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    Or simply implement Computer AI players throughout the universes to increase raiding potential, hits, hofs, etc. This could add a whole new area the games never seen before and keep all of us busy when we are to busy to get the pen and paper out.

    Nah, I suggested that idea more than a year ago and it was buried in the next few days. Almost 0 interest and those interested were just simply against it.

    Anyhow, here it is:

    Bot players?

    and for me it still has some of the greatest ideas. :P Will bump it now, maybe people started to think more.

    P.S. Reading my first post it is just pure gold. :) #proud

    if your going to keep opening unis i wish you'd do something different and before people start and extra x1 on economy isnt different. Something along the lines of x10 eco and x3 / 5 would be incredible and would attract alot of players.

    The problem with opening faster speed unis is you set up a standard. Biggest DM spenders obviously like speed unis, hence we got lots of them. Also, people love speed unis and more speed the better (faster growth, easier astro, etc.).

    Once they start opening x10 speed servers people will want them and only them and since servers are opened on a monthly basis, most will just wait for it. In no time, x10 would be standard for both paying and no paying players.

    I agree that it would be cool to play something that fast, but fleet beyond x5 is just impossible to play long term. I play in fairly developed x5 uni and I have to FS when I go to the store which is 5 minutes away from me. Either that, or just login every few minutes. About "god forbid" x10 fleetspeed uni I don't even want to think about.

    They want to encourage us to spend some money and it is fine by me. Yeah, some players abuse it, but majority just use officers and instant astro and maybe some 10% boosters. I would really like to see some statistics behind this, something with categories like
    0DM; 0-100kDM; 100-250kDM; 250-500kDM; 500k-1kkDM; 1kk+DM

    I would say that distribution is normal (Gaussian bell curve) for the percentage, but it would also be interesting to see the amount spent by groups or something like how many players spent 95% of whole used DM.

    Just try to think from their perspective. They saw that amount of players was declining over time and also that amount of used DM was inclining over time. But they only cared about the second one so they optimised it (or tried to if you ask me, because if you push the first one too much, the second one also drops). Talking about reaching equilibrium.

    My guess would be something like this: we are getting closer to the critical line and for optimising profit in this moment it would probably be best to give players what they want, because in no time there will be only a handful of paying players in game and it is not fun that way; once paying becomes standard, only the ones paying more will prevail (hence more players will leave) is something called negative selection ;)

    Anyhow, the problem is here and if you ask me it is impossible to find a solution without some inside information.

    Ok, I can see lots of angry players here. :) First of all, and this is true, GF wants money. That is a fact. And the way they get money is via DM. That is also a fact. You see, problem is they want to optimise amount of money they get and the only goal for them is: "the more the merrier".

    So how do they achieve this? - it is easy: with a little help called statistics.

    They just look at distribution of you all (me included) buying DM over time and one little thing comes up pretty often. And the thing is, we are all buying a whole lot more DM when new universe opens. So, even statistics and optimisation tells them "the more universes the more money". Problem with todays online world is that you (yeah, you) get to vote every second online. With every click, every post, every euro/dollar you give. Just stop buying that much DM every time new universe opens and stop opening accounts if you are not willing to play. Only when profit from merge becomes greater than profit from new universes will they consider the merge.

    I agree that negative thinking is not necessary, but it helps to see that people still care about this game and won't just give up. Either start thinking and acting like real non-ignorant online voters, or just start playing as miners.

    Btw., merging all countries would help and it is a decent idea. Probably, it can be done smart (meaning that it doesn't reduce profit too much, but I am not payed for this so I will see myself out).

    HINT FOR GF: it can be done using multivariate regression ;)

    How many times have you flipped a coin and got heads 4 times in a row? Same as not losing a Death Star 4 times in a row =D

    Yeah, that is a good comparison. Only thing to understand with probabilities like this is you can multiply probabilities only when events are separated. That is why I did that thing PROB(A) = 1 - PROB(NOT A).

    For example, PROB(NO DS LOSSES) = PROB(NO DS LOSSES IN 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th try) = product of PROB.

    Ok, Math Master Race here. :)

    Lets say that probability (PROB) of RIP destroyed is 46% (0.46) and MD 11% (0.11).

    So, PROB(RIP down) = 0.46 and PROB(MD) = 0.11 in only one attempt.

    Lets say they did 4 tries. We have the following

    PROB(RIP down at least once) = 1 - PROB(RIP never down) = 1 - (1 - 0.46)^4 = 0.91496944
    PROB(MD at least once) = 1 - PROB(MD never happened) = 1 - (1 - 0.11)^4 = 0.37257759

    For 3 tries we have

    PROB(RIP down at least once) = 1 - PROB(RIP never down) = 1 - (1 - 0.46)^3 = 0.842536
    PROB(MD at least once) = 1 - PROB(MD never happened) = 1 - (1 - 0.11)^3 = 0.295031

    Anyhow, they were lucky...but I would't go as far as saying they were extremely lucky. They had PROB of aprox 9% for not losing any stars and thats more than possible. On the other hand you had over 30% chance to lose your moon. Trust me, I saw events with less than 0.01% probability (thats 0.0001 or 1 in 10000) happen. I would say sorry if I calculated something wrong here, but I know i didn't.

    Haha, nice idea. I am an actuary and this is not going to end well. :P Not sure how exactly would that work, but you need a fair way to calculate premiums and reserves. Also, you need a way to guarantee pay up.

    One question though: wouldn't bounty go to attacker in that case?

    7 hours 30 mins to go :D

    I hope there is a public post in the News section about this before it opens for more people to see and join :D

    Maybe they just don't want players to know about it, cause frankly lots of people don't. I am not a hater, don't get me wrong, but that is just what I think. If this fails now, it will be the last retro try ever. But should it succeed, that would mean that they failed with new servers and like everything.

    They gave us this first look and taste of retro server, but what if their plan was to minimise player count even more. Like me, for example...if I didn't make this first taste acc I would make one for sure when server starts...but now I am thinking of not playing.

    i) they didn't make a post
    ii) don't answer people on Facebook about this
    iii) I don't even know what a link to registration will be (maybe the old one?, I assume no IP problems, or?).

    I understand that we don't pay for this server directly through it, but we pay it through others. But, we wanted this...and they gave us. I just hope lots of players will be interested.

    Well, I have PayPal but it is connected to my Visa card. My default card don't have Visa option so I use one for internet shopping and another for personal everyday use. I didn't have enough money on my Visa card and money will be transferred tomorrow morning.

    Two day event Sunday-Monday would be perfect for everyone. I would even be happy with Sunday (0am) - Monday (12am).

    We don't understand each other. :D

    I saw announcement 10 minutes after they submitted it. Problem is, it is weekend and my bank don't work over the weekend (at least that part of the bank that transfer my money).

    So, to conclude:
    i) if I transfer money Monday-Thursday it is there the day after
    ii) if I transfer money Friday-Sunday it is there on Monday,

    hence weekend events are either no good for me, or I need to transfer money on blind and hope for the event.

    I am not asking that they tell us 10 days before. As far as I am concerned they can tell us ONE day before (or even that day in the morning), just not over the weekend. If they tell me on Monday morning and I transfer money right away, it will be there that same day afternoon. But every transaction needs approval and approvals are not made over the weekend.

    Hello, little reminder that you just lost 100 euros from me. Oh, and 4 times that from my four friends. :) Keep it up, GF. This is great
    See you next DM event. :) 500 euros is waiting...

    Hello fellow Ogamers. I have one little tip for events. Please don't make DM event on Sunday. Lots of us have separate accounts for online shopping and we don't always have money ready on it, but have to transfer it from another account. If you tell me about event over the weekend, bank won't transfer money till Monday. You can do it on Sunday, but tell us on Thursday.

    Fusion is good for planets with big deuterium production, cause it uses deuterium. I personally don't like fusion and only use solar plants and solar sats. If you have "normal" defence and some solar sats and if you FS regularly nobody will crush them just for fun. Make yourself unprofitable. Go for solar plant till some level and just start on solar sats. At what position is your planet (1-15)? How many slots does it have?