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    Starting this week Prongs will be slowly transitioning into the Community Manager role for and Origin.

    Please welcome him into his new home. :)

    I will be stepping out of both communities within the next weeks.

    It has been a great time here with you all. :)



    Regarding the graveyard moves, how the system works is as follows: inactive accounts go to the graveyard at the end of the merge. Active accounts end up in a random target from the listed ones for the specific group.

    The reality showed something different though, we do have a few accounts that were active and ended up in the graveyard after all, not all actives, but definitely some did in every merge we did so far- it could have something to do with the space left in the target servers at the end of the merge- it is being monitored. The good thing is that this has an easy solution, either the player moves the account to an active server or through support we can help and move into a target manually. The best part of this is that so far in all merges we had we didn't really have cases where an account was not found at the end, either we can help or our devs can, but no major issues have happened through these moves.

    Something also important to know is that the alliances get deleted and they have to be created again in the target, the alliance class is lost and you have to wait for the cooldown to select an alliance class in the new target/new alliance. It is not ideal and was not super bad before the alliances class update, but now it is and you need to keep it in mind.

    Dear community,

    From Saturday 5th at 18:00 until Sunday 6th of March at 23:59 server time, we are having a 25% Happy Day for all servers younger than 12 months.

    The servers older than 12 months will have a 100% Happy Day running!


    Your OGame Team

    Dear community,

    From Tuesday 1st until Thursday 3rd of March, all researches started within the event period will be upgraded 25% faster (technocrat bonus will also be applied).

    Those researches that were started before the event won't be affected.


    Your OGame Team

    Dear community,

    tomorrow 9th of February at 11:00 CET (10:00 server time) we will patch the Public Test Servers with the final 8.6.0 version.

    This version does not contain any visible changes.

    Your OGame Team.

    Dear community,

    On Monday 7th of February at 11:00 CET we will update the Public Test Servers into a fix version 8.6.0. There will be no visible changes done to the version, but fix some issues created between 8.6.0 itinerances.

    As soon as we have a release date for the live servers we will let you know.

    Your OGame Team.

    Dear community,

    tomorrow 3rd of February we will update the public test server into a new 8.6.0 version to fix some issues the previous version had.

    The update will happen at 11:00 CET.

    Your OGame Team

    Dear community,

    We will update the PTS servers tomorrow, 28th of January at 11:00 CET with the version 8.6.0.


    • The button for setting the maximum number of buildable ships and defences is no longer a feature of the Commander, but is now available to everyone
    • Fixed several cases in which the "Start with DM" button was displayed when you could not actually start a building, ship, or conducting research at all
    • The high-score table no longer instantly updates player ranks. This should improve general performance on servers with higher populations
    • Several backend changes

    As soon as we have it scheduled for the live release we will inform you.

    Your OGame Team

    The final build of this version will be applied to the Public Test Servers tomorrow, 10th of December at 10:00 CET.

    No new changes have been applied to the version.

    Dear community,

    Tomorrow 7th of December we will have an update in the Public Test Server.

    The update will happen at 11:00 CET (10:00 server time).

    The version brings the following fixes for the version 8.5.0-beta2:

    • Tooltips for the player status in the galaxy view are now properly displayed.
    • The inactivity status is now shown in the galaxy view when the player is also in vacation mode.
    • When the player has no fleet slots available, information about not being able to send any fleets is now shown in the galaxy view.

    Your OGame Team

    That has been the case for every merge, there are always target servers in merges, there isn't a way to make it even for everybody unfortunately. :(

    Some missions involving fleet movement never work at the start of this event. I don't know exactly how long it takes before they become active, but usually if you wait a few hours they will work. Yes, it's really annoying.

    It has been reported, but so far there isn't an explanation for that. :/

    Dear community,

    Tomorrow, 2nd of December we will have an update in the Public Test Servers.

    The update will happen at 10:00 CET.

    The following issues have been fixed from the previous 8.5.0 version:


    • Moons cannot be attacked with missiles
    • Espionage reports from moons cannot be viewed in the galaxy view
    • The alliance rank in the galaxy view does not match the highscore rank
    • Replying to an espionage or combat report shared does not work
    • Combat reports cannot be deleted from the trash if they are opened in an extra tab
    • Combat reports cannot be shared to the alliance using the share button at the overlay
    • Phalanx scan and system phalanx scan overlay espionage button broken
    • Event list espionage icon does not send espionage probes
    • Espionage technology information does not instantly update in the event list
    • Empty debris fields do not get deleted from the galaxy overview
    • Planet relocation countdown missing from the galaxy view

    :!:NOTE: Players will probably report a lot of potential issues regarding overlays, messages, and the galaxy view with this update which simply are solved by doing a hard reload (Ctrl+Shift+R). In addition to that, some addons might fail to work since button positions got changed (e.g. different order of the “Transport”, “Espionage”, and “Attack” button when hovering over a planet).

    Your OGame Team

    I don't know if I missed this answer... What happens to accounts that don't choose a target?

    If they have DM, are they sent to graveyard?

    Correct, they are sent to the graveyard.

    Also for all, keep in mind the UK merge is not planned right now so anything you read in this discussion is speculations, but there isn't anything set in stone other than what is announced in the news section.