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    can we get a poll on this.

    1. Game Forge Appreciates and Works Hard to Implement Many New Features
    2. Game Forge Spends its Money on Black Jack and Hookers instead

    If we can also Remove the 50% Cap From Crawlers and make Crawlers Not Class Locked, And Not Count Towards Metal Packs past the 50%. then Sweet

    Collectors are Being Nerfed Hard by having a 50% cap. All because the Credit Card Warriors exploit it, but don't worry because they can just get 100% Resource Boosts from Lifeform Upgrades.

    I agree with all your Suggestions, but i do feel as if Collectors are Still Being Left Behind, and perhaps there should be more Middle Ground with The Discovery not Pushing the Two New Upper Levels Too Far ahead.

    Life Form Upgrades Should also be considered as a per say 50% boost from "Kaelesh D.E." would Be More Overpowered than the Same 50% boost From "Rock'tal C.E."

    Our immediate focus is on delivering the required metadata for addons, ensuring that the community can once again enjoy the game as intended.

    meanwhile we Receive these Patches, and Not What We Really Needed.
    Patch 11.16.0

    Patch 11.15.8

    Patch 11.15.4

    Patch 11.15.0

    if your Immediate Focus is on Delivering the Required Meta-Data, Then Why was it not Focused On Immediately.


    Simply all classes can find Path Finders, Reapers and our Favourite, Espy Probes.

    so lets allow Crawlers/ Solar Sat's to be Findable. now before you say you cant do it. Treat it just like Dark Matter, Just have it appear on the planet.

    would be good to have a 10X speed <3 nice work other wise, i overlooked the part where it said "Minimal amount of ships to trigger events with max values. This is not recomended amount, just minimal""

    sorry to sound dumb but why is it top 20 Eco, shouldn't it Be top 20.

    since Fleeters/Expo's may make more $$$ than a Miner.

    sounds more like another Nerf to the already Underpowered Collector Class if you ask me, you take away the Market place, Disco Makes Way more $$$$, Generals Have massive Rewards for loosing their Fleet in Combat.

    while we get Capped at 50% Crawler income.
    no way to Increase this,
    Collector Bonus in LF is Buffing a 25% mine bonus.... which compared to the others is way under powered...

    rant can go on for ever

    While I appreciate GameForge attempting to improve the game, I would very much prefer if they could not break all the mods while doing so. The mod-less user interface is lacking so many features, that mods have almost become a requirement to play the game. It's as if GameForge took away a car and replaced it with a pony.

    If pony were blind and had 1 leg broken.

    you mean, its like the typical mustang Driver, looking cool, Plowing through the Crowd of school children.

    oh the calamity

    If this was Made in Conjunction with Pre-Existing Working Mods. then this would have been a Warm Welcome. But the Absolute Slaughter that Was 23/05/24 Which has by Far Upset 97% of the Playerbase, it has Knowingly Broken Even RECOMENDED PLUGINS AS ON THE RECOMENDED TOOL PAGE. There Will Be Players who Cant Fleet Save all of the sudden, They Wont Know Why They Cant Fleet Save and they Wont Understand that AGR is Currently Unfunctional Due to a Deliberate Change on Gameforge's Behalf, Some Would Call this a Anti-competitive practice. Forcing Players to use a UI, Which Has always Been Available to those who want to use the vanilla Experience, But have Allowed Tools Such as Oglight, ARG And Ogame Infinity With ""Open Arms"" Because it Fostered and Nurtured a Player base.

    Now with Messages,

    The Text is Hard to Read When it is only 1/5th the size of the Icon its on.
    ~i can See the Intention, but this was not the Right Way.
    it Should have Either Been In a Table With Icon/Name|Amount In Full Notation, and not Short Hand

    596ba85baa74145390e04f7428d93e.png Crystal 520,200,000
    7a7bf2b8edcd74ebafe31dfbae14aa.png Deut 20,000
    c1e0f3a58ccc09677455f19d8792a1.pngFood 0

    now its not to scale but a simple Table Would Display More Information, Neater and Readily Readable, (unlike my Writing)

    Expos are Basicaly no mans land for working out what you have coming in and out with Ogame Tracker and Oglight not able to Track our Progress so we can get a feel for what we are Earning each of our 14 waves 10 times a day are Doing,

    i did a Life Form Discovery Mission, well 15 of them to be exact. my whole page was taken up by 1 single message about this new Race Kaelesh, Which i have never Seen in my life, well thats what i thought from how much it wanted to tell me.

    Here is A very Crudely Redesign Which Cuts Down on Clutter now i like to consider myself a MS Paint Pro.

    i cant be arsed to keep on with this, but Guys, do US a favour, Roll Back the Design, Get AGR, and Ogame Tracker, and the other Plugins Back to Operation First, Then Work With Them, with this situation.

    All the Whales who Buy that DM Most Defiantly Use these Plug ins. if they cant use the plug-ins, then there is no Dark Matter.$$$$$$$$$$$