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    clittle let's be honest....You're not even playing because you "retired/quit/whatever" so really nobody cares.....

    As for all of the accusations about multi this and push account that and cheater cheater pumpkin eater, if you are not a developer for GF or employed by GF, your opinion doesn't matter so really stop sniffing up each others bums already....It's like some of you people think you are that important to the developers and owners of GF that they will read what you put on here and hinge their day on what they see on here.....Like really get over yourselves already.....You all remind me of a bunch of 5th grade girls in the bathroom fighting over a boy you will never get.

    Amazing how you described assassins bro. Thanks xD Galactus As known as DJ or whatever farming the guy The guy going inactive like your other farms xDDD The coords are the same, the names are the same ( dont tell me you acquired a enemy account :O ) When you vmoded him xD When you were banned ( 1 day or a few hours before you vmoded the account above ) You, thunder child, the keyboard warrior farming him Lol I dont think you can make this stuff up, do you? :P Oh shit its you again Lol The General too :/ Slumber Child trying to acs defend, realizes i am slowing past his defense, so protocol TV or "call his friend that he used to farm" to come on cause well he was getting farmed xD damn the memories, after i raided him for the first time, i get called a scripter from a guy who is never on :O damn, shots fired from a noob who all he does is get hit by his buddies :/

    Took me half an hour to sort this, how long will it take you to answer? one day? haha i can wait xD

    Very simple difference, if you really want to call it abuse for some reason. All we do is buy the deut that people have produced and is for sale. We are not asking/expecting/wanting anybody to destroy their own account to give us a massive push. You don't see any of our traders with hardly any account growth, but you do see plenty of them in other alliances.

    haha ofc you are the crusader, trying to remove the bad players fromm the uni.

    Except you forget how you guys used to have a guy ( or yourself xDDD cause it was your old account ) in your systems, who is now called Skippy II ( hopefully a player ) and all that account did was create defenses. Hoard ress. Get farmed by assasins with rips. But if some1 dared to attack haha it would either be defended or come on ( when you noticed at least ) despite of it going inactive sometimes, like the other inactive farms.

    I am amazed you got away with that crap. But hey whatever, enjoy the game as you seem to going to continue play cause well you are to invested :P

    Hopefully the merger doenst make all that investment both time and money wise a crap investment.

    Assassin: marketplace bad
    Also assassin:

    General class cannot build some ships, so buy them from somebody that can.

    Yet another example post Ruby of a player wanting to advertise to every reader how stupid they are. Well done :thumbsup:

    Now, weren't you quitting? Or are you doing a clittle and devoting your spare time to fake news going forwards? :biggrin:

    I just assumed you were testing the waters. Tbh i am just here to make fun of you. I know who uses the marketplace for a huge avantage and who doesnt, and sure Assassins dont, but you do abuse the Merchant so whats the difference...

    I am quitting, takes time to drain poison from the blood :/

    I wont even read, but do you really want to fix the game?

    Remove the marketplace

    Fixed trade rates at 3 2 1 so no Merchant abuse

    Cap expo df

    Fix the expo Fomula

    Insert captchas

    Make 2 factor authentication mandatory to everyone

    DF increase to 50% ( 30% is simply to low )

    Increase game speed to 2x minimum or 3x even, dont allow rips to benefit from increased speed, and FS to own DF shouldnt be a thing ( reason for this one is simple, access to the game is far to easy nowadays we need players to be easier to kill or there is no risk, i believe a player like my self shouldnt be able not to FS during my work

    I could go on and on but who cares, you need to understand fixing the game brings 0 profits so why would they try to fix it when they get far more money by promoting unfair gameplay. Just saying.

    "yeah but half this thread is people who used to win by buying accounts, scraping fleets, buying push hits, and teamview sharing"

    "now they got beat and are crying"

    A friend of mine said it all so fast xD

    Cool thread, i like this expo thing, killing the game so fast :3

    Thank you Lonestar for takin the time to highlight the sad state of the game currently.

    We should start a petition - either Gameforge get rid of the Market Place & sort this expo BS by Xmas or we all quit the game once and for all.

    Right after they implement a way to use the camera on the phone or computer in order for you to play, so you know, multis and teamviewer arent a thing too :)

    Adapt dinasour, your old ways of pushing suck