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    Sad to see you go. It was fun figuring all the stuff out and testing these weird edgecases. I've reposted your post on the german board, maybe someone from there will want to host and develop it further.

    I can totally understand why you lost your enthusiasm. My API-Reader also hasn't been updated in quite a while because I don't want to keep asking the GF to fix their stuff so that some months later I can impelment the feature they added, it just isn't fun anymore.

    I've got a few questions regarding the new Origin forum (note: it is a forum, not a board anymore!):

    1. Why is it forum now and not board anymore? Why are you breaking from the naming convention?

    1.1. Why is the old board still online with wbb4 (or whatever the older board version was we all needed to move from)?

    1.2. Why aren't you reusing the old board?

    2. Why split Origin from EN/Org again? It was merged in the past because people couldn't tell the two apart and the activity on the Origin Board was too low. People wouldn't move from other Boards to Origin just to post something.

    3. Do you really think that the tooldevs themself will move their threads over there? Take a look at the Tools section here and how many threads were created by me because the devs won't move their threads on their own as they don't read the board anymore/stopped developing tools that still work perfectly fine.

    3.1. Didn't you want to contact the devs to move their threads? According to the Newspost you want to remove the sections 2 weeks after the 19th October and so far I haven't been contacted about the change to move my tool.

    4. How did you manage to not set the permissions correctly? As a guest I can't view the attached Images to a post. Is it really that hard to just copy the Settings from a functioning board to the other one or even manually set them the same? (that's a rethorical question, the answer is no. I did that myself here)


    5. How did noone copy the pinned thread with the important info for the devs yet? As in this one: Information for Developers and how to request an API-Key

    Overall I find the move to a new forum (read as board) very questionable. Everything that gets done over there could have just as easily be done here. Also I'm curious if someone will even respond to all those questions with sensible answers.:zerostars:

    Hello, i have a problem to conver a cr: cr-it-155-a975c4b84b7c369aa29b8f6c04c4ae32ca4f2929

    it is from 26.04.2022, any tip? thanks

    As far as I know the APIs have an expiry date, I believe a week (the same as the CR deletion time, regardless of them being starred). So I think your out of luck.

    I'm not aware of any way to refresh an expired API like that.

    It's 30 days, but otherwise you are correct.

    As it seems the nice old OGame Icons for the sections got removed and replaced with generic ones which aren't centered in the space between the border and the text, could someone fix that? Looks really off especially with the Ship in the Universe sections:




    And yes that took me just 30 seconds to fix.

    As probably noone else can answer this: That happens when someone creates an account but doesn't let the game load and closes the tab before he is logged in the first time. The account will get deleted in 3 or 7 days, can't remember which it was exactly.

    I knew it was something like that, I just couldn't remember the specifics. ~Rav3n

    Fixed as of the latest hotfix: 06.07: Hoftix version 8.1.0- rc5

    Yes the things written in the Changelog are fixed, not the point calc tho. There needs to be a full recalculation of the highscore to apply the new way of counting points to all players. Atm only the players that log in get their points recalculated, mixing the whole highscore up as for the ones not logged in the highscore ist just ressources spent and not ressources spent/1000

    Hey all,

    There's been a further bugfix added to this version:

    • [BugFix] The game now also calculates the points of high level researches (above 28). The top rank of many servers will be affected by this correction.

    Kind regards,

    Your OGame Team

    Dunno if that's the cause, but a full recalculation of the highscore for everyone should be done then. Admin Accounts and Banned players are still in the highscore btw.

    After ages I logged into my DevToolUniverse Account today, seeing that I dropped 43 places with logging in. Seems like the point calculation in 8.1.0-rc4 is broken. It also seems to only happen with the login as probing other accounts doesn't change anything.

    Also banned and admin accounts listed in the highscore.

    Proof that something is broken:

    Research highscore:


    My techs: 71 billion points


    B3nito's techs: 3.something billion points


    On a second look it seems like the highscore isn't "ressources spent/1000" there but just "ressources spent" and my account is the only fixed one. Don't know it that's only the case there, but piink you might wanna let the QAs look into it. The Admins in the Highscore is also broken on Origin.

    If you ask me 0%, if you ask Danimanza more like 99.999% as it is just an excel file.

    What the "SADDEST PART IS" there was few patches before stated "this was fixed - connections issues etc.." .. .seems it went different way, only made it worse.. also know few friends who got banned for reason "BOT USING" or either loggin to many times... and that was so laughable lool... like fix the dc's then judge ... and they were clean as f... :D just another way of GO's + GF's abusing of people... but w/e wont judge, just saying, that matter seriously needs to be fixed.. .ppl miss lanxes and etc cause of that..

    I can assure you, nobody has been banned for "loggin too many times".


    I can assure you otherwise :P But those were multiple logins per second for a loooong time (malfunctioning bot).

    Also like Dark Sky said, it is a serverside issue due to OGames messy code. Nothing a User can do anything about. But as we all know, such things won't gefixed.