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    Thank you for the kind words.

    I noticed you move in a few days earlier, i was just way too busy to think about reloing. I would have deployed but my transports were still coming in and i just came home from buying my first ever motorcycle so my thoughts were somewhere else..

    I did a dumb dumb and i paid for.

    This sure is my original acc from uni10, im not sure about my future but a long break for sure.. I cant even remember when i was last in vmode..

    gz on the hit.

    nice work for the assassins, gotta love the spirit of turning a fuckup hit into a "we had fun all the way"..

    Well according to Al's words they were going to split it, not assassins, the split was a payment so the assassins would recall..
    They messed up the recycling and lost the df, someone else recycled the df.. Only one going back on their words are the attackers that could not deliver "half of the profits"..

    first off, if someone is pure miner without any fleet a rank 220ish should be breaking the 3bn milestone, otherwise they fall down to the 1.5-3bn gap..
    the problem with increasing DF% comes with the eco boost, especially miners that are above 100mil in eco points.. you will have 5k+ SC with 2k+ sats sitting with 20-30mil res, that already should be profitable enough.. with a higher df% the miner will need more defense, which the majority of players doesnt like to build.. (i hope)

    "But Miners dont really have to do much and they get a monthly basis benefit", except fly with 2bn res in the fleet and hoping that they arent hunted.. one mistake and the fleeter takes 2bn res along with the df.. with eco 5 or 7 even fleeters should be upgrading their mines, 37/33/35 isnt even expensive to build and already yields a pretty decent income.

    7x and 70% is in no way comparable to be equal, with 70% every miner with atleast 2000 sc on the planet would be raided every night just because the df would already be profitable.. a 1bn DF would be 2.5bn in this case, everyone and everything would be hit every day, 40% would already be a BIG increase..

    they do permaban players, but not the typical cheaters.. those who "cheat" by bending the rules but clearly staying within the rules get punished and the ones who dump enough money into GF's pocket dont even if they are clearly cheating..

    scripters have and always will be around, before the merge we had scar and now we have many more.. i dont think we had anyone devoted enough to make dummy accounts around them and farm those..

    i find it pathetic that the GO's dont do anything about the scripters, it takes a whopping 20minutes to notice that somethings not right and with a day or two of research there should be enough evidence even for a GO to do something.. and i am quite sure they wouldnt even need to ban all of them, start with a couple higher ranked ones and the smaller ones get scared about losing their accounts and stop scripting..

    Shouldn't that have been TD of 66 Billion on Akula (in the title) as that's effectively what he lost ...anyway glad to see it finally up and posted, excellent job gents, who's Knext :D

    GLOTR Defender

    because you cant post more than 1 CR per thread i assume you cant post the TD either?

    marvelous hit, good thing i decided not to send for the 1 second between oreilly and akulas fleet :D i had a power out just a minute before the hit so i would have been in the meatgrinder aswell :D

    serious overkill with the rips, 1100 rips would have been more than the entire alliance could have killed..

    nice hit, lets hope its not your last one :D

    If they get that salty about a trader getting hit maybe they should give them some tips on fleetsaving?

    Anyway, if your not on the list then you are fair game. Only one way to change that and it's not whining to other players

    even if its fair game, punching the school bully little brother will most probably end with you having a black eye..

    He also said that the price was for probe moonshots so...

    so he did, but in the post where he was talking about the price there was no mention about probes.. so why talk about 6.7mil crys when the customer is asking about lf prices..

    Ok yes I did say a higher ranked player cannot make a profit off a lower ranked player for moon shots this is true and yes they would get a pushing ban here is a screen shot of what a probe ms looks like

    i know a probe ms costs ~6.7mil crystal, but a low ranked player asking for a lf ms and you are pitching a probe ms..
    im sure you wouldnt ask for 6.7mil crystal if the ms was done with lf's, the pricing of the product in question was misleading.

    Ok you can pay for a player to send 1667 lf to give you a ms but not over the cost of the 1667 LF. if they are higher ranked they cannot make a profit.
    if they are lower ranked you have to let them harvest the debrie field . since you can't make a profit off of it.

    and you can time several waves of 1667 lf to land x amount of minutes apart to allow another player to crash each ms wave as it lands.

    if you need moons contact me in game same name i charge 6.700.000 crystal. for ms. that's per wave cost .

    first you say that a higher ranked cant make a profit and then you give a price of 6700000 crystal, that alone is worth 13.4mil metal when 1667lf's are worth 8335000 metal.. thats roughly 50% extra price and would most probably get defined as pushing or unfair trade rates --> ban..

    this wont make unis last longer, those who stay, stay for a reason.. either they are top rank or have friends playing there, giving more resources is not a reason to stay. Or if it is, that player is most likely getting crashed soon and will leave after that..
    everyone wants more and more, GF gives more than we ask for sometimes and we still ask for more.. there are too many online games nowadays, every page has an ad for some online half nude elf titty game.. 10 years ago there wasnt that many games, hence why the decrease in players..