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    Apologies for the delay in responding, I just came back from holiday and am still pretty jetlagged. However, I need to deal with this mess before it gets out of hand any further.

    I understand that there's rising tensions between UWS and Imperial and that's fine, that's part of the game, plus the war is playing a part in increasing tensions further. However, it's supposed to be a war of fleets, not words! Yes, take some digs here and there by all means but when it starts to become personal, that's the time to stop.

    Because this has been going on for a while, :closed: for 24 hours until I'm satisfied that people have calmed down enough.
    Note that the war is still active during this temp closure!


    Dirty play was involved but imperial in the end was the one to change their name and lose instead of keep fighting.

    Of course, I missed this on my first time of looking. Surprisingly hard to read on a phone, despite the larger text! :P
    :closed: indefinitely then, thanks to the person who PM'd me for notifying me of my mistake. War over.

    So Imperial acts all big and pro because some people joined them with their fleets. Then let's bring in some action :)

    With this post I join the war on UWS side against IMPERIAL.
    My ingame nick is Tirnoch.
    Some friends and buddies in IMPERIAL stay untouched by me.

    WeedBoy, stay out of vmode and let's have some fun ;)

    Alright, so I've had a word with the game team and they tell me that you are currently in alliance Unity. However, the diplomacy rules state:

    A single player may declare war but only if they do not have an alliance. If they are in a single person alliance, it must be disbanded before the war starts.

    To cut a long story short, if you wished to take part in this war, you would have to leave Unity first, then either declare your own war against IMPERIAL in the usual manner or join UWS. As it currently stands, Tirnoch is NOT part of this war and is still bound by bashing rules.

    EDIT: Also in future, I would prefer that you had PM'd me rather than used the report function. Reports are intended for posts that break the board rules and should not be used lightly.

    Below is a list of currently active wars in Universe Quantum.

    Standard Wars:

    Wars of Limited Duration:

    Please send one of the Moderators for this universe a PM if you notice any mistakes / Link not working / War that shouldn't be included / Wars missing etc.

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    Thanks for the welcome! I am a bit of a fan of Poe, but my name actually comes from a different source. I'll let you all work that one out for yourselves! But going back on topic (assuming there is one :P), I'm open pretty much anything, though Neverwhere is elsewhere.

    A hearty ...

    ! ! ! WELCOME ! ! !

    to the team, though your are GREEN

    And what's wrong with that, may I ask? ;)

    Well as it looks like most of the other staff have a thread here, I suppose I better make one as well.

    Let's start with the basics: I'm Rav3n, 25, from Scotland and I'm your newest moderator! No need to all cheer at once(!) :rofl: My main server is on Rigel, but I did have an account on Wasat for a time a few years ago.
    In my spare time (when I'm not OGaming), I'm often actively fundraising for my national cancer research store, where at last check, I have personally helped raise about £10,000 so far and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon!

    At the making of this thread however, I have not yet been assigned to a section, so I can't say for sure which of you I get to terrorise... I mean help. But as soon as everything is in place, you'll be the first to know where I end up and who I report to. (Begs for one SMod in particular, they know who they are. ^^)

    Anyhow, now that I'm done with my awful introduction, feel free to ask me some questions or just hang out and be awesome!

    From personal experience, I've found that the majority of people wait until about 400k points before starting Graviton since its usually easier and quicker at that point. Of course, there's nothing wrong with doing it earlier like you have. I guess some congrats are in order. :P

    do you realy thing that GF will just give away items

    Yes, actually. Yesterday I managed to get a gold crystal booster on my first attempt, though on past events it has taken me to the last minute (literally in one case) to get an item from them.

    My point is that it really is just luck of the draw; you could get an item on the 1st, the nth or you might not get one at all. If anyone knows what the chances are for getting an item, they'd probably be useful to know.

    To be totally honest, there's not much you can do to definitively say "This person has been scripting" (which is what automation would fall under). The GOs do have access to more information than any of us and are in a better position to say whether scripting has or has not occurred. All I can say is flag up the suspected player to the respective GO and they'll take it from there.