talk big when you get merged with a Universe that has players that could take a crack on your RIPs. Not when your closest enemy is basically a solo vmodder that has 4x less your strength. That's easy to do kid.

    kid ? how old are you ? ...youre the 1 crying like a little baby because youre not the biggest turtle in ogame are you ? no ,youre just an scrapped turtle owner who is really kicking himself for not just saying "im online " so that we could recall .you thought " hey , i can ninja these guys " scrapped defs and used DM to insta build rips ( this was after you insta build the hl in the shipyard to finish them) ,it didnt work out and you rage scrapped the other defs ,all except 1 large shield dome,then you knew that youd have to vm you quit ,now youre coming up with as many insults about rio that you can think of .....surely ,when you were playing you didnt msg rio members and talk with them ,you wouldnt talk to trash like us ,would you ? oh yes you did , so we werent trash then surely because your morals wouldnt let you talk to trash ,would they ?hmmm.

    Congrats on being the largest turtle with 1 large shield dome and 15k rips .

    fr defender again ,gonzo will be back in a month

    Is he perhaps the same song that plays on vega and other servers?

    He... Just like 95% of the people who join RIO act like this mate.

    Gonzo simply knows the basics of fleeting. So what about if he was a top 15 that didn't log in to recover/check his fleet? Once upon a time there was a top 1 that didn't check his fleet and got crashed, along with 2 others who were also top 100 and also didn't check anything... Yeah, definitely a push involved in that hit as well. It can't just be a coincidence.

    All RIO has is big fleets, not people who know how to fleet (only few of them, I think unclesam is their best fleeter personally).
    -It's easier to bash a turtle that can't move. And even make up a story on how much of a challenge it was doing so.
    -It's also easier to fake your friendship with someone and then make them fall to a trap. These type of hits are also easy for RIO.

    Are you the guy that had a turtle on Quantum ? ,youre the 1 that scrapped the turtle to ninja with 3.5 kk rips ,youre the 1 that then thought " cr*p ,i now have to fs them" and so scrapped the rest that you ?.

    Gonzo has survived because hes a good player ,hes sneaky ,hes brave and he doesnt complain when he loses something ...........thats the difference between the 2 of you,now get on with playing the game or take up knitting .

    good hit ,FR DEF for next months hit .

    I discussed it with Rav3n and Iris. This is not a top 10. In 15 years in this game I don't think I've ever seen a defense bash get counted as a top 10.

    - Defence Bash when you mainly crash defence without reaching a DF of 2,000,000 units. Debris from destroyed defence does not count into the 2,000,000 units

    As there was a DF of over 400,000,000 i hardly think that this can be counted as only a defence bash, also because of the DF it can be counted as an advanced 20% which with the defence damage came to over 134 billion damage which means that the critera for a top ten has been met .

    - Hyper Advanced 20% if there are over one hundred Billion (read as 100,000,000,000) total losses in the attack.

    Sorry to burst your collective bubbles...But due to it being mostly a defense bash, this will not be counted as a top 10. I spoke with both Iris and Rav3n about this.

    Not that im really bothered about this being a top ten but please could you point me to the cr rule section that states that it has to be fleet ,all i can find is this .

    - A CR needs to have atleast 100 millionen total damage done to qualify as Top10

    and this

    - Hyper Advanced 20% if there are over one hundred Billion (read as 100,000,000,000) total losses in the attack.

    i cant find the 1 where it says that the damage has to be fleet,it just says damage .

    thanks for the invi Radar . fr def.

    Dedi to RIO

    Well ,This hit has been coming for a long time , the defender always made it so that there was no profit in just hitting his defs and to be truthful has always played the game correctly for a turtle .With the arrival of the class system we noticed that he had gone discoverer to gain res through expos ,on lanx ,we started to see his expo fleets growing to fight pirate/aliens and we also noticed that on the boards ,he was always trying to trade for deut , we knew he wouldnt waste his deut on fleetsaving his expo fleets so Radar esped the defender and we just added his fleets to the sim , we saw that there was a profit so we planned this attack . Profits get better when you only have a deut bill of 53 ,000 deut to fly and 1 esp probe lost .

    VFR Defender ,great sport for the ingame msg of congrats .

    On 06-04-2020 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Radar [RIO]


    Deathstar 11.000


    Attacker LEGIO [RIO]


    Deathstar 68.000


    Attacker W4R_MaChINE [RIO]


    Espionage Probe 1


    Defender Grimmjow


    Small Cargo 11.947

    Large Cargo 115.028

    Light Fighter 850.630

    Heavy Fighter 1.601

    Cruiser 557

    Battleship 348

    Recycler 500

    Espionage Probe 205.113

    Crawler 936

    Pathfinder 17.926

    Rocket Launcher 20.748.814

    Light Laser 11.696.460

    Heavy Laser 2.000.602

    Gauss Cannon 718.689

    Ion Cannon 1

    Plasma Turret 1.001.745

    Small Shield Dome 1

    Large Shield Dome 1


    After the battle ...

    Attacker Radar [RIO]


    Deathstar 11.000 ( -0 )


    Attacker LEGIO [RIO]


    Deathstar 68.000 ( -0 )


    Attacker W4R_MaChINE [RIO]


    Espionage Probe 0 ( -1 )


    Defender Grimmjow


    Small Cargo 7.384 ( -4.563 )

    Large Cargo 71.601 ( -43.427 )

    Light Fighter 529.271 ( -321.359 )

    Heavy Fighter 994 ( -607 )

    Cruiser 355 ( -202 )

    Battleship 233 ( -115 )

    Recycler 286 ( -214 )

    Espionage Probe 127.297 ( -77.816 )

    Crawler 583 ( -353 )

    Pathfinder 11.129 ( -6.797 )

    Rocket Launcher 12.892.953 ( -7.855.861 )

    Light Laser 7.265.954 ( -4.430.506 )

    Heavy Laser 1.243.299 ( -757.303 )

    Gauss Cannon 446.375 ( -272.314 )

    Ion Cannon 0 ( -1 )

    Plasma Turret 622.641 ( -379.104 )

    Small Shield Dome 1 ( -0 )

    Large Shield Dome 1 ( -0 )


    The battle ends in a draw.

    The attacker captured:

    0 Metal, 0 Crystal and 0 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 1.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of units.

    At these space coordinates now float 521.537.600 metal and 311.350.400 crystal.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    The attacker(s) captured the debris.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 521.537.600

    Crystal: 311.349.400

    Deuterium: 0

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 832.887.000 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -52.606.628.000

    Crystal: -27.548.147.000

    Deuterium: -11.973.309.000

    The defender(s) lost a total of units.

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