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    Nice to see some changes in the right direction ... well... at least not in the wrong one.

    Also, could you please vmode all inactives? People nowadays forgot how to fly on active ones... they just farm farm farm the gray ones

    P.S. buying deut in Virgo

    Aha hahahah:))

    Haven’t been on this part of the board for a while..

    The hit is “ok” with some good profit... BUT ... the way you treat yourself is so lame xD

    I mean, there is no A-TEAM in this hit, but you act like there is... aaand, about -9999999... it took me 1.5 minutes to go to fenrirs CR section and it is full of Navy being on the takers side ...

    Act accordingly, don’t make a joke of yourself.

    Congrats on the hit :)

    «…because they thought it would be a good idea to poke that "little noob miner". »

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