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    Back to title, just wanted to add that it would be fun to keep this open in all honesty. A friend who left Ogame due to ''boredom'' reasons has now tried this uni and actually is playing more than me!

    P.S. And plus the issue of there is no Alerts/ Info in-game to explain that the uni will close, and those innocent non-forum people investing money in a game unknowingly that the server will end is kind of.. odd? Shouldn't there be a countdown or something in game?

    As silly and pointless this may seem, I think this would be a great help to prevent confusion over nickname changes.

    Idea is simple, your friend has a nickname for example BigBoy and changes to Dashy, you remember only BigBoy and missed this nickname change. To prevent this you can add a little nickname (that only you can see) next to the name which would be displayed in brackets, so for example Dashy (BigBoy).

    This could come in handy for fleeters or farmers to add notes such as Risky Farm, Big Res, Useless, DontSpy sorta stuff.

    Initially I got this idea from Steam as you can add a nickname to your friends as on Steam people tend to change nicknames daily haha.

    Quite agree with the above, it's not needed. Currently I've achieved Lvl 13 on the silo and I get to have 130 Anti's. Assuming I build it up to lvl 15 for 150 Anti's, and that my 3 enemies have Lvl 10 silos attacking me with 50 IPM's at a time would mean if I am active and have the res I should be able to keep building Anti's agains't the IPM's effectively. Only having a fourth/fifth would tip the scales. Would be hella useful to have a quick way of rebuilding these anti's, like a button to rebuild or like a quick button next to the planet that shows when you've lost anti's and gives an option to rebuild. Like I am ready to spend the res but struggling to keep building them fast enough.. and I assume for some players this may be harder rendering it unfair for some gamers when enemies tactic is to overpower your speed... this game isn't an athletic game to see who runs fastest but tactic and strategies.

    Had the fun of Imperial bashing my def at war, a reasonable tactic but it wasn't done for honourable profit nor to make me weaker nor to catch my fleet... anyways I had two who started bashing me and I managed to stay on top of it by building the antis before their IPM's land. Only when a third and fourth kicked in, and at multiple planets, was when I started struggling to keep clicking back and forward..adding numbers.. and quite honestly for 20minutes straight this was happening. A nice reciepe on how to waste time on both ends.

    The point of the story is that unless there is three to five people on your buttocks then there is no real point of having more Anti's
    . For late night attacks you just need to do some math for not being profitable, if you have 100 Antis then to destroy them the enemy needs to waste 1kk deut already. Depending on your uni it depends what is seen as profitable at that point.

    On the other hand this could be another opportunity for Ogame to earn more money, aka Give Admiral or Engineer another special ability to add space for 20-50 (or 20% - 50%) on the missile silo space for the duration of the perk.

    Literally, I agree with Grimm . The def to debris will kill the universe as then ether miners will be forced to become fleeters or they will leave... as we clearly know who has the most fleet :P

    Just changing the fuel consump, DF, and maybe research (somewhat useless after some part as we have no choice other than to spend DM anyways) as it could help new members to catch up to a standard.

    How about galaxies, to have more than 9? Somewhat useless but, would be interesting haha.

    The idea came from being able to reposition the planets to slot 15 for better deut production, but I noticed two of my 15's are somewhat really far apart in temperature and to reposition and risk again is too expensive. So I thought if we could espionage / examine all the uncolonized planets then at least we could find the coldest planets before spending all that money and in the end not having the result we were looking for in terms of deut production.

    Temperature: -164°C to -124°C

    Temperature: -133°C to -93°C(about 10k deut per hour difference - depends on the level of mines)

    The problem is then people might ask why couldn't we also see the size of the planet, and I'm not sure if it would be a good idea as then people could quite easily find the biggest planets... but in fairness... would this actually be a bad thing? Realistically speaking in real life terms we would probably examine a planet before colonizing there.

    But hey, this is a random thought. Maybe even remove the espionages and just have it as a pop up, or maybe to prevent this changing the beginning of an opening universe then perhaps allow to read the planet sizes and temperatures via phalanx. And the trick is you can only do it within the area the phalanx covers - as repositioning the planet near what it was isn't a bad idea unless it has proven to cause issues.

    What do you think? :thumbsup:

    Yay Nay, Espionage or Phalanx?

    Say what you want, everyone sees through your 'calculations'. You should of started with Phase 2, and added Phase 1 as a Plan B.

    Wars are made because of conflict, did we have any conflict? I think not... so this was only an excuse to bash defs.

    10 years.. wow. Funny how we aren't far from each other. I'm glad I left your ally... To spinelessly begin a war so randomly isn't acceptable.

    So stop acting like this was some honorable fight... a fake trophy at most.


    To me seems like this imaginary 'war' is more of an excuse to bash our defenses. I was happy to hear a war happening, yknow... bring out those rusty engines and see what are they capable of. But you've basically showcased why WW3 wouldn't happen, because we would just be nuking each other... and where's the fun in that? Both sides lose, both sides don't win anything from it and its pointless. And in RL terms we are just wasting time and slowing everyone down... and if that's the case then RIO won't have any enemies for the next 50 years or so haha.

    Plus... none of us have said no to war, but as soon as we noticed those annoying IPM's coming in. Woah, skill. Like its funny how once Ninja started hitting me, two more were starting to join in. Like all my game time was sitting and building Anti's, aka fun. I could scrap it but, that's wasting cash and not exactly for a fun experience anyways.

    So here's the new rule, this war's winner is calculated by FLEET ONLY damages :P
    (IPM's are acceptable only if you will hit for fleet damage)

    But hey... what do I know. You do you and we will see who has honour after the 'war'.

    P.S. It will end up just like in the movie Rocky ;)

    Seeback when u start t have fleet u must know what to do with it, if u can't learn u get crashed, when u get crashed u must learn from that mistake, and try to dont do it again! I spy almost every ppl that i know i can crash even the outlaws, that are way lower rank than me, normally i dont attack them cause what they have doesnt deserve the effort, but if they have something that i would like to crash i will do it!
    There were already a few of new players that i already help them with resources and with advices, i am talking about me , but i am sure that many others are willing to answer the questions of new players, and u have the board too, so if u dont learn it is not because u cant! U have many ways to learn all the aspects of the game! I have already been hitted by top 100 players when i begin to play, but i have rebuild and try to learn from that! Every crash that i have had made me a better player! Even solidarity have crash me a few times and if he has oportunity he will crash me again but it doesnt make that sometimes i cant ask things to him when i has some doubt that i think he can enlight me!

    I'm not sure if I understand the point of this story.. whether its how to fleet or how to continue fighting. Ether way, the point is not me but how much Ogame is ruined. What's the point if you can only join the 'leading force' or just sit and farm until you get picked on? They already brag how they are '3x better' than the second alliance... without thinking about how smug they are to the entire Ogame. Who knows they might of even bullied some account holders to join the ally.. or some of those accounts may be bought.. or mysteriously unbanned. But ether way, what good is Ogame if there isn't even a choice for which side I want to be in...

    People acting like Unity is the only alliance that attacks Rank 2000s, seriously. We don't have only Top 10 Fleeters, there are also smaller fleeters in Unity. And if Rank 2000+s gives 200kk profit, it doesn't matter what Rank he is lol

    A fleeter in his Top 150 hits a new fleeter in his Top 1700... you might as well go to poundland next if you're shopping for small profits. But hey, I guess it is fun spying on accounts that are more than 10x smaller than you ;)

    Re the actual hit. Defender your fleet sat and you got hit.. all there is to it. Crying about it on a forum won't help. FR.

    Yes, true... but I can't respect it because you didn't find the fleet yourself ;) And hey... I'm not crying for the wrong reasons.

    And not only did you idle like a rank 2000+, you also scoffed at the first hit, and then proceeded to get smacked by Solidarity. Words cannot describe the level of fail that we're seeing right here.

    Oh, so the fact they were sat at two different places all of a sudden it is me being 'smacked', twice.. hahaha. Not like I was off throughout the entire time at that point... I'd understand it would be a fail if I was fleet saving wrongly or doing silly mistakes like being active and not doing anything at that time but this was a simple inactive hit... I don't see a 'level of fail' here.

    And the most hilarious part of it all - the fact that every fleeter in RIO spends 6 days a week in vmode. Kinda speaks for itself, I think.

    Hmm, now that seems funny. Go and do some homework on Unity before posting such biased 'facts'. Once I even caught a moment where the entire system was taken by Unity and all in v-mode ^^ I'm pretty sure this is the issue LOS had... 'spending 6 days a week in vmode', now with your big brother protecting you and without the big bad wolf hunting you I guess it is easy to sit out of v-mode ;)

    Seeback it was a good profit so normal attack, even if u was in rank 2000 and has tasty fleet and resources u would be a target of any player, unity, rio, or anyone else that knows what u have.

    Well mate, I am not saying it was a bad hit. Good hit, I guess... if it would be Solidarity who found the fleet himself (cough). And a friend of mine was hit by UNITY when he had probably around 1k cruisers (The rank 2000 > x I keep mentioning)? That isn't even much, and why was any of UNITY even spying such a small account? I just think it is pathetic to see how now UNITY is ruining ogame.

    Just to think how complex ogame is for a new player, and then being destroyed by Top x <100. I mean they lose hope. Unity takes it from them...

    Well we aren't exactly crashing every moon that we find to grab their fleets, as RIO started too. And we are a big alliance with 3x more fleet then the 2nd ranked one.
    Anyway, profit is profit anywhere around. Thats a basic principle of this game, everyone knows that if it sits, it gets hit.
    You can either make a noob mistake with your fs and start to :crying: :Vomit: the boards, or be a sport about it if some rl problem kept you from login.

    Well at least RIO didn't attack Ranks below 2000 ;) . As far as I am aware they didn't touch 1000 > . And oh boy, don't you feel proud for combining the 'forces' and becoming 'invincible' ^^. You guys have finally made this uni boring. It is only fun when there are two/three big forces fighting each other causing chaos wherever they go, much like in 'Eve Online'. But now there is one 'big force' sitting and just poking farms and showing how strong they are :flexmuscles: . Ain't that a bit silly?

    And isn't this what RIO fought before; the nonsense of one giant alliance taking over the uni?

    And sure, profit is profit. My mistake for forgetting but it is funny how Unity is the first to take down my fleet ^^. Aren't you supposed to give smaller fleeters a chance ^^? But then again you are the only ones who spy everyone 24/7, and sometimes I believe it isn't legit ways ether :P But again, what do I know...

    quote: ''without deleting.war machine He's a cheater .''

    Can you please rephrase that? Are you saying someone else is a cheater or are you saying War Machine is a cheater?

    And again: ''war machine.. he is fake . he is sharper.takes account with money. and destroy the fleet. ''

    And well, I still haven't heard anything positive about Turkish people, keep it up :beer:
    Keep stealing your buddy's accounts and selling them, or just destroying their fleet, keep buying stuff... You already can't get worse.