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    Even capping isn't fair. IMO money should be used with things that wouldn't interfere directly with the gameplay, such as the old commander features. nowadays ogame became a pay to win game , you basically don't need skill to be a fairly decent player as we've seen on the recent unis. If you push yourself at the beginning it's pretty though for the rest of the players to keep up with DM users. that's my opinion, I play cygnus and when I saw that increase I assumed it was packages evaluating from the economy points. Not much more than 1k will do that nowadays.. and for some guys 1k or even more are only a few bucks for us, normal guys :D

    Thank GF for having released all this resource packages.
    with that lvl of mines is clearly DM abuse but well, is what GF wants rn

    They don’t care about the community only care about making money.

    This is not the first case, Tucana de also has one player that has 80bill points all made with DM

    Wp GF

    very good crash

    the guy on the account was trying to sell it while scamming people.

    From what I've heard he scammed 150eur from a dude so it's always good seeing this hit.

    concerning the def he was a noob so no big loss to the community.

    good use of the profit to biz guys :D

    hey guys

    try number 2


    According to the new topic regarding uni settings changes i'm here to propose the following :

    eco speed to x8 or higher if possible?

    increase speed fleet? or you guys won't want?

    br all

    but for us that have accounts there wouldn't it be nice to increase.

    with the item we can move out of cygnus but until then i would like to grow the acc. we have possibility of 8x eco . A voting at least would be good?

    hey guys

    what do you think of increasing eco speed in cygnus to the max possible?

    i guess it would be x8

    the top accounts keep on doing expos and we cant catch up with that, at least in that way we would be able to grow ours accs quicker

    Hi guys,

    Due to lack of time I'm trying to get a slower uni / more developed for my acc in octans. PREFER OLD UNIS

    Accounts is ranked 92 with 3,5kk points, with 2,8kk worth in military...

    Please contact me ingame, forum or *SNIP*

    Just ingame or board PMs please. ;) ~Rav3n

    @blondu 25 EUR each 3 months and you take 8 minutes to answer my reply to close the topic.

    That's very efficient :P I will remember to contact you when I open a business. You're the best worst paid worker I've seen in my life :P

    I don't know most of the guys here but the statement like the ones you've been making makes me think that speak without knowledge of ogame history. Progame, the previous name for the old 35, actually merged in quantum was possibly the most successful thing GF has done so far in this game.

    Of course that a universe in those circumstances it's impossible to be played as the actual ogame, with ability to buy resources ,Insta build stuff, recos, etc

    I've been connected to ogame for the last 14/15 years, probably more. And today I can say that ogame is dead and isn't going to reborn again.

    I've rode here that GF loses money with the game. That just makes me laugh, ogame received 2 major implements during its existence. The first launch game and the redesign . Almost 20 years and 2 major updates, the rest is peanuts. Adding featured like buying resources, new paid features like the ones that have been made is easy for programmers. Plus, ogame is the game that gave most money to GF, by far. Today still gives money while GF just collects it. They open new uni every month in every community. If each new uni gives 2k euro at its start, in 15 communities ( I'm making an approximate value, not counting smaller communities) , it's 30k euro per month. 2k euro per uni is not hard, probably the top 5 give 100 euro at least, and possibly more 100 players will put something on their accounts.

    30k euro, for a game that has no development, the teams are paid in coupons, and very badly paid. In 1year it will reach 300k euro for a dead game. GF will leave ogame to die alone, this will always be a money mine. No development and income every month. Easy pz.

    Plus you can add the rest of the unis that probably will give an income of another 30k euro, if not plus, concerning most communities have 10 or more universes. So it's 600k a year, with no development , no costs on support. Just a cost of a coma, that nowadays serves 2 or more communities, the devs and some other guys out there that work also for 3 or 4 games of GF.

    Ogame is paid a long time ago. This is like a house, they made the initial investment, repaid it and now they're living from its rent