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    Yes. Any building activity or fleet activity (from the moon/planet) active when the relo is set to happen will cancel it.

    From and to the planet/moon

    Basically all own fleets that have the planet/moon as target or origin in your fleet overview, will block the relocation. Even if it's a recalled deploy that moves away from the planet/moon.

    Just get your game fixed...I don't understand what type of incapable people you have developing this game, but maybe it's time to hire new ones.

    I need to emphasize that the issue at hand isn't an issue with the actual developers or their capabilities. I am talking to both QA and developers and this isn't an issue of capability. It's an issue of (mis)management. Developers are told to work on something else rather than on meeting the accessibility needs of tool devs. The issue is wrong priority, and that has nothing to do with the developers themselves.

    I am sorry if my initial post sounded like an attack on the developers. It wasn't meant as such. The problem clearly lies with the management.

    As a member of the Tech Team / Testing Team, I have access to future versions on internal servers. Since the rework of the message page was announced and then installed on the internal test servers, I have emphasized the importance of accessibility for third-party tools. Specifically, I advocated for a way to allow third-party tool developers to parse the data displayed in messages independently of localization, by implementing some kind of inline API through data attributes.

    Previously, tool developers had to parse message text to identify the data within the messages. For example, to determine if an Expedition result is small, medium, or large, a tool would need to parse the text. Each result size has a set number of possible phrasings, so a tool could look for those and identify the size. The problem is that the tool needed to recognize every possible phrasing in every possible language, which was a tedious and complex task.

    With the message page update, the inline API we requested was added to each message. Of course, it wasn't perfect or bug-free from the start. Since the update hit the internal servers, I have reviewed all possible messages and compiled a list of bugs and necessary changes. Gameforge did not include changes to this API (or any API) in the changelog (which should ideally help tool developers see if they need to adapt to changes), so I had to repeatedly go through this extensive list every time a new patch was installed on the internal test server. I did this to ensure that tool developers could easily adapt to the changes. My free time was devoted to testing the new inline API, updating the list of issues, and staying in touch with other tool developers to ensure nothing was missed. This effort left me with little time to work on my own tool, AntiGameReborn.

    Things were progressing well, and the issues were being addressed one by one. I was optimistic that we would have a working inline API that met our requirements before the update hit live servers. However, someone at Gameforge decided the inline API was "good enough" and pushed the version with the unfinished API to live servers. As a result, much of the data was available in the inline API, but not all. For example, expedition results still need to be parsed through the text because the size isn't included in the inline API. Therefore, tools like OGame Tracker need to parse the results both through the inline API and the localization, which is why we still don't have a fix for the OGame Tracker.

    After this debacle, and following some very firm feedback from players and tool developers, Product Manager WeTeHa posted a statement apologizing for the issues and promising that fixing the existing issues was a top priority. Upon reading this, I compiled an updated list of things that needed fixing, changing, or adding.

    However, as it turns out, WeTeHa lied to us. It has been a month since this statement, and the issues still persist. We receive patch after patch, but none address the issues with the inline API.

    Third party tool accessbility is not a priority and it has never been a priority. I remind you of the debacle of missing lifeforms in the spy report and combat report APIs. We got these added over a year after lifeforms release. This. needs. to. change.

    As a third party tool dev, I request the following:

    1. Third party tool accessbility needs to be a priority. New features and every change needs to made with accessibility in mind. We really don't want to be required to burn the house every time new things are added so we get at least some sort of accessibility (mostly in an unfinished state).
    2. We need the APIs finished and ready on the PTS. And we need it to stay on the PTS for long enough so that we have ample time to adapt our tools. Currently, new features and APIs are added to the PTS in an alpha state. And once they reach a state that you could call "beta", they are pushed to live rounds. This is horrible for tool development because it means everything keeps changing while it's on the PTS (so you can't start adapting your tool), and then it hits the live rounds and you're under pressure to fix your tool as soon as possible because players keep complaining.
    3. We need changes to data structures, endpoints and APIs to be visible in the change log. Tools depend on these and we need to be able to see in the change log if we need to adapt our code.

    The rule should be rephrased to this:

    You're only seeing the tip of the iceberg, and you need to keep that in mind.

    If we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg, then that means there is a lack of communication towards the community. If you're taking the feedback seriously and "doing what you can" internally, you need to make that process transparent. Only showing the "tip of the iceberg" to the community is not "communicating efficiently", it's a lack of transparency and communication.

    Another hit proving why this game is broken. Same "technique" like RiV- uses with his Zero Two account. And then crying why the unis are so empty when only whales and a very special kind of players are left

    Are you guys not tired of having me living rent free in your heads? I'm here minding my own business, in fact I spend most of my OGame time to make the community's life easier, helping people on Discord, writing guides, crunching numbers so y'all don't have to, and keeping AGR updated so you all can enjoy OGame as hassle free as possible. Yet some of you make it your duty to run around spreading rumors about me for some reason. Can you just leave me the fuck alone please?

    Any fleet I get from the expeditions, I salvage at 35%.

    Well, with deut to df, you can just have those crashed and get 60% instead of 35%. There's your benefit.

    But the margin for attacking becomes smaller, if deut to debris is implemented.

    It really doesn't. What's profitable with deut to debris, was also profitable without it.

    that my DS escort to my defence suddenly becomes much more lucrative

    Keeping Deathstars safe is really no rocket science. Deut to DF doesn't matter if your Deathstars don't get hit in the first place.


    Which research gives better production? Efficient Swarm Intelligence or Ion Crystal Modules?

    Energy doesn't matter. I have a fusion power plant.

    Artificial Swam Intelligence

    Ion Crystal is useless due to the crawler hard cap at 50%.

    The current new player cycle seems to go like this: a new player joins, they build some ships, amuse themselves with the mechanics of the game, then they cross the noob protection barrier, get obliterated by a player with billions of points more than they do, become a farm and eventually go inactive. This is especially true if they managed to get bandit status during their brief attacks on smaller players. This suggestion is meant to create a way for new players to enjoy the game as it is meant to be played while not feeling completely outmatched from the very beginning.

    The issue with this is that "feeling outmatched / helpless" is a very subjective thing. While you with your knowledge of the game might think that being attacked by someone with 10x your points is fine, a new player who doesn't know the game might feel already outmatched and helpless. The solution to this IMO isn't a more restrictive protection, but teaching new players how to actually help themselves.

    Why 10%? Because a player that is 10% your size still has some hope of defending themself.

    In OGame it's rarely about "defending yourself" when attacked by someone that is stronger than you. In fact it's likely that you'll face more repercussions if you actually "defend yourself".

    In OGame it's more about "moving out of the way". That can be not letting your fleet get spotted, being there in time to actually move your fleet away, and also not being profitable while you're offline.

    This is what needs to be tought to new players.

    Cannot attack an account that is less than 10% of your own points unless they are above rank 500 or in the top 50% of the universe (whichever happens second). Example, in a universe with 2,000 players, you would need to be Top 500 to be freely attacked by anyone regardless of points. In a universe with 800 players, you would have to be rank 400 before you can be attacked by anyone regardless of points. In each case, if rank 15 has 4,000,000 points and rank 700 has 500,000 points, rank 15 can freely attack rank 700. (See "The Details" section for more)

    The issue with everything that involves rankings is that there is a ton of vmoded inactive accounts that clutter the rankings.

    Also, there is a point in OGame where a player doesn't need any protection anymore because he's expected to know the basics and properly fleetsave / build proper defense etc.

    Another issue is that especially old unis already suffer from very few active players, and a lot of fleeters already only have a handful of potential targets. Reducing this again by at least 50% sounds cruel.

    I understand what your saying I'm just speaking from past experiences.

    What past experiences exactly? There are only unis where Deut into DF was enabled from the beginning, and no unis where it was enabled afterwards. At least in EN. In DE all unis got automatically deut into df enabled, and there was no increase in pressure from fleeters. Because the deut is minimal from DF.

    I think fleeting pressure will increase, like you say yourself it will incentive hunting.

    No, I said it will incentivize that top fleeters hunt each other instead of small players. For small and average players nothing will change.

    I just think a lot of casual will go into v and new players coming into a uni which isn't super active where the only active players are on the hunt.

    This is blowing deut into DF completely out of proportion. Nowhere has Deut into DF caused players to vmode. Why would they? It's not like it wasn't profitable to crash other players. And it will be only slightly more profitable to do so. Why would that cause players to vmode? If you fleetsave like you already do, nothing changes. There is no need to vmode.

    From my past experiences when new profitable chances arrive the best player capitalize on them so farming small players for even small amount of deut will increase as profit is profit.

    Again, this hasn't been the case anywhere else. You still have planet defense that protects your daily production and your ships on the planet. Deut into DF won't change that.

    Fleeting pressure won't increase as deut to df doesn't even affect non-fleeters. Miners have mostly cargos in their fleets which yield no deut.

    The deut df from sats and crawlers is so tiny that it won't change anything. What's 500k deut if there's 40kk ress to loot. Fleeters that didn't farm planets before won't start doing it because of deut to df.

    New players won't be put off from joining, as almost every server has deut to df. This isn't defense to df.

    The value of deut has always been determined by the merchant and that won't change with deut into df. Majority of hits are cargo slaps and those don't yield deut. So the increase of deut won't be a lot. You will still get the same rates for your deut. (Source: every other uni with deut to df)

    Lastly, deut into df will incentivize hunting the top fleeters instead of spending time hunting miners.

    While I understand where you're coming from, I think your worries are unwarranted.