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    When I heard about this hit from an old friend I had to come back and have a look for myself. The numbers are just insane! It makes the hit we pulled on WM back in 2016 look like a mere sat bash!

    It's been so long since I've played, I don't really know what to say about the game anymore. It seems to be continuing its slow decline, which is a shame. Honestly, I'm amazed that some of you have kept going for as long as you have. Some serious dedication.

    Congrats attacker and GLIRL WM - perhaps you should have bowed out when we gave you the chance years ago! I know I've not missed it... Well, not too much at least!

    Although I have certainly missed some of the people, which was always the real reason to keep going. I hope all of those who I haven't spoken to in years (who will inevitably never read this message) are keeping well and enjoying their day to day.

    Cheers all!

    Nice thread, and nice to see some of you still around here finding ways to enjoy the game. Prior warning, this post is super cheesy. It's riddled with nostalgia and a good amount of rose tinted nonsense. If you don't like it, consider that you're probably not one of the people it was meant for.

    What happened to me? Well Optimus pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    I loved playing Quantum, it was full of fun time and great people. When the merge was announced the Uni was pretty much dead, and I was excited for the revival. By the time it came around though I was well into my first year of work and time was becoming an issue. Of course I couldn't leave without something to go out with, and flying on the biggest fleet in .org seemed fitting.

    I'd love to say war machine was in my sights for years, and that it was the culmination of decades of planning and so on, but we never expected Quantum to merge with 35 so he was never more than just 'that guy in some other uni with a big fleet'. Crashing that big fleet was a perfect ending to my ogame time, but it was only ever about the big bang. All of that time building my account from the ground up (I'm still just as proud of having Quantum's first SC raid, first HOF, and first ACS HOF - Hi Random, Kos - to my name), it felt fantastic and (more importantly) right to end it with a new Worldwide Top 1.

    Do I regret moving on, now that war has 'rebuilt' and my account went the way of the dodo? Nah. Even if I was somehow able to hit him again, it'd never be as good as that first time. It'd never be that perfect ending I mentioned above. That first time would always be the best.

    Of course, in reality it's far more likely that I'd simply live behind the blue shield, or (if not), that he would have crashed me had I stuck around. Did I mention you don't have much time in Medicine? I'm sorry you don't get your chance at revenge, war, but that blame really lies with the muppets who suicided my fleet. Maybe they'll merge Q with some other giants down the road and you can at least hope to take the Top 1 hit spot again. For now, my admission that I'm sure you would have got me had I continued to play around my increasingly busy life, will have to do.

    Anyway, as for now, well I'm writing this from South East Asia as we finish month 8 of our 9 month tour of the area. Back to work in July, and I actually miss it after taking such a long break. Finally, I proposed to my girlfriend in Hanoi (where we met 3 years ago), so now it's both work and my fiance that will stop me ever coming back to the game!

    So, that's what happened to me. I hope all my old friends are well, and I wish all of you OGamers the best in game and in your real lives. Oh and keep smashing Gonzo, you absolute madman.


    Hi guys.

    It is nice to see you are all still arguing over the same thing we were 1 year ago.

    The hit on W4R was great fun, a perfect 'final moment' to an OGame career for me. Will always have love for all those involved. Saying they did nothing is rubbish. It was a team effort and it took all 7 of us :)

    There is nothing more to say that hasn't already been said :D I enjoyed all my time here, would not take it back.

    Hope you are all well. Wonder when these servers will go off for good. Seems more and more dead every day, which is a shame really.

    In few months I will travel the world. Will try to check in again from Vietnam in the name of nostalgia. Enjoy the 1s and 0s boys and girls.

    FRD and GG.

    There's still plenty of fun going on these forums war. I pop in to see how my friends are doing.. or I did until the morons suicide xD

    As for defending myself.. well why not? Clearly people are still viewing this hit (does that upset you?), so if I can clarify confusion then it's no skin off my back and keeps the thread with our epic hit alive and kicking. These posts take literally 30 seconds.

    I think you're just jelly now with kal and tirn gone, this hit will likely fill the #1 slot forever :)

    And lol at people arguing about who won etc. The uni is dead, the game is dying. What does it matter. If you're still having fun then great keep playing. Soon none of you will give a rats ass about ogame, that's for sure.

    I guess sef scared off kaldor and tirn with his piglets.. or something. It's funny, limecat and I debated doing an epic suicide goodbye hit when quantum got stale.. and then the merge was announced. I guess all roads lead to Rome.

    So now Rio 'win' and inherit a dead universe. Grats on that. It's a shame though, hollow win is fun for no one.. I was only coming back here hoping/looking for when I'd see the next huge hit. Now I guess I can remove from bookmarks.

    Trust me boys retirement is better than wasting time on a dead uni / game :) head off and find the next addiction, this one is on its last legs.


    Vis and Ikaros were friends in Electra. Vis and I were friends in Electra, Quantum. Vis came to unity because I came to unity and it's where the firepower to take down war machine was... but ikaros never really got involved with me or unity at any time.

    He was in rleague whilst I was in 545 (the glory days) and BOA. He thought to return my rips once, should have as there was nice defend there from random and co... anyway point is no he was never really tight with unity. He had long quit the game by the time unis merged.

    Kaldor I forgot to say. Now you had your fleet remodelled, maybe you won't build those waste of space HF.

    Anyway GG u 2 it's a good hit requiring some thinkin, I like it.

    I wanted to post just 1 or 2 small things here.. as of course this used to be my fleet / account.

    1. I am not really interested in what happened with profit, let's put that aside. The hit makes sense to me if only for revenge. I would have wanted the same. Can't say anything other than well done to attackers for catching Kaldor sleeping. Huge damage hit. I don't consider it as 'sexy' as when we hit you, War, as that one actually involved a bit of planning regarding the when and the how - here he just sat like any muppet that falls asleep at the wheel. The end result earns you the #2 spot, which sounds about right to me ;)

    2. I think I warned you and Tirnoch, Kaldor, that if you stay out of VM long enough to try and keep daily production, eventually you will be hit. No one can stay at PC 24/7, and fleets like this are too expensive to FS. With the reshuffle of accounts after we hit War, it was clear he wasn't going anywhere and wanted to strike back. The option is either VM or take risks, I'm afraid. Even with FSing, eventually you lose your moons and lose the fleet.

    I know its hard with them moving the VM rules to 48 hours. To me its another nail in the coffin of OGame, as it makes it harder for accounts like this to be played, or for players that can't commit to regular daily play to keep going.

    3. Retirement is so much better. It is nice not to have to think about when these ships are returning and so on... I know that if I kept playing, you would see me hit in this thread instead of Kaldor, as for me I couldn't keep going with the game even IF real life didn't get in the way (which, writing this at 4am after a 12 hour shift, it clearly has). I had burnt out with OGame. Maybe OGame is burning itself out too...nails in coffins and all that ;)

    Anyway grats again to attackers. I couldn't reply without including some sort of 'well ok but I did it better', but all in all this is a perfectly decent hit regardless of what anyone else says, and I would have done the same time after time.

    Kaldor told me that he was FS by ACS defend with TheDevil on quantum

    I read this and then I stopped. Do you have any idea how much Deuterium it costs to Acs Defend with 1.3m dessies? Proof enough for me your post was full of ****.

    Other stuff is just same old same old. But what else is there with OGame. Not surprised to see this account down. Only thing I'm interested in now is does my fleet survive or does nirOs? WM already lost his and no amount of accounts changing hands takes that back. Come back and talk the talk but we already broke your legs - you can't walk the walk xD

    For me now I prefer life without the draw of the game :) I look back at it as a fun time and I think that is what matters. Have fun and don't lose that.

    PS this new board is abysmal.

    What a coincidence, i think tirnoch is top 1 fleeter in this universe as well. *hi5*

    Defender, FR

    Careful you two, you'll make nir0 cry, and then he will...

    a) Buy a top 10.

    b) Run his mouth about his big balls, bash a turtle or two.

    c) Watch his ally get Top1'd World Wide Top1'd and sulk / quit, popping out of VM once every blue moon to... do nothing.

    d) Attempt to sell his account for a laughable price.


    Retirement is fun.

    Nice hit.

    From the outside, it is easy to see the trash talk is a huge part of what keeps the game fun :D

    So keep going with your arguments back and forth (even if we all do just say the same crap about each other in turns). I don't think I am qualified to fan the flames on this hit though as I know neither attacker nor defender :p

    That said I wouldn't be me if I didn't try so...

    Nice hit but as far as I am concerned this is winning the battle having already lost the war. To quote Aliens, Game over man, game over.