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    So, where to start...

    Since the ladies and gentlemen at GF don't even care enough to make a simple statement about the concerns and wishes of the users, and everything and everyone at GF, given enough time, ends in a disappointment, I hereby officially quit developing AGR. This won't be a long post explaining my displeasure. I think there is no need for an explanation since everyone knows very well about Gameforge's fuckups and the discontent they lead to.

    Of course, I don't intend to take AGR to the grave with me because I think AGR doesn't belong to me, but to the community. I will be putting the AGR code online in the next few days. Then interested developers can continue the project.

    Thank you everyone for the great support in the last years.

    Also with reference to the thread that was closed an hour ago:

    You guys don't seem to get the difference between noticing that something shady is going on and being able to ban someone for that stuff.

    In order to be able to ban someone, you need solid proof. Proof that the GO tools only sparsely provide. If you expect GOs to ban on that base, you're expecting them to ban based on suspicion and I am not sure if that's what you really want to happen. Because sometimes things look suspicious in OGame even if they aren't, and those things can happen to you as well.

    Do you want to get banned based on "strong suspicion"? I guess not.

    Maybe try some maths. -50% chance on fights make it statistically unprofitable to go for Expo DFs.

    50% less pirates/aliens - this makes pirates/aliens completely unprofitable. We have to run some calculations, but if I eyeballed it right, with this change, you are either looking at pulling even or at a consistent loss with pirate/alien fights. This is really good for the game, this is the single change that makes all the impact. Whether pirate/alien farmers like it or not, this is what is actually good for the game. Too bad it is 9 months late. It remains to be seen how this will interact with the merger item; because letting a sick pirate built fleet merge into a virgin uni is an outright trash idea. What needs to be done now is make a very strict border between every universe created by now, and every universe created past this point. This is a great start, but there is still work to be done, GameForge!

    Are you serious? There were no Expo DFs pre-MCO. They introduced Expo DFs and advertised the Explorer class with increased Expo results and Expo DFs. And now they are giving the Explorer a perk that makes the DFs completely useless. Why give a class a perk that makes the play style for which it was designed completely worthless? Did you ever play an MMORPG that gave a ranged class a perk that reduced its range? Exactly, me neither. That's exactly how illogical that change is.

    So why were Expo DFs introduced in the first place if they are going to make them completely useless now?

    That has nothing to do with the addon itself. Firefox for Android only supports a handful of recommended addons right now.

    Will more add-ons be supported in the future?

    We want to ensure that the first add-ons supported in the new Firefox for Android provide an exceptional, secure mobile experience to our users. To this end, we are prioritizing Recommended Extensions that cover common mobile use cases and that are optimized for different screen sizes. For these reasons, it’s possible that not all the add-ons you have previously installed in Firefox for Android will be supported in the near future.

    Will add-ons not part of the Recommended Extensions program ever be supported on the new Firefox for Android?

    We would like to expand our support to other add-ons. At this time, we don’t have details on enabling support for extensions not part of the Recommended Extensions program in the new Firefox for Android. Please follow the Add-ons Blog for future updates.

    Dont have intentions to flame or troll just interested how is possible that player which was perma banned in-game become SGO?

    Hit is insane nice rip power with good profit enjoy in glory.

    Fr defender

    Hi. If you are referring to Kaldor's account in Quantum, 'twas me on the account when it got banned. And technically it wasn't perma banned, 'twas deleted.

    All explained here in this interview: An unexpected encounter in a galaxy far, far, away...

    Fleet Dispatch was completely overhauled by GF so features don't work at the moment but they will in the future.

    I have been out of Ogame for a couple of years and just came back. Your screenshot is exactly why I am at these forums. I was looking for that too in AGR and it isn't there.

    In the old AGO that was definitely there and not part of the commander option. It was built into AGO a few years ago. Would be nice to have the feature in AGR.

    It's the last 8 or 10 coordinates of where you flown to listed on the "fleet dispatch II" page

    If you are talking about this like the guy you quoted:


    This is definitely a commander feature.

    nice idea but there is a limit how much items you can queue up :D


    lol i reached 17 items and can still go, i thought limit was like 5 or so

    no, there is no limit on ships, I just prepared a 2 year queue to be permaon on my new server, yay!

    well have fun with the lag on that planet/moon

    The described behaviour is not a bug and has been like that for years. It's a tactical tool that can be seen through pretty easily if you know your stuff.

    Its still illegal, i asked some time ago if i could play through Shadow (Dematerialized gaming computer) and they had forbidden me to use it :/

    Guess you will have somehow the same answer from ingame support

    That's something else, since playing on Shadow is technically a VPN usage (why VPN usage is forbidden is another thing that we're still stuck in 1998 but that's another topic).

    Could a GA or someone higher give a definite answer if the usage of RDP to play on one's own computer is legal?