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    I'm really sorry to hurted your feelings.

    meanwhile if you could ask for me if the place you work is hiring will be great, i'd just love 7 a months holiday contract :thumbsup:
    i hope this time you'll need less to come back playing and teach us with your deep knowledge of this game :rolleyes2:

    congrats for the profit

    Maybe if you stop hiding in vmode, I mean dusty, we can repay the favour... chicken mode time for you yet????

    VFR MC, it happens when you stay out and play the game instead of being in vmode..... besides, you had much more important life event :-) RL > ocrack :-).

    Cheers :-)

    you need to understand him: he has no clue in how to play when he is not rank1 and 10x bigger than the second, so please, be nice

    what a shame they removed the marketplace, ya? :D

    nice hit

    yes. they can increase production up to 50%, 1.112 crawlers at 150% gives you 50,04% of increase so every crawler above that won't add you any benefit actually.

    and that's what i would like to remove

    If i can be 100% honest it dosen't.

    We have 2 different version of the rules, we just would like to know which one we have to follow.

    Also: i got an almost 2B account in graveyard and the script after the fix is allowing me to choose all the universe ww.

    I'm not kidding, i'm really confused about that

    The billion point accounts came from within the ORG community and stayed in the ORG community.

    Within this community, they would place in the to 20 ranks of any of our servers and therefore could go anywhere they wanted.

    Since ORG was their exodus community, they were not allowed to go to any other community where they would place in the top 20 ranks.

    This part is still not matching the official rules:

    You will be able to move your account to ANY community and ANY universe under the following restrictions:

    You cannot already have another account in the desired target universe.
    The target universe has to be at least 365 days old. (Was 90 days but changed on 2021-09-02.)
    Your account cannot land within the top 20 ranks in the target universe (unspent resources will be taken into consideration for the point calculation).
    If you would land within the top 20 ranks in every possible universe, you can choose ALL universes again. (You will always have at least one universe you can transfer to.)

    so now that GF admits it was a mistake to let a 13B account into a 3 months old uni (quasar), what are they going to do about it?

    Quasar is not 3 moths old. was already over 1 year.

    btw, no one of you understand what that rule means.
    The rule of community is simply saying that now you don't have to be rank 20 in every universe of YOUR community to move yourselfe wherever, but that you have to be rank 20 in EVERY server of EVERY community to move everywhere.

    nothing is changed, rules are the same as before, is just a bugfix

    I'm NOT agree with most of the changes but:


    Alter: Give Discoverer the real battle chance

    I hope that after all the complains for 7.0.0 this is just a joke, i don't even have words to comment on that lol

    About Collector:
    Remove the cap of 50% production for crawlers: after 1.112 crawlers built boosted at 150% every more crawler is sucking energy without increasing the % of production

    I agree in almost every part. No one is celebrating the attacker merits, but blaming him for something that was allowed by rules is a bit... stupid?
    If you prefer to read a bad googletranslation you're welcome, but as i said, this changes nothing

    Souhlasím téměř v každé části. Nikdo neslaví zásluhy útočníka, ale vinit ho z něčeho, co bylo povoleno pravidly, je trochu ... hloupé?

    Pokud si raději přečtete špatný překlad googletu, jste vítáni, ale jak jsem řekl, nic to nezmění

    Tohodle vola bych moc neposlouchal , cpe se i v jinych forkach a mele tam naproste nesmysli :fatgreengrin: asi ho vsude jinde poslali k sipku , tak zkousi delat vlny tady :thumbsup:

    oh dude, you really hurt my feelings, plese keep crying like that, you are to funny to read

    nice to see all this people crying and blaming the attacker for no reason. this graveyard thing came out several months ago and all of you should be aware of that.

    nice profit

    Yesh , thats why the attacker got ban ? :thumbsup: You will probably be another big expert:flowers:

    You suppose to be the smart one in here? :D did the defenders got banned aswell? because, i'm just guessing, if the answer is no, the hits look legit :stick:

    Nice number of dessie :thumbsup:

    Ctihodny obcan : Pochybuji, že ti vrátí flotily, i když píšu tvým jazykem :love:

    Resource boosters

    Provide a booster for all resources (metal/crystal/deuterium) using the current durations and percentages for booster levels for a single planet
    The ability to boost the production on all planets using a single booster would be nice (maybe buff the geologist?)

    Instead doing that, make a new button on the overview coloun like "forge" where you can merge the item by yourself for days and for type of resources.
    for example: you have in your inventory: 2 metal +10% for 7 days, 2 crystal +10% for 7 days, 2 deuterium +10% for 7 days, you can merge them and make a single item that gives to your planet +10% metal, crystal and deuterium for 14 days.

    Resource packs

    Either resource packs need a nerf (more expensive), or % boosters need a buff (lowering the cost)
    Currently it is cheaper with big metal mines to buy loads of metal packs and merch into crys/deut than it is to buy the crys/deut or full resource bundle.
    Implement a cap on how many can be purchased per day or every resource booster is scaled such that the first used in a day is at full strength and then get progressively worse
    Remove resource boosters from the calculation
    Instead of resource packs - get rid of them and allow the purchase of ships/buildings/research/etc. completely through Dark Matter. Cancelling a build provides a DM refund and not the resources

    The only way this idea show any sense is just during the universe opening. Late game is not affected that much from this feature, and even when it is, people need to invest really a lot of money to make any real difference.
    You can for example ask to make a cap on how many packs can be purchased used every day equal to the age of universe (in days).

    Planet slot booster price could use a little look, probally worthy of 30% reduction
    Make planet field boosters stack -> to avoid the ability to grow a planet avoiding the terraformer, maybe make stackable field items only add +1 slot?

    You serious? why the hell should you care if someone has small planets and want to use 350k DM to add 20 fields more on his planet? How this affected your game and make you feel so bad?

    In the end: this items are expensive? Yes, and they have to be: 20 fields more are a lot and if you didn't colnized properly in the past you have to pay for that. This item are perfectly fine as they are. How you suggested to rework this items is like a complitely new item, if you want an item like the one you said just ask to add an item like that.

    All the other ideas are atleast fine.

    Don't forget that if you can still play here for free is thanks to people that still invest money on this game.

    I didn't know that gf has that much employees that knows so well what they meant with every feature they upload lol

    My favourite part is:

    players who built their accounts for years and have been loyal DM consumers, get crushed by some random dude who just popped in the server - this is a great demotivator for these players, and they won't be coming back

    What about people that built their account in years (for real) by crashing and farming that have seen theirselves overtaken by people that just spammed more expos than them?

    Just stop complaining for every features, as you have seen on my example, is already too late.

    on topic: i don't see how a warning could help the situation

    On top of that: stop fsving was your decision, knowing the rules, the only one you can blame is yourself. The golden rule of this game will always be "No FS no Fleet": now if a universe is dead or not dosen't really care anymore

    Im`ma side here with crywolf.. when GF takes away the possibility for planning ahead - it's shit. I played wasat.. reached that level that no 5 fleets could take me down (aside my mates)... I stopped fs-ing because I knew what was happening around me. Now, with this..?! Total bullshit. The new accounts should at least be in forced vmode for 2 days after transfer..

    i'm with you aswell, no one in here is defending the rules, i just said that if the rules are like that the only thing to do to avoid that is keep fsving and that if you still don't, you cannot complain if you get smashed then

    yes, probably you are smarter than me, but i still got my fleet, do you?

    maybe you need to improve your english or just put more attention in what you read: after that this graveyard thing came out dosen't matter anymore if your universe is empty or not, anyone could reach you at anytime, if you still keep your fleets landing after that maybe you should come back to the basis and learn the rule again

    alex stukov actually is quite easier: you don't have to watch all the communities but just the community where your account belongs

    The rules don't talk about account rank 20ww. Rules just talks about accounts rank 20 in every server which is quite different.

    the guy with 793B of points is a bug. Once he will log in he will be back to his normal points (793M)

    CryWolf : rules are not fair but are written where everyone can read it. Is not the first time this happens so even who didn't know before should be well aware.

    On top of that: stop fsving was your decision, knowing the rules, the only one you can blame is yourself. The golden rule of this game will always be "No FS no Fleet": now if a universe is dead or not dosen't really care anymore

    I do love your little inputs. I have accepted the new normal, I'm just trying to spread this acceptance around.

    What is so bad about that Hawky my boy?

    so, this message for you dosen't mean crying but just spreading info around :thumbsup: ok :patpatpat:

    this universe was the most active in this community, i'm really curious about what will happen

    welcome again

    Haha, they are not going anywhere. Have you not seen what happened in Quasar, Xanthus or Umbra?

    They can go to any uni they want (as long as it is 90 days old) because "they don't fall outside the top 20 in any uni".

    Pull your heads out from wherever they have been and look around, this is the new normal.

    ok but stop crying please

    welcome to the new joiner