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    Ive enjoyed my years in this game (first played U5 .org, the first ACS uni on .org at the time, and joined U16, where I REALLY learned the game)

    I remember when they introduced the officers, the boards were a blood bath, and now you can buy an entire days production with a single click on a single item.

    This game has done extremely well. I think the "beginning of the end" started when smartphones became more widespread and affordable. Now players could carry their accounts around in their pockets. The fact it has survived all these years is pretty amazing, to me.

    Why spend hours endlessly probing, simming, launching recs, launching fleet, only to recall it all 95 out of 100 times? Even the few "hits" you do manage cant stack up to a days Expo income.

    Because it is fun, and because of that people play games ;)

    This has never been a "good" wargame, its always been more of a builder game with war options available. Hence the entire concept of the miner.

    Why spend hours endlessly probing, simming, launching recs, launching fleet, only to recall it all 95 out of 100 times? Even the few "hits" you do manage cant stack up to a days Expo income.

    2 classes. General and Collector. Let EVERYONE be able to run the same exact expos, as they are right now, and let everyone build PFs. They tried to invest a new "style of play" and it hasnt worked. Its basically made ALL other styles obsolete.

    Big combat expos require big fleets, they need to be kept safe, and maybe hunting them can return the game to some sort of "skill hit" situation.

    I'm in uni 1, collector. Probes available cargo space for raiding is 0.
    Interested to know why you're able to raid with them xD

    Some universes come with probe storage turned ON.

    I currently have enough probes to loot or transport about 1.5 million in res. And thats not a lot in the universe I play. I have seen accounts with 2 million probes.

    Stop suggesting THIS ruined the PvP aspect of the game from 10-20 years ago.

    Smart phones did that when everyone started carrying their account around in their pocket. Ive been playing for over 15 years, and until this new class system, which is FAR from perfect, the game was mostly dead for fleeters anyway. Launch, recall, launch, recall. Scripts for activity, for FSing on attacks, difficult to detect with these apps today.

    So lets cut the crap about the old days, they don't exist anymore.

    I am currently at HST 11, when I select 100 probes, it says I can carry 700 res.

    However, when I attack an inactive, I get 775 in loot. It only costs 1 duet to launch.

    Is there a table somewhere that lays out the storages as HST goes up for probes? And the difference with transport and attack?

    Commander is the officer that provides that feature.

    Im shocked its not mentioned in the description, since its the ONLY reason I use it (its handy for new colonies, especially early game, but later that feature isnt as strong)

    Thats nothing compared to what is happening. Entire high level fleets are being "bought" wholesale through the market. High level players send res to lower ranked mates, who convert that into fleet, sell to the higher player, and use the res from the purchase to build more fleet.

    Maybe, but in the end, points are points. Again, it boils down to math, I guess, since a BH on one of your expos carries a significant loss of duet investment in the first place. Can probably run a lot of SC-LF expos on that, lol.

    In faster unis, LCs are better for sure, so the BC thing may be less efficient since the duet usage is lower. Again, numbers, calculations.

    I have conceded that the duet savings plus the added crystal in the DF make this reasonable choice man, I am not trying to say you are doing it "wrong" or any such thing here, I am a numbers person and my interest is purely academic and if it keeps gnawing at me I will do the math.

    Well, again, while shaving a few minutes off the trip to and from slot 16 is helpful, the hour is still the limiting factor in most cases. You would need to save 8 minutes each way or something to get an "extra" round in a 16 hour day.

    I dont disagree with any of the other things you mentioned though. I am too lazy to bother doing the math (you can calculate how much aliens and pirates will spawn and sim) I am not sure how the BH plays into the profit margins. I agree you are profiting, I just wonder if other fleet compositions can squeeze more profit out of the same battles.

    Duet savings may actually be the best part, especially in unis without a duet reduction factor. Combined with the extra crystal, it makes perfect sense, if you can afford it.

    Well, the hour wait is the equalizing factor.

    175K BCs cost X amount and create a Y sized DF on average.

    What would the cost be on an LF-LC combo that creates a Y sized DF?

    I am far far too lazy to work out the math, but I would be interested in seeing it if someone else wanted too.