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    Now, if the account is selling its fleet and by the look of it is being scrapped - it’s still bannable.

    Guys, you should report it, then escalate the ticket further to piink.

    Even if before the MP had absolute legality, now the things changed (without a proper communication of course) and the obvious pushes might be punished.

    I came to take another look at this report. What a crash guys. Keep up the good work.

    Just a fun story...

    As much as I can understand anger and that you are not happy about the merges, keep personal insults and the like off the boards. Accusing someone of drug usage goes far beyond anything that is acceptable.

    Nor is it acceptable to use all this for any personal attacks. Yes, you can call out on mistakes made and you can call choices bad, but as soon as iz gets to a so called ad hominem attack a line is crossed.

    Cass, it wasn’t a personal attack. It was a group attack. And if you would have really understand the anger, you wouldn’t be posting this kind of warnings in red letters for the previous comments.

    I dont see anyone from gf saying hey people sorry we fucked up?That ar least will settle situation a bit,but lets keep ignoring players and doing what we do best - killing the game.

    Actually piink did say just that in her reply to me when she said that polls will be available to change the server settings after all of the mergers are completed.....

    Yes, but don’t forget that a poll to go through, you’ll need 120% to vote “yes”