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    Than talk to your dear CoMa from .de to explain how does n1 from merged there successfully from Uni1 in EN?Double standards i guess.

    They merged there when the community-preservation rule wasn't a thing yet.

    u know, when i was a kid i always thought, wow admins are so cool look at all those stars and then i'd see the coma with all those rainbow stars on his rank and i was like drooling, dreaming one day to be like him. Well now I grew up and realized it's just shitty jobs sitting on a pc all day, the GA is like a better customer support employee, he's a paid GO while the unpaid GOs are the like chinese kids working in factories for pennies. But I still wonder, what the hell does a BA do??? Back when ogame was blooming, board moderators had no rest. But now the game is so dead, the forum even more so. I imagine you are like sipping coffee watching anime in the background while pretending u're doing stuff but u're just refreshing every 40 mins to see if someone made a new post (they didn't). At least that's how I imagine being a BA is nowadays. And it seems like you have no access, or well more like, no knowledge of css to be able to fix the plane (it's very easy fix if u know css). So why dont u learn it, front end devs earn A LOT of money, and like idk what u do during the day as a BA but I imagine its pretty boring, coding is a lot of fun! Ok enough rambling I should go sleep now, my doctor said ranting in forums isnt healthy for my sleep health and my wellbeing

    GAs and BAs aren't paid staff.

    3. I specifically mentioned I wasn't able to find the universe settings. Is +25, +30 the case for Belinda? How should I be using these two numbers?

    Belinda actually has no bonus fields. Maybe you had the Discoverer class and/or Researcher alliance class when you colonized the planets?

    Am I safe in assuming the temp chart on the FAQ refers to the max temp of the planets?

    That's exactly what I said.

    Again, provide some examples and we can tell you for sure.

    I don't want to think I'm the only one making this stupid mistake

    You're not, it definitely should be mentioned in the FAQ.

    Now, I didn't read all of this thread. But I'll just leave this here.

    kewlness  piink  Danimanza

    We get that there is a bug preventing people from moving their fleets while in combat. And we also get that you're trying to protect players with this rule. We really do.

    But you and me know very well that there is no way to prove that a 3rd party probing the target actually did it on behalf of the attacker(s) unless they admit via ingame messages that they did or will do.

    You wanna protect players from losing their fleets due to a bug? Fine. Do that. MAKE THE HIT UNHAPPEN.

    Revert it. Both for the attacker(s) and the defender(s). BUT DO NOT PUNISH PEOPLE FOR SOMETHING YOU CANNOT PROVE.

    I can actually not believe that I have to type out such a basic principle for you to realize how dumb all of this is. You're claiming you're in your position to make it fairer for the players? Prove it.

    i have 2 planets relocated on pos 15 that are above charts min max temp , maybe Tirnoch is right

    -168°C to -128°C

    -141°C to -101°C

    Those are within the chart's values. The chart only refers to the max. temperatur, i.e. the right one (-128°C and -101°C in your case).

    Which brings me to a 6th possibility:

    6. Dave Derpson misunderstood the table in regards to temperatures.

    But in order to determine what's the case, he needs to give some more information about his planets before we can jump to conclusions.

    That is the official chart given to me by Gameforge.

    It is possible one of two things have happened

    1. The chart is out of date due to some unannounced changes.
    2. There are bugs in the system.

    Honestly, I tend toward #2 above but there is nothing which says #1 is not in the realm of possibility.

    There is a lot more possibilities.

    3. Dave Derpson isn't taking universe settings into account (i.e. +25, +30 bonus fields)

    4. The account was migrated from another universe and had some planets moved to different positions, keeping fields and temperature.

    5. The planets were relocated.

    However, I am comparing the differences in bonus including the crawlers.

    That is why I only compare Discoverer’s expos with the Collector’s 25% extra mine income and crawler bonus.

    Are there any other factors that I am missing?

    Your calculations on page 1 only had the 25% mine bonus in it.

    As for the example you present, 48-39-42 is super late game! Of course there is not a clear definition of “late game.”

    Again, I do agree that the Discoverer is too strong in early game. The issue is your suggestions in your opening post just makes the Collector stronger in every stage of the game, and that only by improving its passive bonuses.

    Unless you can change the Collector's bonuses to active bonuses, in my opinion the Discoverer should always stay the better choice for an active playstyle but nerfed a bit in early game. For example by making expedition results scale with account size.

    By the time that a Collector reaches 48-39-42,a Discoverer should be miles ahead.

    Again, with the current class design, this is perfectly fine and reasonable.

    But there are barely any slow fleet speeduniverses now… OGame officials have been speeding everything up over the years.

    If you balance classes around high fleet speed, you make them worthless in low speed universes that do still exist. So you can't just neglect low speed settings just because there aren't a lot of them around.

    Also, 8 out of the 23 universes in EN/ORG have 1-2x Fleet speed / Peaceful fleet speed, so I wouldn't exactly agree that there are "barely any" slow fleet speeds.

    Also, as you explained the speed and flighttime relation, speed does not affect flight time that much.

    You are mixing up things here. The flight time is divided by the speed factor in universe settings. So 1h flight time in 1x fleet speed becomes 30min in 2x fleet speed.

    Exactly, “any account” that is played 16hrs a day should have an advantage compared to a account being played 30min aday.”

    A Collector account that is played 12hr aday should have an advantage over a lazy Discoverer who only plays 1-2hr a day.

    Again, I do agree. But not with the current class design. If you want to make each class as viable as the other, you need to come up with ideas to turn the Collector's bonuses into activity based bonuses. You can't just increase its passive bonuses like you were suggesting in your opening post and have the Collector perform as well as the Discoverer by just staring at the screen.

    Again, new players do not expect class selection to involve "time available" as a consideration.

    Unless the official show that in some sort of hint in the class selection page, I believe this is against the role picking mentality of most gamers.

    Then you need to come up with a better balancing and not just demand increasing the Collector's current bonuses.

    Version 7.2.1:

    [Bugfix] Inactive player detection (for coloring & highlighting)
    [Bugfix] Remove all highlights when changing system

    Merry Christmas to everyone, have a nice holiday!

    Thank you very much for your support, I really appreciate it and all supporters make developping and maintaining the addon more bearable. Cheers!

    Version 7.2.0:

    [Bugfix] Panel overlapping clickable player name
    [Bugfix] Galaxy view fixes for OGame 8.5.0
    [Feature] Show available PF in galaxy view
    [Bugfix] Added support for different fleet speeds

    A big thanks to @vikenemesh who fixed a big part of the galaxy view while I was struggling to make time for bug fixing. Some things could still be buggy, please report such things here or in Discord.

    Also, if you would like to support the development of AGR, please consider donating via the Donate button in the AGR menu or by clicking here:…=E7ZA3C9PX3ZWN&source=url

    Thank you for your support!